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The establishment of a platform through the platform of human life be respected! This platform is no longer a slave of money! Everyone will show their true talent and unique personality! By that time among people will no longer be deceived and hurt each other! The establishment of a group . This group works to 5, 1: to maintain the ecological balance, so that they designate certain areas free survival 2: mankind to convey the right message (including all the information). 3: science and technology research and development, environmental protection, research and development of the daily \ liquidation of a wide range of energy \ non-lethal means of transport \ fusion of architecture and nature (and other home) \ food, and so on ...... 4: no Make money slaves, once a day so that the people who have joined the group together to come up with a dollar (if there are ten million people will be able to set 10,000,000 yuan), and then a quota of 1,000 yuan each on a random manner to the one dollar out of them People (if more people took part in what could become a 5000 \ a quota of 10,000 yuan), or you have questions, not the money that the slaves who work in it? Machine! Both the office or production are All can be completed by the machines. Or you will be asked, the easy life will degenerate will be a step backward? Wrong! Only ignorance \ stupid people would be so rich material life and the desire for material lost in the world. 5: security The survival of human rights, free food \ health \ home \ knowledge to live in the plight of the people, their self-reliance so far (and let them know there is hope alive and human life is equal!). This is also a platform for every A person can develop their own personality and.

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