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The FedRes and the IRS are dead and declared illegal:and so the fun begins

The Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS are both unconstitutional and as we speak, have been disolved into the American Treasury. The truth is that they were disbanded in a recent exercise by the Obama administration. Question is ' who wants to continue paying taxes to this creature?'. And does it have any authority to force anyone to pay up. Is this the end of taxation in the greatest democracy in the world?

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hey bud, good post, got any links or articles you can post, this sounds interesting.
Does this apply to the CRA here in Canada as well? This might be interesting to find out....
i doubt this !!!
Like Matt said, could you please provide a link? I'm interested, and want to read more about it. And also, without any proof at all, it is sort of hard to believe this...
This would be brilliant news, if you can substantiate the claim.

This would hit the world like nothing before, and may indeed be the beginning of the end for certain anachronistic institutions and those who cling to them for power.

But as my father always said: if it sounds too good to be true, someone is trying to pull one over on you. (My father was really not very good at phrasing his wisdom succinctly)
here are some links . in some of my blogs


United States' DECLARATION OF INSOLVENCY Explained in Simple Language .

there tons of info...
Thanks Jose.
But if you do not pay your taxes, the IRS will come and take it from you, so we still must pay unfortunately.

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