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The Federation of Light trough Blossom Goodchild -- December 10, 2013

The Federation of Light trough Blossom Goodchild -- December 10, 2013

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild




December 10, 2013 


Blossom: Good morning! Are you well? Quite a lot of things going round in my head so we will get going straight away if we may?


The Federation of Light (FoL): This is perfectly in order and we are happy to oblige you in answering matters that may be quizzically in the forefront of your mind.


Blossom: Okedokey. It came to me that many people are attuned to different things and dare I say different Truths regarding the Ascension and The Event. Yet each one is of good intent I am sure ... and therefore coming from 'their Truth'. Yet surely someone / some channels have to be wrong? I mean it could even be you! For instance ... either the Comet Ison is or is not a space ship ... some are saying it is ... and The Event either is or is not going to take place ... could we have some clarification on this please?


FoL: We are in full understanding of that which you are putting forth. And yet, could it be that each one is a Truth for the one KNOWING it as a TRUTH?


Blossom: Nope with all respect ... I don't buy that ... because the comet either is or is not a comet ... or is or is not a ship?


FoL: The comet/ship is comprising of both.


Blossom: How come you didn't speak of this when I asked you about it a month or so ago?


FoL: Because we choose to divulge information as we see fitting, when we see fitting. Let us be quite clear with you Blossom ... it is not that we choose to have secrets. This is not of our nature ... yet we do choose to be discerning and therefore allow information to come through at a pace/space that allows the minds imaginings not to run away with itself. When we give information in a fashion that we believe to be 'on track/target' ... then we FEEL we are being of assistance without sending the minds wonderings into a virtual whirl.


Blossom: Fare enough ... So could you continue on about the comet/ship?


FoL: There is information regarding this matter that we prefer to keep silent about at this time.


Blossom: Ok. I will respect that and not push the matter, yet would you be prepared to confirm it is more than just a comet?


FoL: Indeed.


Blossom: Ok ... for now I will leave that there, respecting your wishes ... And of The Event ... why would it be that some say there is not to be an actual 'happening' and that we are experiencing an event individually through our individual consciousness rising at its own pace?


FoL: In returned respect for you Blossom ... and all who read these words ... We are unable and do not desire to comment on the information brought through by others. That which WE choose to bring through to assist mankind is OUR TRUTH ... That which others speak of ... that does not directly 'attune' to that which we say ... is not of our direct business.


And it is that WE SAY ... THERE IS TO BE AN EVENT ... in the terms of a happening that will take place for the eyes to see ... the ears to hear ... and the heart to FEEL.


It is ... in terms of your Earths monumental masterpieces ... going to be of THE HIGHEST ENERGY and the most inspirational occurrence that has ever taken place throughout time.


This is indeed an Event that we are happy and joyous to 'oversee' ...


Blossom: Well, after all, you do say you are the 'Overseers of the Overseers!'


FoL: Yet not only shall we oversee its happening, we too shall be taking part. For we would not see it fitting to have come all this way with you and not enjoy the actual EVENT itself also. For indeed there shall be much rejoicing.


Blossom: It's rather odd, seeing that I am the one in touch with you that I am in two minds about it ... well maybe not in two minds about it actually happening, for I FEEL one day it will ... yet more so as to it happening around this time ... as some are speculating. I just seem to be carrying on with my everyday living and now and then I think of The Event and think 'Wow that would be good!'... Yet it is not something I focus on a lot. Should I be?


FoL: What you should or should not be doing Blossom is entirely to be decided by the FEELINGS within yourself ... and whether or not they feel comfortable or uncomfortable. WE do not come to tell you to do anything! We are happy to make suggestions that we FEEL would benefit your wellbeing ... yet as to whether or not one adheres to such notions ... we have absolutely no attachment to. For it is YOU ... each one of YOU that are in control of your own destiny.


This also complies with the fact that WHEN THE EVENT TAKES PLACE ... each and every one shall behave according to the position of their soul at that time. When we say 'position' we speak of the place in which their heart resides ... regarding the LOVE ... the unconditional LOVE that they have allowed themselves to receive from themselves ... and by doing so ... in turn ... the LOVE that is therefore the ALL OF THEMSELVES. For this 'place within' is what determines the understanding and level of adjustments that shall take place when 'THAT LIGHT SHINES'.


