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Illusion isn't a mistake, it was created intentionally. Illusion is harmless, so much so that it doesn't even exist. There's nothing wrong with it, but within illusion there's the possibility for problems to occur. Namely, the illusion that the illusion is real, and this is what humanity is currently stuck within. Illusion was stacked upon illusion until it obscured Reality and then illusion became humanity's “reality”. You can only see illusion for illusion from the perspective of True Reality. From within illusion, illusion seems very real. Things like fear, pain, suffering, sickness and death seem very real. Outside of illusion, the Truth of Love is all there is and things like fear, pain and death are seen only as a game of pretend.

Why was illusion created? Well, if you are Source and nothing but, how could you see yourself? You couldn't step back to see the Wholeness of your Being if nothing but You exists. So Source created something other than Source. Just kidding, nothing other than Source really exists. Source only created the illusion of something other than Source. Those in duality think there's God (Source) and something God is not. If All things flow from Source, what else is there? Did Perfection Itself make a mistake? Was there a hiccup in Creation? Those in duality want to think God fucked up, and they point to themselves as proof. There's nothing wrong with Creation, even the possibility is only an illusion.

What is illusion? Well, it is not. But for the sake of understanding, I'll speak about it in the same terms of something that does exist. Illusion is a static, 2-dimensional thought loop while Reality is a constantly-changing multi-dimensional expression of Source. Within Change, there's nothing but, so a reference point is needed to observe it. This is where illusion comes in, the loop repeats itself over and over so one can “step back” and see change occur. This gives us a larger perspective on Reality and this is the intended use of illusion. It certainly wasn't meant to usurp Reality.

The thought loops that are the illusions are meant to be only temporary. In Reality, it's effortless to move beyond them, but when you believe they're real you have trouble seeing anything else. A 2-dimensional thought loop becomes your whole reality and if you believe that's all there is, you wont bother looking for more. The illusion is a program run amok. In computer programming, there's a flaw called an infinite loop. The program repeats itself over and over and over again and requires something outside of the program to break the loop. This is where humanity is stuck and why they require the Truth about the illusion to break out of the loop. So far, spreading this Truth has been challenging as those within illusion believe they already know everything worth knowing about Reality.

To elucidate further on the thought loop, it's the same thing as an attachment. An attachment is something you want, and these thoughts play themselves out over and over again in your mind, until you either get what you want or drop the attachment. In illusion, your wants become your needs and you believe these thoughts are a requirement for your continued existence. In this it becomes very difficult to let go of your attachments. The attachments build up until your internal dialog is constantly repeating the same things over and over again. If you stay fixated on the internal dialog you'll rarely if ever notice the Reality surrounding you. It's like a dog chasing it's own tail. This is why people practice meditation, to slow the internal dialog down enough to notice what's really going on and feel the Peace and Love in That.

The illusion has been called the dream machine and this is probably a more accurate term to use. When you know you're dreaming, what do you have to fear? This is what illusion is, only a dream and it certainly doesn't have to be a nightmare. The dream machine is the program, the thought loop, that supports the illusion. It didn't always function the way it does now, humanity use to be able to tell illusion from Reality. Then some beings decided they knew better and started tweaking the dream machine. They piled illusion on top of illusion and capped it off with the illusion that the illusion was real. People became divided against themselves and were mired so deep in illusion they became it's slave. The who originally messed up the dream machine became the leaders, as they were the most proficient at spinning the lies humanity now believed.

Those who messed things up so long ago are the ones still manipulating society now. They seized power back then and still haven't let go. They've been called many names, the global elite, the illuminati, to name a few, and they're easily recognized by the ridiculous amounts of wealth they control. In illusion, money is power and they're the ones with the most. It's pointless trying to resist them from within illusion, as many have tried before. They set up the game so they could win. The way around this is to step out of illusion yourself. They know that this is their biggest threat, and is the reason for thousands of year of religious intolerance. The deepest spiritual truths were hidden away because they contained the keys to stepping out of illusion.

Many of the occult texts deal directly with manipulating the dream machine. Of course, they don't call it the dream machine, they think it's reality. The thought loop can even be seen in occult symbolism, represented by the ouroboros, a serpent eating it's own tail. Many of the occult symbols, rituals and ceremonies deal with the manipulation of the astral plane, which is what the 4th dimension appears to be when seen through the dream. The astral is the lower grid, the collective unconsciousness. The unconscious masses are manipulated and controlled through the astral without them even knowing it. The illuminati is very adept at this and up until recently had an army of psychics for this very purpose. The rich and powerful have always been associated with the occult and this is why. They know that if they can control the dream machine, they can control those within the dream. This worked for thousands of years, but there's a fatal flaw. The illuminati are caught in their own trap, all they ever had control over was an illusion. They thought they were so clever and even called themselves illuminated. They were only fooling themselves.

