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The Art Of Love Integration By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Pray With Divine Power By Ann Albers & The Angels ... And ...You Are Never Really Alone By Shanta Gabriel

The Art Of Love Integration By Natalie Glasson &

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel's Message .....

Greetings, I, Archangel Gabriel, bring forth the pure and loving vibrations of the Angelic Kingdom as an energy and source of strength and empowerment to support you. Many of you already know the power of love, recognising that a focus upon love encourages awareness of your oneness with the Creator. I, Archangel Gabriel, wish to emphasis to you in my communication today the strength and necessity for a focus upon love; the love of the Creator.

I am known as an Archangel devoted to the embodiment and expression of love. Through the continuously awaking presence of love I support the development of children, the manifestation of creativity, music, art and anything that encourages the soul to sing with joy.

When you allow yourself to be truly in the presence of love, and realize you are the presence of love, anything and everything is possible. Imagine a world for yourself and others where anything and everything is possible. Love is the embodiment and expression that sets you free.

It is important for me at this stage to state that the love I speak of is the love of the Creator, a love at the source of all that is the Creator. A love akin to the natural rhythm of existence, infinity and creation.

When you experience love for yourself, other people, animals, plants and so forth, however strongly you feel this love, it is akin to less the 1% of the Creator’s love that is available and present in the Universe of the Creator.

To embody the love of the Creator is a vast mission and yet you are already the embodiment of the Creator’s love, recognition of this is all that is needed. A focus upon love in action, encourages your self-awareness of the love you embody as well as the transformation that can be created in the world around you.

The Need for Love Emanation

As you gaze into your own reality, the realities of those around you and the lives of humanity, it is easy to recognise that love is needed. Love has the power to dissolve anger, to make decisions with clarityto understand what is best for everyone, to heal physical, emotional and mental wounds, to inspire courage and create oneness.

I, Archangel Gabriel invite you to make a list of all the areas of your reality, those around you and the world where love is needed. Think of this as a healing technique for yourself and the world.

When you have created your list, you will begin to recognise that love is greatly needed on the Earth now. You know this already without making a list, however your list will allow you to contemplate exactly where and how love can create transformation and a greater recognition of alignment with the Creator.

Recognizing the need for the Creator’s love to be present fuels your desire to be love in action on the Earth for yourself and others. Realizing that it is your responsibility to be love will not only be fulfilling for you in a way you had not imagined, it will be fulfilling for others in your presence.

While there are so many areas on the Earth and situations within the civilisation of the Earth that require healing, the love of the Creator has an even greater purpose. The love of the Creator is required to create freedom mentally, emotionally and physically. This freedom is in both the expression and alignment with the Creator for all souls on the Earth.

This also gives you a freedom to follow your intuition, to create from your inner well of love, and to be a presence of love and all it may manifest upon the Earth.

Love is needed to release the limitations and boundaries that hinder the spiritual, mental and emotional growth of humanity. Many people feel trapped and unable to see beyond their current reality. Some are limited by their bodies or minds, by the lack of money or the control of others.

Each person also creates limitations for themselves, holding themselves back from all the possibilities they are capable of. Habits within the consciousness of humanity of how to act, react and exist in the world also creates decline or an experience of being trapped.

Another hindrance is a focus upon fear, which not only blocks the creation of experiences, it blocks your energy field, chakras and alignment with the Creator. When you are in fear, acting through negative habits, feeling trapped or blocked in any way you are only living a small percentage of the life that is available to you. Freedom can feel as if it is unobtainable.

What is freedom anyway? In my view, it is the experience of existing on the Earth as your truth, following your inner guidance, acting with courage to access fulfilment and being in alignment with the Creator. It is an experience of the divine flow, ease of creation, and a strong sense of bliss and a feeling of connection with all, especially yourself.

It is a responsibility that sets you free with each moment you dedicate. An experience and existence of being in harmony with yourself, the world and the Universe of the Creator.

When you embody and emanate love, you exist in harmony with all that is the Creator, everything in your life becomes harmonious, and you experience freedom.  With this process of emanating & embodying Love - all false beliefs, illusions, negativity and wounds of all forms will be healed and released.

There is a need for humanity to inhale deeply and release all that hinders and blocks them from within their beings, and also release all that controls and limits from outside their bodies. The time to do so is now - and love is the key to this healing process.

Video - "The Art & Need of Love Integration" -


The Art of Love Emanation

The art or process of love emanation is essential now in this time of Earth’s evolution. Love emanation is to radiate love from your being through your thoughts and actions as well as imagining love emitting from your soul. It is to engage with a sacred and precious space within you which is your divine and intimate relationship and connection with the Creator.

