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The Federation of Light~ Blossom Goodchild~12/12/10~You asked to be the humans who were to be here at this point. We agreed to be alongside you.


You asked to be the humans who were to be here at this point. We agreed to be alongside you.

The Federation of Light Blossom Goodchild~

12th Dec.2010

I Trust that many now realize that although some channellings are of a more personal communication, I feel I'd like to share them because someone, somewhere may be experiencing the same feelings and thoughts as myself and therefore may benefit from the discussion.

Hello! Hoping it is a good time to connect with you as I decided on the spur of the moment. Talking with a friend of mine this week, who I do not get to see very often, I realized just how much some souls have so many burning questions that they need answered ... from you and me! It got me thinking as to how my communications with you must frustrate a lot of souls, and that if they were in the fortunate position that I am in, how differently they would approach so many varied topics with you. Which then got me thinking deeply about the responsibility and should I be delving into deeper matters with you etc ... because for me ... I just accept what you say and go with the flow. Should I be doing anything different? I guess there are things I question but look upon it in the Light of knowing that one day all these things will be made clear. Although as I have touched upon before, I do feel things are rather at a standstill within our conversations and do you want me to start asking you complicated questions that people write in asking me to ask you? I guess what I am asking is for you to clarify 'our' position and perhaps where it is heading? Thank you.

We are aware that this line of questioning is coming from things you have spoken of and discussed with a few. We are also aware of your inner challenges of why you ... why out of all the souls we could have chosen ... why you ... ?

Yes, because I don't delve into anything ... and in my position ... wouldn't that be useful?

If you , you Blossom, had just one question to ask ... if you were only given one question to ask us ... what would it be ? In fact , we put that same statement to all who are aware of these words. What would be the one question in your heart that would be the most important thing you would require an answer to if you were only given the one opportunity?

Well , I think if I only had one opportunity, I would need to give it a lot of thought rather than coming up with something off the top of my head.

Yet that is what we are asking of you in this moment of now ... what right now in this moment, from your heart would you ask?

Do you mean on a personal level or a general one?

Either ... consider as if you had but one shot at it.

Really that is such a huge ask ... how can I possibly KNOW what would be the most important question ... for clearly I would not wish to waste it.

Yet, ,may we say that you are assuming we are going to answer it.

Oh! Well, in that case , if I am not to get the answer I guess it really wouldn't matter what the question is?

Why not?

Because if you are not going to produce the answer, the question wouldn't seem to matter. Eh ... where is all this heading?

We are trying to help you understand that our purpose in communicating through YOU Blossom or indeed any other is not to answer the trillion unanswered questions that those of earth when correlated together have a desire to know ... this is not why WE are sending out our messages to you. WE have a different agenda in mind ... and we wish to express to you that the ONLY reason we do so , the main purpose we touch base with you, when we do, is to assist you in understanding the Truest meaning of LOVE.
What takes place within other universes and galaxies ... what is structurally transforming on another star system at this moment of your time is not why we are speaking with you. These matters are not WHY we have chosen to speak with you. These matters may interest some ... they may interest many ... but not all. YET ... what we come to share with you ... what we come to teach you ... to help you recall ... is of every LIVING BEING'S interest .... there is not one who is not of it ... there is not one who cannot be interested in it ... because everyone of you IS IT.

Yes, I understand. But at this stage in the game ... even though you have taught us well, I mean I cannot imagine better mentors ... what I personally am struggling with at the moment and I can only speak for myself really is ... why am I not 'FEELING' this amazing LOVE for myself and others? To be honest ... I just do not FEEL like I have "GOT IT" ... Yet I know that is where 'I am at' ... and I cannot speak for everyone. I know others have 'got it' ... shouldn't I? Considering I am delivering these messages for you ... shouldn't I have got the point? It doesn't make sense to me. Shouldn't I be going round with flowers in my hair and just offering LOVE from my heart all day long?

What is stopping you?

The way I FEEL! This world just doesn't make sense to me anymore and I feel so out of place! If I am in a shopping mall or something ... it all seems so ridiculous ... everything about it ... and my soul cries out to me saying 'I want to go home'. It's all so nuts! I wonder just how much longer we have to go on this way ... the way this world is ... it's like I am SO longing for the change to take place, and the thought of a few more years even, makes me feel like that is a life time away. I know I am moaning ... but ... how am I helping to change the world into a better place when my soul feels so desperately ... un belonging??

Do you know what we are to say?

Yes, but I'll let you do it as you have a certain way about you!

You are FEELING this way because your soul is so much closer to home than you realize and therefore the difference in the vibration that you are having to reside in, compared to the one that you know of as Truth is causing such a yearning for the Higher place within.

But you see ... if WE are here to bring this New World in ... and assuming I am not the only one then that is feeling this way , because of our pending situation ... how can we serve and do what we came to do when there is such a strong desire to get back home? ... it' s like I want to get off the planet.