Blossom: Referring to THE EVENT I am supposing?


FoL: Indeed. For there has to be a change in the atmospherical Lighting scheme ... due to the LIGHT ENERGY that is to flow forth.


For eons of your time ... stories have been told of such magnitude regarding this matter ...


Blossom: Have they? Are you referring to the bible?


FoL: Not necessarily as the focus point ... yet it is alluded to ... to some degree ... remembering that not all that one reads in 'many religious tales' are of full Truth or of full lies. They are complexly/simply 'changed' to suit the powers that be at the time of the rewritings. And in many cases the first writings ... that are greatly influenced by such matters of faith as opposed to TRUTHS.


Blossom: Hold on, I need to read that back rather than pass it by ... eh ... care to elaborate?


FoL: Not particularly ... for ones' heart KNOWS and can see through ... quite clearly ... that which is influenced by governments and soothsayers and that which TRULY HITS HOME. When one has mastered the art of the 'FEELING TRUTH' to such a degree of clarity ... one is instantaneously able to discern between the two. That is all we are trying to portray.


Blossom: Ok ... so where were we?


FoL: We are speaking of the happening of THE EVENT. We tell you in earnest that we continually seek to bring you TRUTH in a manner that can 'hit home'. For this is the ONLY WAY that you can KNOW of it for yourselves. Then ... no matter what you come across through various messages sent through from other realms ... one is able to determine its origin.


Blossom: Yet we are all ascending at our own pace even now are we not?


FoL: Of course. And each one is aware of this ... the changes that have taken place within you ... and continue to do so. Yet this is on your individual scale ... WHEN THE EVENT OCCURS ... the individual scale will continue to be in play yet on a much Higher level. It is a little like your game of snakes and ladders ... in that ... you will find that with one throw of the dice ... you moved to a square that had a ladder and found yourself so much further up the board than one was a second before.


Remembering that each one is in different positions of the game anyway. So they shall still be in different positions of the game AFTER The Event for one cannot be taken to a place where they cannot resonate comfortably. One cannot go to a Higher position than their Being is able to resonate within. They would FEEL out of their depth. One will willingly rise to a state of BEing that suits their new suit!


Blossom: So then, how does that tie in with many of us coming back and forth over/through The Bridge to assist others across?


FoL: Because those destined for that duty shall be assisting those to understand and rise high enough to be ready to walk across to the NEW LAND.


It is preparation of the soul ... not of the legs!


So when we speak of those bringing others across ... one should consider the fact that 'instantly' ... many who thought they had little to offer and no-one to interact with ... shall find themselves top of the board of teachers. For all the knowledge they have gained consciously shall gel with the Knowledge KNOWN from long ago ... and one shall find themselves in the role of assistance of knowledge bearing/giving. Allowing others to 'Get it' ... to understand what it is that lies within themselves ... in order to discover what it is that lies across the veils.


Many of you FEEL that your world is not ready for such an occurrence ... that many souls are not ready.


We say to you ... that firstly ...






Secondly ... many souls appear not to be ready ... they still sleep ... yet this is not to say that many shall awake when the almighty alarm clock rings its bell! There shall be many that jump out of bed with a start ... having awoken from a very deep sleep ... having had a very strange nightmare!!!






So that even for the ones that can hear the ringing of the alarm ... yet still refuse to wake up .... and continue to keep drifting back to sleep ... their world within itself shall be of a brighter disposition.


NOTHING WILL ESCAPE THIS AWAKENING ... Yet it shall be on many levels.


We are aware of those who are concerned of others and this issue of being left behind.


In certain words chosen carefully ... to assist ... we would say that in a sense ... no one CAN be left behind ... for that would bring judgment into play would it not? Yet we would explain that each one shall rise ... yet it shall be according to ones positioning on the board.


Blossom: Will the board game ever end?


FoL: Not until each and every one has landed home. Yes, some sooner than others ... yet each has been given the same opportunities ... even if the circumstance appeared quite differently.

















Blossom: You're having a laugh! Meaning ?


