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The Black Dragon Society is back

The Black Dragon Society has been re-activated. The Black Dragon Society reaches into intelligence agencies, governments, crime syndicates, financial
institutions etc. around the planet. Unlike other secret societies such
as the Freemasons, the Black Dragon Society is not united by fear but
rather by friendship, trust and shared values. It is actively seeking
to overthrow the New World Order in order to promote a campaign to
permanently end war, poverty and environmental destruction. It also
seeks to actively implement technology, such as free energy, that was
suppressed by the oil and nuclear loving control freaks of the N.W.O.

The original society was set up by Mitsuru Toyama in response to Adolph Hitler’s plans to enslave and exterminate “non-Aryan” people. They helped the Russians
defeat Hitler by providing them with top level Japanese intelligence
about his plans. They also assured the Russians they could take their
forces away from Asia and send them into the battle of Stalingrad. They
were allied with the Chinese Red and Green Society and shared the goal
of creating a peaceful and prosperous planet.

The society went underground after World War 2 and has now re-activated itself to stop the genocidal plans of the N.W.O. thugs.

The society includes as its members top people at MI6, the Pentagon, the NSA, the Japanese military/intelligence community, the KGB, the Serbian secret police,
martial arts societies, the Yakuza, the triads and others. They are
allied again with the Red and Green. They can, if necessary, mobilize
over 100 million fighters in all regions of the planet on short notice. 

BY Benjamin Fulford

There is also a free 90 min mp3 download of David Wilcock interviewing
Benjamin Fulford at

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yah ithought it was pretty interesting, you should listen to the audio blog to they say the black dragogon society are the ones who stoped them from killing us all with the swine flu vaccines..
I cant tell if this is true or not but would be pretty awsome ,if these guys are for real they can make a big impact on all the
negative elite forces out there.

kamala said:
Thank you for this, please do keep us posted. I love to hear about the many that work to work together for the benefit of the many, rather than to continue to feel frustrated by hearing about the few that work for the benefit of the few. Peace to all mentioned in the above article that are working for the best for earth and all her people.
I have to agree with paTricia. Members from MI6, Pentagon, Yakuza, etc...are, at the very least, dubious!
...thanks for this good post Canadian. Namaste and much love to you our friend.

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