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The Galactic Free Press Update: ~The Final Outcome for This Planet is a Done Deal~

The Galactic Free Press Update: The Final Outcome for This Planet is a Done Deal~


Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~




Greetings Love Beings, Welcome to Another Day In Our New Cycle In Creation, which is About ALL Of US AS ONE. This Planet's Destiny is Unity and Peace and indeed we are Well On Our way. This Planet is Transforming Into a Blue Starseed Nation and is returning to Perfect Balanced Harmonics, which is 5d Reality. Humanity Now has less then 2 years to Awaken and this is it. The Final Outcome For this Planet is a done deal, These changes are Inevitable. We are Happy to report we are Getting stories of spontaneous Awakenings occurring All Over the Planet. This is the Most exciting News We are Hearing and Observing right now. The New Earth Energies indeed are moving us Along Quite Nicely, although earthquake activity is on the Rise which is assisting us In Our Energetic Movement.  With the Light at the Forefront, we are Light Speed Ahead!


 Quoted from Mike Quinsey "Where are your travels leading you to now, after the excitement of Ascension even if did not bring with it the greatly expected changes. As we have informed you, you have lost absolutely nothing as a result of Ascension passing in a manner that failed to bring you the long awaited changes. They remain ready to be brought upon the scene, when they can be co-ordinated in such a way that they can be of maximum benefit to everyone. You realize that the old systems cannot remain .....

millions of Lightworkers have been able to recognize the changes within Self, and are continuing to bring even more Light to Earth. They are in the forefront of a massive move to fully establish even more Light upon Earth. This growth cannot be halted and will continue to set up your future. It is like a giant snowball gathering more as it moves around. Believe us Dear Ones, this year will see you set up for great advancements. After cutting your links with duality as you have been used to experiencing it, you will move on into another stage that will bring you all you need to start your own Galactic Society. Remember that even now you are becoming a Galactic Being. Bodily changes are occurring all of the time, as you eject those energies that are part of your baggage and increase your Light....." End fo quote


DARK SPIRAL: Decaying sunspot AR1667 erupted on Feb. 6th, producing a double-peaked C9-class solar flare that lasted more than ten hours from beginning to end. The slow explosion hurled a twisting, inky-dark plume of plasma into space. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the spiral:


Sunspot AR1667 is decaying, but still poses a threat for C-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI



Quoted from Bill Ballard "Since 12/21/12 there have been many scientific reports out stating very different concepts and understandings of what is going on with our Sun, the Planets, Mother Earth and Our Collective Ascension. I have my own "theories" as we watch this all happen. NASA recently states that Saturn is slowing in it's rotation. I have stated in a previous video I feel that Earth doing that and reversing direction is what the meaning of "The End Time" is all about. Even today there is a new report out saying our Sun is electric an not a hydrogen fusion generator and it is changing as we enter this new magnetic stream coming from the Galactic Center... And too, with no other obvious reasons for the increase in the LIGHT we have been feeling these past...days... That it is a different "frequency" and octave of frequency being beamed at us, well that begins to make sense when you look at all going on in a Bigger Picture... ha... Whats happening for sure? I certainly don't know, YET.. but we are witnessing something very wonderful and magical" End of quote