FoL: Meaning dearest Blossom ... you ... each one of you came to have an experience ... in order to be an experience of experience itself ... through which LOVE can experience the different experiences of LOVE ITSELF ... simple really!


Blossom: Indeed. Looking forward to experiencing more of the same on Higher levels of itself ! In Love and many thanks.

Ps. I would just like to share something funny. When I channel I type really quickly and then go back later to correct all spelling mistakes etc. I had to laugh when I came across the line There shall be many that jump out of bed with a start ... for in my haste as I channelled it read There shall be many that jump out of bed with a tart !!!!






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The greatness within by Aisha North


Dear friends! I have been guided to share this film with you, because it has given me a very different perspective on “the greatness within”. For this film shows the unbelievable complexity that is within just one single cell in our body, and when you think of the fact that every one of us are made up of billions of these diverse cells, all collaborating and communicating with each other, it makes you realize that this intelligence, this Creator that we are a part of, is capable of creating wonders that our human mind cannot even begin to understand.


Our human mind cannot even fully explain our DNA, for it contains such a vast collection of information. But what they have found, is that much of that information seems to be “dormant”, the scientists have even referred to it as “junk DNA”. Perhaps now is the time to wake up this Sleeping Beauty, this dormant DNA?


This is what the CCs have to share about this: 



“The film you saw was indeed an important trigger not only for you, but it will be so for others as well, and you were indeed guided to see this at this exact time for a very special reason. For now is indeed the time to activate all of those hidden treasures, the codes that have been lying dormant within each and every one of you for eons. You see, mankind has already been fitted with every single ability it needs in order to be able to make this planet into a veritable paradise, but as yet, you have not had the ability to fulfill this potential. And that is simply because you have not had access to this inner greatness, as you have in many ways been disconnected from this, as you have been disconnected from Source. But now, as you have allowed yourself to be reconnected to Source, you will also be able to reconnect yourself with all of this important information that is essential for you to be able to fulfill your task of resurrecting not only yourselves, but also this planet. For this is indeed what this is all about, tapping into that hidden potential, potential that is not hidden anymore, and that is no longer off limits to any of you. Remember, there are no more limits now, and unless you choose to not receive what has been given to you from the very beginning, there will be no stopping you now.


For you are made of the same stuff as the stars, and we do mean that in every sense of the word, so even if you may look upon your physical body as merely a lump of flesh, know that it is indeed indispensable to the work you have come here to do. For by YOU, we mean your consciousness, but without being in this physical body, you would have no way of releasing the potential that is stored within this body, this whole body of knowledge if you will, that has been put at your disposal so that you can utilize it to change everything. And yes, we do mean everything, for you are not here to simply step into your own greatness, you are also here to make this whole planet capable of doing the same. So again we say go within, for that is where this treasure is hidden, and it is waiting for you to acknowledge it by observing it. For when you do, it will come into being, and it will be activated by your consciousness and by this ceaseless bombardment of energy that is raining down upon you. For this is truly a heavenly cooperation between you, your physical body and these energies, as you need all three components in order to release all of this untapped potential. For without the one, the others would simply be a potential, but nothing more. But now, you are here to make it all come into BEing by adding your consciousness to this potent mix, and out from this, will rise a literal army of advanced beings, clad in a human body that no one has seen the likes of before. For you will finally be able to step into a physical vehicle that is capable of making miracles come true, and that is why we say that these oh so important inner changes will have far reaching effects on the outside as well. For you are not simply here to liberate that hidden potential within yourself, you are here to assist the rest of the world to do the same. But you are the pioneers, and so you have to do this job for YOU first, and then, all the rest will follow."


are all like that single cell portrayed in this film, complex and capable of amazing feats. And when we connect and communicate and cooperate, like the cells in a body do, there are truly no limits to what we are capable of achieving. As the CCs said, we have “existed as the old kind of humans, the humans running on one single cylinder, functioning on barely a fraction of their own power. But now, you will be able to rev the engine and utilize its full powers.” So let us do what we can to unleash that power within 