The dream machine is here so we can experience Everything. Without it, Everything would still be in it's Pristine State of Ultimate Reality, All One. It's impossible to experience Eternity where there's nothing but, one needs to experience the Present Moment as an individual aspect of Eternity to have any understanding of what Eternity is. Otherwise, there's no reference points. Eternity wouldn't even be Eternity. This concept is difficult, to say the least, to describe within the limitations of our language, so keep in Heart that the concepts I'm explaining are more metaphoric than literal. Without the dream, it would be like Eternity was over in an instant. Experience of Eternity as anything we could understand would be impossible.

I'm going to give a rather different map of Reality than what most are used to now. At the very center of your Self, is the Divine Spark of Source. This is where Everything comes from, and where Everything returns to. The Energy flowing from Source is so great, that a transformer is needed to slow the Energy down enough so that it can be experienced. This is where the Soul Housing come in. The Soul Housing surrounds Source and slows the Energy down. This is the Core of your Being. The Soul is your Being, but in this state it's still All One, so something more is needed to experience the individual aspects of Being, this would be the dream machine. Everything is still All One, but within the dream it's possible to experience the Endless Aspects of this Oneness as individual pieces. It's seeing Eternity for its Endless Moments. What I just explained is actually the Holy Trinity spoken of in many religions, though the religions thoroughly confused the whole thing. To put it simply: Creation Gave Birth To Experience. Creation is the Father aspect of God, the Giving Birth is the Mother aspect of God and the Experience is the Son/Daughter aspect of God. Creation=Source=Father. Conception=Soul=Mother. Experience=Dream=Son/Daughter. Perfect and Whole in it's Simplicity.

Love from the Kingdom of Heaven, Love from Your Family of Light, and Love from Mother and Father God. You can join at: and help support our cause at:


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extremely well said Will. you are a great philosopher.
The ego and the mind are levels of the illusion. Consciousness is not. When illusion is seen for illusion it's just a dream, and the ego and mind disappear. The Subconsciousness is where Everything still exists as Oneness. Consciousness is experience of the One as it's unique aspects. The Present is a constant Flow from the Subconsciousness to the Consciousness.

The material realm is a hologram made out of Light. The Light isn't an illusion, but the mind puts conditions and fears onto the experience and people's eyes become clouded. When you lose sight of what's Real, all you see is illusion.
I stumbled across this after reading your patterns post. Damn man, I think this is the most profound collection of thought that I have ever read. You are truly a visionary. Thank you for taking the time to share this. With your permission, I would like to pass this on to others outside of the SOE community.

Much love and respect!!!
Excellent piece,

though I have a couple of questions:1. You mention that up until recently various powers maintained armies of psychics for manipulation of the astral, what is the reason for this decline? Has said army desisted, or has their role merely changed? 2. What role does the stomach play in perpetuation of present awareness, and has it played in the original development of control mechanisms such as language, religion, money and politics?

sincerely dk
Being psychic, they know something is about to happen so they changed their tune. There were a few stragglers but the nature of what they do leaves them very vulnerable. You can't launch a psychic attack without some repercussions to yourself.

The stomach is the location of one of the big blocks that prevents being Present. It's the 3rd chakra, and represents 3d awareness, which requires connection to the 4th chakra, the Heart, for true Presence. You'll notice many of the channels talk about Humanity going from 3d to 4d or 5d, so people are working through all their stomach stuff at the moment. None of the chakras are really disconnected from each other, so blocks in one have repercussions throughout the whole system. I do see the control issues connected mainly to the stomach and throat chakras though. The lower chakras are the Physical, the upper are the Spiritual, and the Heart is the Connection. Any blocks in the throat or stomach really interfere with the Connection.

dkoan said:
Excellent piece,

though I have a couple of questions:1. You mention that up until recently various powers maintained armies of psychics for manipulation of the astral, what is the reason for this decline? Has said army desisted, or has their role merely changed? 2. What role does the stomach play in perpetuation of present awareness, and has it played in the original development of control mechanisms such as language, religion, money and politics?

sincerely dk
Thanks Will, I appreciate the reply

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