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Yesterday while I was laying in bed a moment, taking advantage that my daughters were sleeping a nap... I went to the most important moments of my childhood ... those that touch your life, your way of seeing things ...


One thing surprised me, because I thought I was going to meet a little person so very different from what I am now, but no... I found myself in situations where, interacting directly or indirectly with people, I felt that  the sense of Justice, Understanding, Equality, Friendship, Unity escaped from my pores...


Have I really changed that much? Not at all, my essence its intact... I am the same person after having gone through many changes, the same essence, untouched... amazing...


I automatically started thinking about time... Does it really exist? what is it used for?... Eureka... There is time to learn our lessons of life... those we chose before coming ... and when we learned what we had to learn... time simply stops ... the essence is always the same ... = D


That made me think of my daughters ... made me realize that at this point in their lives, their essences are raw skin, without the dulling social barriers ... "I have to listen to them more than ever," I said to myself... Well, now they feel and are the people who will be in 10, 20, 30 years from now... nothing will change ...


I breathed in relief, grateful for what was shown to me... and that is why I want to share it with you here... Knowledge comes with experience ... but the essence will ever change...








I love you







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love it
Thank you Angel =)

christelle said:
love it
Its the permament growth inside us.

I like it, thank you Antonela
Yes it is my dear... Thank you =)

simpleman said:
Its the permament growth inside us.

I like it, thank you Antonela

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