Love and light from me, Aisha


Channel: Aisha North

Webpage: Aisha North – Channelings and Words of Inspiration

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Hi Precious Hearts,   Please join me for an activity of Light on Awakening You with host Jacklyn Johnston.   This interview will air on Thursday, December 12th, 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time or 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.   This enlightening program is a FREE Internet broadcast during which time we will discuss what is occurring during this amazing time on Earth and how you can use this opportunity to transform your life into what you want it to be.   All you have to go to participate is go to the link  and register. I look forward to spending this special time with you.   Keep shinning your magnificent Light! Patricia Cota-Robles
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Recognizing False Impressions Upon Your Energy Field, by LotusLight

We carry within our energy-field many impressions from others, and what feeds this is when we take it to heart and start to believe what others' think of us.

"Layers from the past" can stick to our auras and shape our personality and also be the reason WHY we act and react to people and certain circumstances.

When we become aware of our-self by being mindful of our actions and reactions we will be able to see just what IS us and what has been impressed upon us by as far back as parents, teachers, etc.

There is something very revealing about spending time on One's own. For one thing, if you are searching for freedom from the past and all of the layers of what was impressed upon you by family, friends, colleagues, etc., spending time alone is, I think, the best therapy.

This subject of ' layers from the past ' came to my awareness very recently. When something unexpected pops up and wants us to take notice, it usually means it needs our attention, as it may have been holding us back and keeping us in old mind-sets.

The layers I am speaking of are concepts of what others think about us that our consciousness has grabbed onto and stayed with us, influencing how we think about ourselves, what actions we take in life, and if we have set up a pattern of repetitive behaviour.

One does not need a therapist to talk these matters out once you have pin-pointed where the blockage is. Once you have realized that you may be carrying around a repeated pattern of behaviour, the solution is to be very watchful each day.

Once the awareness has been noted in your consciousness, it will become a trigger and alert you when the pattern starts to influence your daily decisions. These tendencies to repeat past mistakes, over and over again, can be very ingrained.

One must have strong fortitude in dealing with and accepting that change is very necessary in order to break these cycles. I believe this subject is very important as we begin to build our 'new homes.' Building bricks that just don't fit into a higher dimension will always turn out to be stumbling blocks!

We may find that we keep returning to the old ways of thinking and behaving every time we try to move forward. What is holding me back?

Why do I feel like I am walking through concrete? Once the awareness takes hold and the old behaviour rectified, you will be amazed how much clearing will be felt afterwards.

It IS that simple - recognition of carrying around a false impression of who you thought you were is enough to delete it from your sub-conscious.

It is like another portal within has been opened, and the consciousness goes back to expanding instead of retracting. Like a breath of fresh air...............spontaneity and joy returns.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Written by LotusLight ~ N a m a s t e ~


   Through the Celestial Voices



There is a helpful question to kick off this week's messages from the Masters of the Spirit World. A fan from Norway asks whether or not our soul might choose to live in a human family more than once - so that, in fact, we could become our own relative. Dr. Ian Stevenson, who did research into children's memories of past lives, felt sure that this happens, and he cited the Inuit tribes in Alaska as his example. The Masters clear up the mystery and say something about the connection between family and life lessons involved if we do this.
The second question comes from Britain and tells a sad story of two very close friends since childhood whose closeness is now threatened, and the writer wants to heal the rift between them. This very sensitive issue is one that a large number of us will find helpfully discussed. Close childhood friends have a special place in all our hearts.
From Singapore comes a question about holding a faith in Christianity as well as being attracted to the teaching of the Masters about Source and the journey of the soul. The Masters seek to distinguish between the two positions. They see Christian faith as being a human construct, dependent on judgment, whereas their teaching is of a very different kind. These three letters and replies are on the Masters' website.
We intend to send you an email when we finally have our latest book available. Patterned on our first successful compilation of messages from the Masters in response to questions, this book of messages is called Listening to Spirit Wisdom. It also contains three soul interviews that our friends will be eager to read. Eventually it will be a paperback, a download for you to read on your computer, and an ebook available from Amazon for Kindle use and through Smashwords for other e-readers (Nook, Sony, etc.). Full details when we write again. We hope to squeeze in before the old year is out, perhaps even before Christmas!
Light, Love, and Laughter,

