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The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~4~20~12 We Are Getting Ready to Give the Go Ahead ~

The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~4~20~12 We Are Getting Ready to Give the Go Ahead ~

The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~4~20~12




~Bringing Humanity Home~ Energy and Event

Update~ We Are Getting Ready to Give the Go Ahead~



Photo of Prayer Flag of Love Being Answered from the Sun By Earth Allie Will Harader


Greetings Love Beings, We Have Shifted into a New Vibrational Space. Now, we are getting ready to give the Go Ahead for some major events to occur for Humanity. Your Missions Have Begun. We will now be moving very, very quickly, at Lightening Speed as The Unity Consciousness Unfolds quickly across the Planet. The Veil is almost completely lifted and when this happens, all will be completely revealed. These events have been Years and Years in the Making, with Help from Millions of Us on the Ground and everyone from throughout Creation. We are almost there and we ain't Kidden". You Can Assist us through Spreading the Message that The Earth Allies are Here and we have reclaimed Our Planet to Give Back to The People. This is Pure JOY!



~Allow us to Reheart You, a program called illusion has no freewill, an Awakening Being In Love has  Complete FreeWill~



Daily Blue Star UFOs Report:


Galactic Earth Daily Truth Report:


Earth Allie Report:


Earth Healing News:


Today's Cobra Code: ST Pandora sequence L1/L0 clear


The Planet is still very active but nothing too major is happening, as we are monitoring all from above.  The Suns Activity continues and we have Plasma from the Sun Heading to the Planet. This will increase our Quake Activity. Be Prepared, don't be scared. Everyone who is connected to the Planet right now, are being guided to where you need to be for these upcoming events.


Our Craft are now appearing everywhere Across the Planet, giving Humanity a Glimpse of what is about to Come. We are All Here by Divine Decree and we override all illusion of fear, pain, and suffering. Humanity is about to find out, None of those are real. Only Love is Real! Love is Here, not to save the day, but to answer the Prayers from Humanity and Planet Earth=Heart. Mother Earth has A Big Clean Up Arriving. There is no more moments left for those who are not ready. Mother Earth=Heart is Ready and she is why We are Here. She is Our First Priority.



Photo By Earth Allie Will Harader of Our Craft Coming Into The Planet, Awaiting Final Decloaking Go Ahead. Ready and Waiting~


The New Reality will occur in a blink of an eye, and everyone will forget about the illusion and Live In Joy, Freedom, Abundance, True Equality with True Family, Who Love You Unconditionally. Soon, Everyone Will Clearly See, who they are and will be grateful for our assistance, in Bringing This Planet and All of Humanity into the Love that created them. This is inevitable for every beating Heart on this Planet.



Today we began...   To Read this Entire Update with the Synchronostic Music you can follow this link:

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'Events are speeding up at light speed during this time of unity consciousness, very soon or sometime during your lifetime, you will recognise the divinely ordained assistance from your true galactic family.'

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