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~THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT~ BLOSSOM GOODCHILD~25TH APRIL ~ words are inadequate to portray that which is taking place on a soul level ... for the soul?

11.11.11 Angelic Higher Self Activation SOLARA AN-RA

I received Angelic communication on the 19th and as I said to Solar an ra I feel her Meditation for 11:11 is an answer to my question as to whether I got it right, as it has been over a year since I was spoken to in this way,Solara an ra said of course you got it right, so I feel this above meditation would be good to put here for you guys,I sent it to Blossom also.Love Kerrie xxx



25th APRIL 2011

Welcome to you dear friends on high! As opposed to me who is just high ( on life!). Many of us are really FEELING this Higher energy you have spoken off. It quite knocks your socks off!


And we would say that there is plenty more where that came from.

Where does it come from?


It is from a place of the highest Love. For Truly that is what this New Energy is. It is LOVE that is being filtered through to you and this is to account for why so many of you are FEELING so ' IN LOVE.'


It also makes us FEEL like we are actually getting somewhere within ourselves. Well, it does for me. I have been following the teachings of White Cloud and yourselves for a long time now and it all seems to be coming together. It really is rather awesomely devised when you think about it.


And may we say that over time ... your time ... much thought indeed has gone into it. Such transformations are not conjured up and acted upon instantly. This would be known to you and ourselves as insanity. It is more the matter of a soul BEING ready to accept its new place ... its new position within itself and within its galaxy. You are noticing the profound changes within the FEELINGS you are experiencing and recognizing that not only do you FEEL differently within yourselves ... you FEEL and comprehend this KNOWINGness we have talked about ... in a FEELING WAY ... compared to a way of needing to describe in words. For is it not so that words are inadequate to portray that which is taking place on a soul level ... for the soul?

Yes. The FEELING is of excitement etc, yet it is sort of like FEELING a bursting open inside the heart. It is DEFINATLEY the FEELING that is making one KNOW that something is going on as opposed to the 'seeing' of. What can we expect next I wonder? I keep thinking of the pillars of Light and I so look forward to seeing those in our skies ...


For so long now, souls of Earth have kept vigilant within their Truth and offered to us their Love and commitment to the cause. We give honour to you from our position ... for we are well aware that at times ... the TRUSTING in US and oneself is not always an easy path to follow. But that was in days gone by. As you encapture this Higher energy and it integrates with your energy field ... doubts that have been ever present shall disperse. For it shall be of solid understanding that each new day that brings joy to the heart self .... will pronounce greater wonders than ones heart and mind could visualize. These Higher energies are preparing you to receive these wonders, for it is only through upgrading that they can be experienced. The level of soul Love HAS to be of a certain calibre in order to be able to receive these attributes. They are coming. There are wonders that shall unfold that will leave you aghast. All that you have 'believed' will be proven to you in such a way that 'belief' disperses and KNOWING takes its place.

We certainly look forward to it ... yet we have all grown within our BEING and accept NOW that it is us that are here .... here on the ground floor to do what needs to be done. There are many levels and many parts to be played out ... yet we are all in this together ... and I ... for one .... think it is wondrous.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating ... is that not what you say? It is not long now before the gateways shall become apparent to those who are ready to step beyond.

Beyond what?


Beyond the boundaries that have held you back. The chains that have restricted your BEINGS from expanding into the unknown are melting away . They have no choice in the matter. Beyond that which you are aware of now ... lies a world that you already reside upon. This world is the one which you are to bring forth ... into your reality of NOW ... it is you that will bring yourselves into the place that you are already in ... and yet you do not know it.

So ... you are saying that the NEW WORLD you speak of ... that we are Ascending into ... is already in existence and we are already living in it?


This is so . The more advanced state of your BEING is preparing your present state of BEING to become its Higher state. It is infiltrating this Higher energy to you from the Higher place of the individual self. So we would ask of you to accept this gift from self. The more you recognize this as Truth and FEEL it ... the more the Higher part of yourself is able to blend with the part of you that you 'think' exists on your planet at this time.

'think exists'?


Precisely . For well have you learned that what you think ... is.

So, is it that you are asking us to 'think' ourselves into our newer form?


Think and KNOW that it is you. IMAGINE. VISUALISE. BECOME.