Toni and Peter



 The Questions


Genetic vs. soul families

December 10th, 2013
QUESTION: Masters, I am wondering if there is a difference, and what the difference is, between a soul living life after life, and the people in a blood line (relatives). What occurs when it comes to reincarnation and learning life lessons, both as single souls and as a group like a neighborhood or country? Is it possible that I could have been my own relative in a distant past? And when we resolve an issue in a past life, is the issue solved for the blood line too? ~Anne, Norway
ANSWER: A soul is an energetic being that has no physical body, unless or until it chooses to manifest one. With no body, it has no physical human DNA that would be carried from lifetime to lifetime. The history of the soul is reordered in an energetic akashic record that memorializes everything the soul has ever done while in a human body or elsewhere.
Blood lines are the human DNA that defines the characteristics shared by a group of relatives of the same lineage. A soul rarely chooses to experience the same lineage time after time. When getting ready to go into a human body, the soul decides what lessons it wishes to learn.
Most of the time the way the lesson will be played out depends on the body the soul chooses. It will not be able to experience, say, racial prejudice unless it is born into a body that is in a racial minority. Joining a family where abuse – whether mental, physical, or chemical – exists will make it easier for the soul to have that experience. If it reincarnated within the same blood linage, the soul would be very limited in the lessons it was able to set up in a lifetime.
Several human generations ago you were in the same lineage. You wanted to have the parents you have now so that factors were right for the lessons you have undertaken.
Life lessons are peculiar to an individual. If you learn a lesson and get the wisdom of the situation so that you can continue to use it in any subsequent life, it is for your benefit only. If you did not finish a lesson during the incarnate life but resolved it during a past-life regression, you can also take advantage of that wisdom and carry it forward. It is yours, though; that wisdom does not extend to anyone else in your lineage.

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My friend triggers my inner demons

December 10th, 2013
QUESTION: Masters, please help me understand what is happening in regards to my horrid attitude, jealousy and bad feelings towards my best friend that’s been building for a couple of years. I’m trying to work out how to heal this rift that has been forming but am struggling to be compassionate and have kind thoughts about her and her intentions. Please help as this is really upsetting for me as it is only with her that I am this way. ~Belle, UK
ANSWER: In one word – expectations! You have been so close with this friend for so many years that you had your whole lifetime together, with parallel lives, planned out in minutiae. Growing up you had a balance of who would do what and who was leader in various activities.
As you have grown up you now see she isn’t following your imagined pattern for her life. There are certain aspects of her life that you had believed would be yours. You have not achieved these goals and your “traitorous” friend has.
You need to reevaluate what this friend means to you. You can remain in competition with her or you can realize you each have separate lives, and your thoughts and dreams have no effect on her. The way you are finding yourself feeling about her has to do with your disappointment concerning your own life and the things in which you feel you have not succeeded.
It is time to forgive yourself for not meeting your own expectations. It is time to stop blaming her for not doing what you had planned for her to do. She is a very strong soul and exercises her freedom of choice to match her own desires. She does not intentionally do anything to make you feel bad. She is just following her own journey.
Stop imagining that she is intentionally trying to harm you or get you mad or jealous of her. Accept that she is on her own path and honor her journey. Allow her to be herself. Stop anticipating what should happen between the two of you and just go with the flow of the universe.
If you feel you are unable to step away from the drama that has grown between the two of you, then you should consider stepping away from contact with her until you can resolve the anger and jealousy you are harboring. Placing yourself into an untenable situation for you emotionally will not allow you to resolve the conflict.
Examine the feelings you are having and ask yourself why you are feeling the way you are. When you reach the source of the discomfort, you will be able to easily resolve your problems. Give it a try if you want to maintain this relationship.