When you discover this space within you, you recognise the constant and eternal presence of the Creator and the bountiful abundance of love that is available to you.

The key to emanating love is to first connect with this sacred space within you, and to experience it fully as a sanctuary, and also as a space of rejuvenation, healing and creativity. It is from this space that your power and clarity are born from as well as your inner knowingness.

The second key is to be conscious and aware of the presence of love and this sacred space within you as a flow of energy that moves naturally, easily and enjoyably through your body and energy field. You may experience this as feelings of joy, relaxation, positivity, bliss or as sensations in your physical body, or you may simply feel like smiling.

However, you experience the presence and space of love, it will be an enjoyable state that may create healing, bring clarity and new understandings.

Sometimes the presence of love can instigate a powerful release or detoxification of all that no longer serves you, allowing you to reach a space of contentment and peace that was unobtainable before.

Once you have accessed the space of love within you, wherever you recognise it to be, and experience the presence or influence of love within your being and body, whether subtly or impactfully, then you can begin love emanation.

Love emanation is to put love into action.

How you put love into action is entirely up to you, it is your opportunity to be creative. The simplest exercise is to imagine yourself as a beacon, light bulb or the sun. Imagine, sense or acknowledge the space of love or the feelings of love as a light or colour that shines outwards.

This can become almost like a game, for everything you touch is filled with love, everything you think of is empowered by love, every action you take is fueled by love. Even your choices and decisions are born from the space of love within you. So it is a process of transporting the love you experience within you, which may simply be your appreciation and connect with the Creator, into the outside world.

This will take practice and constant focus before it becomes second nature. You are already a beacon of love, the process I am encouraging you to experience is to be aware of the power you have within you and how it can impact your world and the world around you powerfully.

To summarise:

The art of emanation is a release of something so precious from within your soul; the love and oneness of your being and the Creator. It is an expansion of yourself beyond what you know love to be, and also an experience of your powerful loving nature which is infinite and blissfully impactful for all.

  1. First connect with the sacred space of love within you, to experience it fully as a sanctuary.
  2. Be conscious and aware of the presence of love and this sacred space within you.
  3. Put love into action through your thoughts, actions, reaction and a focus on being a beacon.

The Results of Love Emanation

As more and more people focus upon the art of love emanation, they will begin to see the impactful results in their lives and the world around them. Love will be in the air! Situations that seemed unable to be resolved will unfold and be healed. People will act from kindness and peace rather than anger and greed. In truth the world will begin to transform into a reality that all wish for.

The result on an energetic level will be that you and each person practicing the art of love emanation will be transported to the next level of love consciousness for soul, body and mind. This will create monumental changes for all.

It is not that you will leave the Earth. It is that you will be more fully present on the Earth as love creating transformation. Through the process of love emanation, you will be guided to face the unknown energy of love, a higher and more profound love than you have ever experienced. You will be invited to move through the presence of love as a journey of discovery, remembering that love is infinite. There is so much still to explore in and as the presence of love.

With loving vibrations,

Archangel Gabriel

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Pray With Divine Power By Ann Albers & The Angels

Hi Dear Friends!
You can pray weakly or powerfully. The angels and I talk about how to pray with your whole being, not just your words.
Love you all!

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have all heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” We would like to give you another one,

"When the heart is ready to receive the answers to your prayers help and guidance appears.”

Your prayers are beautiful to us because we hear the love in each and every one of them. We work very hard to answer the true desires within each and every one, but you - yourself - are in charge of how much you are capable of receiving.

You are in charge of how strong a "signal" you send out with your prayers and how much you are able to receive. There are ways to pray that are more powerful than most of you were taught.

First of all, you need not get on your knees – literally or metaphorically. You are not begging a God outside of yourself who needs your subservience and worship. You are, instead, calling upon the very power that gives you life in much the same way as the cell in the body sends the body a signal about what it needs.

So, when you pray, remember, you are one with the power that creates universes. You are not simply a child of God; you are an embodiment of God’s love. God wants for you what you want for you, as long as it is loving. Say your prayers with conviction, knowing you are worthy, they are heard, and if you believe – on all levels of your being – you will receive.

It is more powerful to pray for what you deeply, truly want, rather than just what you want to be rid of! Instead of “Dear God please get rid of my horrible coworker,” try, “Dear God, help me find peace with my coworker.” That might involve the coworker leaving, you getting a better job offer, you learning not to take this person personally, or even at times, them having a change of heart!