~Earth Report from Earth Ally Earthrise [Dan]“In the last few days, there has been a major 8.0 earthquake strike in the Solomon Islands area. A 7.0 as well as several 6.0+ earthquakes have also struck in this area.
SYDNEY — Aid workers struggled to reach remote, tsunami-ravaged villages in the Solomon Islands on Thursday, as the death toll rose with more bodies found in wrecked homes and debris in the South Pacific island chain.
At least nine people, including a child, were killed when a powerful earthquake set off a small tsunami that sent 1.5-meter (4 foot, 11-inch) waves roaring inland on Santa Cruz Island, in the eastern Solomons, on Wednesday. Around 100 homes across five villages were damaged or destroyed.
Etna (Sicily, Italy): Another eruption has just occurred from Etna, indicated by the typical steep spike in the tremor signal. However, bad visibility due to clouds has not allowed visual observations.
Sakurajima (Kyushu, Japan): The volcano continues to have relatively many explosions, but at very irregular intervals: during 4 Feb, there were 5 explosions, none yesterday, and 3 so far today.
The small to moderate eruptions produced ash plumes rising 5-8,000 ft (1.5-2.4 km).
MONTROSE, Ga. -- More than two dozen cars, pickup trucks and tractor-trailers collided Wednesday morning in a fiery pileup on a foggy Georgia interstate, killing at least four people and sending nine others to a hospital, officials said.
Work crews on Interstate 16 were still clearing charred and twisted wreckage from the crash scene, which covered nearly a quarter-mile of the roadway, hours after the chain of crashes occurred at about 8:10 a.m. Crews initially reported three deaths before finding another person dead in the wreckage later Wednesday.
NEW DELHI: Northern and western India have been hit by a stubbornly resurgent cold spell.
New Delhi was pelted with heavy rain while other parts of the country shivered under thick blankets of snow.
Much Scotland is braced for more snow over the next few days, as forecasters warned there could be a “significant snow event” this weekend with more than eight inches falling in some areas.
The prediction came as parts of Scotland battled heavy snow, fierce Arctic gales and blizzards yesterday, which caused chaos on roads and transport systems.
The North East is preparing for one of the biggest blizzards in almost in decade right after the 35th anniversary of the Blizzard of 1978 has started on February 5th 1978. Some places in CT, MA, NH, and RI will receive 20-30”+ of snow. Sever thunder storms, hail and isolated tornado's are expected to form in the Middle of the Plains to all the way to the New Orleans area from the Nor'easter.
End Report~



KHQ.COM - An asteroid half the size of a football field will give Earth the ultimate close shave this month, passing closer than many satellites when it whizzes by, but it won't hit the planet, NASA scientists say.


We are Now About a Week Away from Many Energetic Events Unfolding On this Planet. We have an Asteroid which is coming very close to the Earth which will Effect everyone Energetically and the Largest Planetwide Mass Meditation On February 14th, 2013 that this Planet Has Ever Seen. Everyone is Encouraged to Celebrate this day, by dancing, connecting, getting into Unity, and Being IN The Joy Vibration. One Billion Plus Will Be Rising Into Joy On this Day and The Galactic Free Press, All 24 Of Our Flagships and all The Earth Allies Will Also be Participating! The Light is going to utilize this Energy for The Greater Good of All On Planet Earth=Heart,  IN Some truly Magical And Wonderful Ways.


 As We shared In Our Last Update Many have been Feeling the Energy Of Light In an Intense Way and feel much is underway for change and transformation. This Month We encourage everyone to embrace change and surrender to the Oneness Energies.


The Pleiadians ~ Embrace Change and Surrender:"We are Here for You ~

"Change is coming more than ever before. The channeler has informed us that many of her clients, and that even she has had dreams recently about surfing in the water. Pay attention to your dreams. Surfing in a dream means riding the waves of the ups and downs. Dreams are the times when we deeply connect to you and where you get messages from Source. Listen to your dreams and let them help you heal.

Now this change we speak of has to do with divine alignment. It has to do with the release of all of the past to the point where you can be truly, truly aligned with your blissful light nature permanently. In order to complete this part of the process, you must surrender to everything that happens around you with an intention to be in graceful flow. Do not resist this change. Ride this change, let it move you, till you feel you are swallowed, and then watch as you emerge free.


For your divine alignment in this next stage, you will receive information about how to release all aspects of struggle in your life. We will be closer to you again like we were during another huge shift point in 2001. This struggle includes the lack of acceptance of what already is. As you accept, the change you seek will actually come....

