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Hey everyone. I have been looking at this star for a few days now. to me, it seems unusually bright. I think its in the west. The picture was taken today at around 6.30, it wasnt yet completely dark. the camera was my phone c702. I know usually Venus is the first star out and is very bright, so maybe its Venus, but what do you think? Do you think there is any possibility that this could be in fact be Nibiru?

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Nah is Venus. I was thinking as well it could be some other star. I have been watching it every night. And it was confirmed by the Sky Watch programme in BBC that is Venus. Soon it will disappear and will appear at sunrise in the morning. :-)
arrr cool thx you guys. It really is very bright at the mo :D
If it was that early, it should be Saturn, it looks kind of yellow and bright, venus usually is south-west and is blue, red and white, just my opinion.
Love and Light

It is Venus....
Yesterday it was like a crescent moon....
That's why it doesn't looks completely round.....because their position respect to the sun.
Here is a very interesting link where you can download "Stellarium"

It's very helpful.


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