Rather than praying, “Dear God get rid of this disease,” try “Dear God, I intend to be fully healthy and vital. Boost my faith. Give me courage and confidence to believe so I can receive. Guide me and hold my hand every step of the way.”

Instead of, “Dear God I need help with this debt! I need more money,” try, “Dear God, I want so very much to believe in your abundance and constant supply for me. Boost my faith. Help me feel your constant love.

Thank you for all you have given me. I am grateful for all I do have. I am ready to receive more. Open my heart so I may. Help me pay all my bills with grace and ease and be open to receiving my dreams.”

Pray from your heart. Pray for what you really want, not what you think you should want, say, or have. Sincere prayers have more energy! 

Lastly, wait for your prayers to be answered in a state of faith and trust. Know that they will be answered in the right way and right time. Rather than worrying about whether or not they will be answered, assume you will get “that or better.” Assume everything that happens is part of the answer. Assume things are going well! Enjoy your life. Wait for guidance.

In truth, every thought, every word, every action emanates an energy from you and that energy is a true “prayer.” When you pray formally, talking to God, you are not handing a petition to an external God. Rather, through the energy generated by your heart and your words, you are sending signals – prayers – out to the universe and awaiting the honest echo in return.

Your prayers dear ones are your emanations. Positive, loving, confident, expectant, grateful emanations are the strongest prayers of all.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Assimilating The Next Levels of Our Gifts From On High" -

Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I pray all day, every day. "God help me have a wonderful day and be of joyful service. Bless me, my loved ones, my clients, mother earth, and all of humanity. Help me feel your love inside of me. Help me find time for lunch. Help me find my keys. Please remind me to call the repair man..." The list goes on! I talk to God like my personal friend because what greater friend is there, than the one who lives within us and gives us life.

Lately, I have been praying even more than usual! "Dear God, I intend to create perfect health and vitality in my mouth, teeth and gums naturally, in the most pain free, least invasive, and kind way possible, please. Thank you in advance!” I really got strong minded last week, and very specific and committed to what I wanted. Of course, answers to my prayers started to appear rapidly!

I have an angel friend who just showed up with supplements I didn't know I needed, but ones that help!

Within days I found a tiny mention in a comment on amazon about ozonated olive oil which I'd never heard of. Guidance steered me to read more. It tastes icky but has rave reviews for helping gums heal, so I ordered some. In just one night on my gums, they started healing. It was miraculous!

Another dear client is using a Qi Gong Frequency software program that assists the body in healing remotely. She has had huge success running the program for both people and animals and I'm deeply grateful for her help. If you're interested, you can email Cherie here.

And oh, I love energy medicine so much, that when another wonderful client offered me sessions on her PEMF mat I was beyond thrilled. (If you haven’t heard of it, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field – PEMF – therapy is what Dr. Oz called the “medicine of the future”. You lay, fully clothed on a mat that sends a gentle, and specific set of safe electromagnetic frequencies similar to what the earth emits as well as specific healing frequencies pulsing through you.)

To me it felt like laying in an energy jacuzzi as the sweet frequencies sent me into states of absolute bliss, while healing my body. Suddenly my gums began to improve even more quickly, I felt less muscle tension, totally relaxed, and even enjoyed a very gentle and kind detox. It was incredible! Talk about pain-free, non-invasive, and kind!

I read more and learned that NASA has researched it, there are over 2000 double blind scientific studies, that prove its effectiveness, and the FDA has certified it for pain, inflammation, bone healing, and more. If you are in Phoenix, I have to share that Dr. Nancy at is offering inexpensive mat sessions as well as an informative talk and sample sessions on PEMF on the evening of August 28th. Email her for details.

God is like that. The power that creates universes, loves us, and lives within each and every one of us wants to help us. We either allow it or block it. I’ve blocked my own prayers one too many times with fears and doubts. We all have. However, when I get strong enough in my mind to believe and receive, I am in awe of the elegant, kind, loving, and mutually supportive solutions to my prayers that seem to appear out of thin air.

God's solutions are, after all, better and sweeter, more loving, and more all-encompassing that anything I could come up with on my own! Here's a cheer for praying more powerfully!

Here are a few things to help you pray more powerfully….

1. Pray for what you want, rather than getting rid of what you don’t 

The focus on something exciting, happy, and elevating always creates a more powerful prayer than praying for something that drags you down just thinking about it.

For example, when I was praying, “Help me heal this infection” it just kept my focus on the infection. It scared me, dragged me down to think of that. It was not an elevating prayer! It just reinforced my negative energy while focusing on the problem.