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Christianity and the Masters

December 10th, 2013
QUESTION: Masters, I’m struggling right now with my faith in Christianity after learning about you guys, the Source and the soul. What I would like to know is that if Christianity and what you guys represent / stand for are necessarily mutually exclusive?  Granted that religion is a human construct, does that mean that God doesn’t exist? ~Daen, Singapore
ANSWER: As you have stated: religion is a human construct. It is based upon doctrines put together by the hierarchy of the religious sect containing the belief system to which they demand all proponents adhere.
Each set of documents upon which a religion is based contains historical tales establishing the foundation of the group. If you compare the background information you will discover that there are certain similarities that follow from century to century and group to group. Symbolisms are also shared from sect to sect.
All are based on the principle of reward and punishment: reward for following the rules and punishment for not following them. If this sounds like the ego-based judgment of the third-dimensional duality, you are correct. Human constructs are all about judgment because that is their arena.
What you have heard about Source and the soul discusses the nonphysical aspect of who you are in the unconditionally loving world of eternal existence that exceeds the minuscule duration of a human lifetime. The soul has total freedom of choice to experiment with whatever it feels will serve it in its journey to learn about its own existence.
When the soul is having a human existence, it must first find out about things such as control, making choices, and deciding what will and will not further its education. People create their own reality by what they choose to allow into their illusion of life. Organized religions, with all their rules, regulations and beliefs, must be taken into the feeling aspect of the human to determine whether or not they are helping the soul know itself as a soul. They definitely help the soul to know itself as a human having a human experience.
As we always say, take our information and see if it resonates with you. If it does not, find what does until it no longer serves you. We do not judge; we only help you evaluate if you can learn from following a particular belief system.
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Reincarnation Guide

Reincarnation Guide

Lori, USA, asks the Masters: Several years ago you said that my home is a portal for spirits. What makes a home a portal for spirits? They seem to be less active lately. Why would this be? ANSWER: Energy is by nature free flowing and, like streams of water at the mouth of a river, moves from one channel to another frequently. The vortexes that operate a portal find a suitable location, as they did for your home, often because of energy in the rocks. Some portals are smaller and less permanent. Others, such as several in Sedona, Arizona, are very large and stable. Spirits find portals, not the other way round.

Lillian, Brazil, asks the Masters: Since 2010 and 2011 I'm having some flashes about events that happened to me in this lifetime. Sometimes those flashes came too fast and sequences. Is this already a spiritual clean? ANSWER: There is nothing to be alarmed about. Your memory is adjusting itself in a way that is unfamiliar to you. If the flashes concern experiences that gave you pain, make a conscious release of them and, if appropriate, forgive yourself and others: this may be helpful.

Mick, Finland, asks the Masters: Any changes coming into my life? I don´t know what to do or where to go. I´m so tired, there is never anything for me, no success in any. I´ve been waiting for so long but nothing happens. Let me die. ANSWER: It’s time to go inside yourself. You don’t have to do or go anywhere: you only have to be. You may choose the Now and all the wonderful things happening around you at present. Let slip the past, it will never change. The future will come, so let it. In the present, listen to your breath, watch children playing, eat fruit, see wild life around you. Your heart’s desires can be felt without words, follow where the feelings lead. Imagine yourself a little child again and rediscover your joy in living. Smile with your whole self.


Paula, Portugal, asks the Masters: About my dreams: i feel like i don’t dream when i sleep: is this possible? or do i dream but i can’t remember? what does it mean? what can i do to start dreaming? ANSWER: In certain stages of sleep all humans dream. It’s a physical necessity. A large number of people who, when they awaken, are largely unaware of having had dreams. There can be meaning in some dreams but most are only the brain downloading experiences. You are not missing out on anything that’s essential. You can ask to have dreams you remember, if you like. Some of them are fun.

Divya, India, asks the Masters: Why do I lack ambition and drive to achieve things in life? I feel like life has come to a standstill and would like to get out of it. ANSWER: Happiness can be created by working together with your higher mind to recognize how powerful and how loving your soul is. Ambition and drive are often hallmarks of a happy life, which in turn springs from self-esteem. Move away from past disappointments and recognize the many good qualities you have developed. Act on small positive feelings inside you because as you put them into action they will lead you to the larger destination you desire.

Sylvia, Brazil, asks the Masters: Last year my dog died, it is 10 months and 9 days that he passed away, now. it's name was Diver, I miss him a lot. Is he happy there? Does he miss us? Will he wait for me? Is there a dog heaven? I'm 12 years old, and he died at 16.   ANSWER: Diver will be waiting for you when you come Home. He is enjoying his present life. Some dogs are given a spark of life, a very small number have a soul and he was one of those. So his soul, who has had several human lives, has learned a lot from being a dog and from your friendship and the other humans in his life. He sends his love to you.