You wanted to find out how to emanate creation from a denser place. You thought it would be interesting. We all did in different ways. You chose it this way. We knew this would be challenging. So dear friends, this is what we wish for you now to release: the denser aspect to your creation for the divine alignment on February 13 in your timeline will impulse new energies of release. Some of you may feel like it is struggle, but it is just a true cutting of the cords of the attachment to all that is too dense. This is an incredible year for all of you.

Some of you we see going into desperation as you deeply want to be done with all of these painful things that no longer serve you. Release the desperation now, as we transmit to you peace and calm. Peace and calm is who you are. Let the old response pattern go, and turn your attention into the back of the heart where the soul anchors into you through the soul matrix. We see some old webbing of pain there. That is why you get sore there at times. As you breathe in the light we send now, all this webbing is dissolved for it has kept you trapped in the old way of anxiety which fuels the desperation energies on your planet. If you reach out for help, reach out with knowingness: the knowingness that you deserve this shift that will align you far deeper than you have ever gone before.

The light realms are opening deeply on this time you label February 13th. We just see it as cycles and energy moving, but we know you live in a plane where you still have some aspects of linear understanding when you focus on being in human form. We also know many of you have let go of time, and yet, you have to utilize it still because of the way Earth life unfolds. Now these light realms will pour out the next frequencies of your New Earth. These frequencies carry the infusions of the powerful qualities that you seek to live: love, clarity, expansion, peace, serenity, divine trust, and a centered energy that accepts unity in diversity. These new energies will allow a level of non-judgement into your consciousness to awaken. This out of all things, will bring you the most peace of all. Yes, beautiful, beautiful beings, no more labeling. It is the labeling that causes a reaction.....

As we watched you move further from where your soul started, eventually, we knew it was time to intervene whether you wanted it or not. And intervening we are now by assisting you to open up the heart to a level you have forgotten you could. Let all the light pour in over the next few weeks in your planets timeline, and embrace the change that has been a long time coming. We love you, always. Forever you exist as one with us...." End of Quote



Its Definitely going to Be Exciting and More Interesting as We proceed through February's Events and Then Into The Equinox Energy. Its All About endings and Beginnings Now. Goodbye to the Old completely and Embracing The New Completely!


Quoted from Lauren C. Gorgo" From the perspective of the Pleiadians, the next several weeks and leading into the equinox are set primarily for our emergence…the emergence of our physical self into our physical world[ Planet]. They are saying quite plainly that even tho we are still between worlds, at the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning, that the equinox period finalizes the completion so we can start to immerse ourselves fully in our new beginnings. They are calling this a time to say goodbye to much of what we’ve known upon the earth plane.

So if I am getting this right, the transference process is the finalization of our journey to 5D, the pinnacle, the switch from mortal to immortal[Eternal] template, the release from the 3D (false) grid and the full reconnection to our divinity ,and apparently the unwinding process (the unwinding or reversal of 3D human genetics) leads to this transference completion for the first group on or around the equinox.

The unwinding program that we have been referring to is quite an extensive, comprehensive program, yet it is very natural to your 5th dimensional biology…as natural as breathing. What we want for you to understand is that because of this biological process there is coming a breakthrough of unparallelled proportion, and this will have ramifications in every area of your life. -PHC I am also hearing that in the coming days we will be brought through a period of respite will be responsible for bringing us out of density and into divinity…that there will be a time period where we will continue to oscillate between 3 and 5D consciousness, and then we will emerge into 5D in totality...." End of quote


As We began this month we were given several messages from our craft that a Big Event was going to Occur in February and we were not given details except that the egos or unconsciousness on the Planet will most likely not like this at all. At The Beginning of the Month we prepared you by sharing we would have alot of energetic movement this month In Favor of the Light and The Higher Consciousness On the Planet. For those Awake Its Going to Be a WOW. The Earth Allies are Present and at the forefront energetically On the Planet. We are The frontrunners of the Transition and we are anticipating a Smooth transition. We Are Ready and In Place.


Decreed by Heaven~ All.....  To Read this Entire Update with the Video's  You can Follow this Link:

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