Allow the greatest part of your understanding to lure you ... through LOVE ... into your next phase of BEING. For it is of the most magnificent display of that which you know as 'life'. Is it not so that some are of concern regarding the extent to which their life is considered to be fully led? We say to you in absolute certainty that for those who choose to BE their self ... to all those who have walked across The Bridge in faith ... you will encounter a brilliance of Light that is to be your way of living. Within that Light shall you reside and KNOW that who you are is LOVE. There can be no underestimation of the FEELING within this new plain.

And tell me, will we remember the 'we/us' that we are now? The questions we had ... the doubts ... the ... everything about us NOW? Will we look back and laugh at our insecurities.? Will we look back and be proud of 'how we made it through'?


It will appear as if in a dream to some. In your experience in the place that your soul is sitting at this time, it is often that when one awakens in the morning they can only recall 'snippets' of a dream they had the previous night. It shall be like this for some. For others ... as in your sleep states now ... there shall be no recollection ... and yet for a great many ... much shall be recalled. For it is ... that memories of what once was ... shall never TRULY be forgotten, in order to keep that which is of the most pure in that state of bliss ... and not to let the demise that has befallen your beautiful Earth to ever take place again. We would say that according to records ... it has served it's time ... this downfall. Lessons of great magnitude have been taught and grasped. Throughout your history it has been judged that accepted demises have served well. This for some, may seem a little 'off the mark' to remark upon in such a way. Yet do you not now KNOW that ALL things take place for a reason? ALL THINGS. Everything that has ever been thought ... let alone acted upon ... has been for a reason.

Struth! That's a pretty huge statement. Everything that has ever been THOUGHT has a reason!!!! Far out!! I can't quite contemplate the enormity of that statement.


It is quite simple. For every thought is part of the conscious whole. Consciousness is collective thought. So ... every thought has contributed to the state of consciousness upon your planet at this time ... therefore anything had a reason to be thought.

The word that came to my head was ... 'therefore everything had a reason to be 'thunk'!' I smiled as I corrected you on your grammar ... which is a first!


We appreciate your thoughtfulness. And this is how it is all coming together ... do you see? The consciousness of your planet is rising ... as a whole ... because purer thoughts are being 'thunk' ...


Ok, you win ... let's add it to our private dictionary ...


We appreciate that ... as this word seems 'correct' to us. The purer thought from each one of you is allowing the Higher energies to infiltrate and also enables the Higher consciousness of ONEness to move into the Higher levels that await. Not so long ago ... the level of consciousness was much lower ... for most upon your planet. This is not to say there was not goodness ... but to say that there was little understanding on the whole ... of the whole. As more and more awaken ... thoughts of a lower vibration no longer gather ... for the Higher mind does not allow them to enter in. Thoughts of a Higher vibration now 'surf the waves' and therefore keep the standard of consciousness on HIgher ground. ALL the time ... ALL things ... ALL thought/fullness ... are lifting . And let it be KNOWN that it is each one of YOU that is MAKING THIS HAPPEN. YOU ARE BRINGING IT ABOUT. EACH ONE OF YOU!

Listen to that which your Higher state is whispering to you. Take note of the ways that are improving your state of BEING. Rejoice in your self worth. No longer shall you bring down that which is worthy of High status ... for you have learned to BE the LOVE that is of such an essence of Grace. To undermine it ... as you KNOW NOW ... is to undermine the POWER OF LOVE.

The POWER THAT LOVE gives unto you can be surpassed by none. When you KNOW you are PURE LOVE ... then you KNOW that NOTHING CAN STOP YOU from doing what you came here to do.

Do you FEEL and comprehend these words dearest souls, the most delicate of friends .... do you hear us?


WE KNOW the choices that you are making and shall continue to make. This is why we are so very elated by what is taking place. You are 'GETTING IT'. Some of you have 'GOT IT'. We are succeeding in our mission. We are on the home run. The choices are yours ... and your are choosing LOVE.


How shall we let you KNOW? By showing to you that EVERYTHING that we have ever said to you is of OUR TRUTH and that we have meant everything we have ever said. For it is OUR TRUTH. There is no other way for us to be. WE PROMISE to you that one day ... one of these days of yours .... you shall KNOW of this TRUTH OF OURS.

And I shall probably humanly combust with all the excitement!!!! I Love and cherish you! In gratitude. xxx






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Lately I read the Dutch translation of The Federation of Light and I'm doing that in deep deep respect ~*L*~
Love is coming OUR WAY ... and this girl is in need of that LOVE XXX In Lak'ech Divine Kerrie and your soulsister Blossom Goodchild ... thank You ALL

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