Yet you are simply transmuting energy. This feeling you are experiencing is also diluting energy that has ruled and empowered those that are now weakening. There are roles that you are all playing out. There are numerous counteracting scenarios taking place that are appearing as one thing and yet on other levels are serving in a way that is literally playing out the 'change over'. Yes, you have agreed to be here. Yet know also, that much that is taking place is operating on another level that your Higher Beings are conducting on your behalf. It is necessary for the human aspect of yourself to be here as the anchor as we have said before, yet we ask you to ACCEPT that there is a far more evolved aspect of yourself that is bringing forth and acting upon matters that are out of reach of the human understanding. IF you accept this at this time .... IF you allow yourselves to JUST BE and BE OF LOVE then it assists greatly that aspect of your Higher KNOWING that is 'doing it's thing!'

Yet, why can't we know what that thing is?

Because you shut down long ago and until the awakened Higher aspect that DOES understand ... yet is of a Higher Vibration that is not accepted on earth ... yet, then your 'MINDS' cannot comprehend ... if we had words to describe ... that which you would like explained.
This is why we talk to you about LOVE and steer clear of anything else. When it matters ... when EVERYTHING is ready to move on/up what is the most imperative tool that is necessary?


We rest our case.

But so many of us are confused as to what actually will take place and where exactly "ASCENSION" is?

If you were taking a journey , you would map out the direction in which you were to follow. We would say to you that the direction for you to follow on this particular event ... this greatest adventure of them all ... is by following the direction of your heart. You have no better compass. We cannot show you which path to take to get you there ... for there are many roads that lead to the same destination. We can only show you signposts. It is your hearts that will lead you. It is your inner FEELING from YOUR HEARTS that will let you know which way to travel. You are walking along this path because as a TRIBE you have asked to be part of this great transcendence. You asked to be the humans who were to be here at this point. We agreed to be alongside you.

And I know you are ... and I know some will agree with me and some will think 'Oh Blossom move on' ... but I would imagine you are aware of my experience this week (*** see below) and how my heart LONGED for the time when it would take place in reality. Not to save us ... we all know that is not how it is to be ... but with so many people actually being present on your arrival and sending Love to you and you to us. That's what I envisaged ... everyone's hearts shining a White Light out to you ... How long do we have to wait for this ... exchange? ... It would make such a difference ... in our hearts.

Child of Light ... you lose faith as days pass by and still your visions of your space family joining you seem but a faint dream.

And that's why it hurts my heart, because WE KNOW it is to come, yet the wait seems endless to say 'hello' to old friends.

To all those who know of us in your hearts ... we VOW to you that these days shall come. We admire your strength and composure under such pressure at times. There IS to come the day when greetings from all parties shall swell into an emotional frenzy ... for the answering of prayers offered shall fill empty spaces that felt forgotten.

Well, could you please get a move on ! I, for one, am struggling with it all . Thank goodness I have learned that this ride is full of ups and downs ... it sure is nice to find a balance every now and then ... because when I find that, I then am able to get to grips with this 'loving thing'. Will I laugh I wonder when we actually meet? Will I give you a big hug and say ' Thank !!!!! for that ! Where have you been all my life?"

And we shall say 'Right here' as our hearts speak to each other in the universal language of LOVE. Dearest souls of Earth, KNOW this is to be ... FEEL IT within that KNOWING ... for when that KNOWING is TRULY FELT there can be no doubts of the fact that this is so.
WE LOVE YOU . WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE IN RETURN. Let hearts beat together as one throughout your universe.

We'll keep on trying ... No worries about that! Many thanks for lending an ear .... Bloss XXX
*** NB. I was very blessed to be given tickets on my birthday to see the U2 360°concert. The set looks like a docking station for a massive starship. At one point the center lowers down and sends out colours of rectangles (rather like the ship in close encounters). The entire scene made me FEEL as if any minute BEings of Light would appear from underneath. It struck me how over 52,000 people in that stadium were probably all thinking the same thing . It was such a wonderful way to plant seeds . No one was going to run for their lives. Everyone in that space was filled with so much Love. I think that is why it affected me so, because it was so similar to how most of us who are awake, probably imagine it will be. I was in awe ... knowing it WILL be ... one day ... I felt ready ... ready to move on to that next stage of the plan. Some of the Light beams were directed skywards. They went so far into the clouds and I just felt so strongly connected to 'our friends' that tears came to my eyes. Many are being awakened through this media without realizing. After all visualization ,as White Cloud says is one of our strongest tools. I give thanks for that experience.

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Still amazing the Love that runs through the messages of F.O.L.  for that I am in deep Gratitude ~*L*~

Wow what a nice experience Blossom had during the concert of U2, the way she describe it I could see it in front of me :)))

Thank You Kerrie, Blossom and F.O.L.  Namasté

Thank you Blossom for your sharing and voicing the frustrations I know many of us feel. It gives me hope and faith to keep on keeping on,

Love and Light,

Jan Aebi

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