Lynette, SA, asks the Masters: I have always trusted in the universe to provide clients in my professional practice which I have successfully run for 27 years. Have I come at the end of my journey, do I need to change careers as it is on a downhill path? Am I the problem? ANSWER: While you have been facing this decline in your situation, ideas have come to you when you said to yourself “I wish I could do (or be) that.” You have done well over the course of the years, but you have found it hard to get the delight you once had in your work. Now is the moment when you may open yourself to embrace the most enjoyable thing you know that truly expresses your mature talents. Nurturing self-love like that is a good way forward.

Ansku, Finland, asks the Masters: I´m very committed to raise my adorable 8 years son but is it really my soul purpose to be so alone in this situation from the very beginning? I am doing my exercises to manifest money, new job, bigger apartment, soul mate in the same soul level, friends etc. but it seems that I cannot see little if any improvements but things are getting worse. What is the first thing you recommend me to change or to do to get better results?   ANSWER: Your commitment to your son is the clue to your future success. What has been difficult is that your manifesting has been like a routine exercise and you’ve not been able to get rid of inner doubts. But your response with the boy has made good use of the feelings in your heart. Things have felt right and positive. Extend the degree to which you trust your intuition and act upon it often. It is the voice of your higher mind.

Anon, USA, asks the Masters: My baby boy was stillborn 11 years ago. I was 28 weeks pregnant at the time I lost the pregnancy (baby's heart stopped beating for unknown reason). What happens to the soul of a child fetus who dies so young? I never got closure from this.  ANSWER: The baby’s heart defect was planned by your own soul before conception as a life lesson for you and other people involved. Souls go down to Earth to experience negative situations as a spiritual training for them. Because the defect was known in advance that the child would be still-born, no soul was ever supplied for the baby. This decision not to supply a soul is regularly done where the fetus does not survive. Some physical defects in a fetus may not be known in advance, in which case the soul leaves and goes Home or, less commonly, is supplied with another fetus.

Vanessa, Brazil, asks the Masters: I would like to understand why I cannot truly love my mother or treat her with all respect she deserves? I do not feel really well in her presence and seems that I actually hate her sometimes. Did we have any problems in past lives? What can I do to improve or pass this situation?  ANSWER: There may be some difficulties remembered from another life, but when facing fear (that is the root of all negativity) it is good to face it directly. Go to a place where you can be alone or with a trusted friend. Cover yourself mentally with white light. Tell the negative energies around you that you do not want them to try to influence you (as you have described). Be firm, not angry, but accepting of their existence. Tell them to go away and stay away. Invite “beings and energies of the Light” to enter your space for the highest good. You may need to repeat this a few times before they all go.

Guilherme, Brazil, asks the Masters: I'm in a good love relationship actually, but I always had another lover in my life, a lover that I see every day, that I try to get close. I always think and feel that he loves me, but we don't talk to each other actually. I want to know if we would be together in one day or in another life, cause he is in my mind every time. ANSWER: This all depends on what you call “a good love relationship actually.” We accept that humans enjoy being in love with more than one person at a time. We ask whether either man will be able to sustain a good relationship with you when you begin to cool down sexually. The guy who doesn’t talk is only playing with you in the way he looks at you.

Maria, Portugal, asks the Masters: help me to understand the purpose of my life. I feel inside me that I will have a change in my life professional, spiritual and I will move to another city. I feel that a long time, I am waiting, sometimes anxious. My husband doesn`t believe but I DO. I believe in my feeling and I cannot work for long in this place.  ANSWER: This difficulty is a life lesson your soul arranged before going down to your planet. You will have to identify the lesson clearly so that you can work out what to do. We cannot help you with it because then you would have cheated on your lesson. Look with care at the main issues: why you want to leave your work; What work can be found elsewhere; Do you have a relationship problem with your husband, if so how will you handle it? Make a list and go through it thoughtfully. Your feelings are very important but your answer should be truly accurate, not what you wish to do but what is really possible.



Ask The Masters, 10 December 2013

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