When I came to my spiritual senses and started praying, “Dear God, I intend to have healthy, teeth, mouth, and gums. Guide me in the most natural, non-invasive, kind ways. Thank you!” that felt powerful and elevating. Sure enough… it worked!

The energy you emanate as you pray is more important than the words. Use words the elevate your energy.

2. Pray like you’re an important part of the universe, because You Are!

You are an integral part of the universe and just like every cell in the body matters, you matter. You matter to God, the angels, and to life itself. Pray as if you know you have a right to ask for what you want, and that the Divine listens. Pray as if your needs matter. Pray as if your heart matters. Hold your head up high. Don’t beg or plead.

If you can’t reach this state of being, try one of my favorite prayers:

"Dear God boost my faith in your miraculous power. Boost my faith in your love for me. Give me your confidence in these prayers being answered. Help me trust that you hear me, love me, and will answer me. Help me feel your love and Presence rise up within me."

3. Enjoy your days and trust the journey

Once you pray, let go. Imagine sending your prayer off in a bubble of light to the heavens, or hand it to the angels. Being too attached to "how" and "when" the prayer is answered does not put you in the right energy to receive.

Surrender "how" and "when" and trust that the answers will come in perfection. Enjoy your days Trust the journey.

I get more answers to my prayers when I’m relaxed, happy, and not at all concerned about how or when they’ll be answered. This isn’t a game with God. It is an energetic state of being in trust and faith.

When we’re attached to how and when, taking the universe’s pulse, and wondering if God is listening, we really are not in a state of full faith. We are in doubt. As the angels say, "Doubt be out, because it blocks your from receiving fully!"

Prayers are always heard. To the degree we believe, we will absolutely receive. As the angels once told me through my friend trance medium Summer Bacon ("When you can walk by faith, and not by sight… then you will have absolute miracles." I believe! I receive!

Love you all!

Video - "Be Healed & Uplifted With The Archangels" -


You Are Never Really Alone By Shanta Gabriel &

Archangel Gabriel

This message from Archangel Gabriel helps us to remember that we are surrounded by Love and Support at all times.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week:


There has never been a time when you were alone, no matter how you felt.
Shanta's Message .....
As we evolve into true multidimensional beings, there are times when we are feeling empty, disconnected and even abandoned. This can usually mean we are about to take a leap in energy to a greater expression of ourselves. As intriguing as that sounds, it can be profoundly uncomfortable.

We are in a powerful time that is encouraging us to liberate ourselves from our old ways of being. There are shifts in energy occurring within us that are requiring us to have the faith and trust enough to let ourselves expand into new aspects of life, even when they are unknown to us.

These feelings of disconnection are the indicators that we are integrating new energies into our body/mind. Just as electricity in a house needs to be shut off in order for new wiring to be put into place, we may feel a disconnect from Source energy while we are in the process of integration and before we expand into new creative levels of expression.

Finding a place of neutrality and balance within us during times of outward upheaval becomes vitally important to our well-being. If we try to protect ourselves by contracting energetically in the face of challenging frequencies, we can feel as though we are cut off from our Soul and its guidance system. For me, this causes all sorts of old fear patterns to surface.

If I allow myself to run the chaotic energy I see in the world through my energy system, a downward spiral can develop which leaves me feeling overwhelmed and alone. It is in these times that this Gabriel Message just seems to fall out of the set of cards, reminding me of the truth of my existence — that I am always receiving God's love, that I am never alone, and that my connection to Source energy is only a breath away. It is only when I start to breathe more deeply and slow down that I can actually feel more alignment with my Source energy.

When I feel confusion and sense of disconnection, it's my clue to surrender to the process of realignment that is going on within me, rather than trying in vain to find the old connections that no longer exist.

We are moving into new levels of consciousness very quickly now. The faster I let go of the old ideas about how I am progressing, the easier it is on my nervous system. No matter how hard I try to box them into old forms, the energy connections are very different in feeling. I am being inspired and guided in new ways that can change moment to moment. It is a powerful opportunity to learn to treat myself with loving-kindness and to trust more.
Everyone is experiencing this opening in their own way, so our ability to stay neutral and balanced in our hearts is extremely important. The consciousness of the Earth and all those living upon her is expanding and becoming more filled with Light. Whatever is not in alignment with this expansion is showing up to be transmuted.

The good news is that we are being inspired and guided through this process of expansion by the Divine Presence of Love, eternally caring for us, always present, offering all that we need to fulfill our Soul's purpose in every moment. And we are never alone, no matter what we think about it.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for inspiring me in resourceful ways to stay balanced within myself through times of spaciousness, as well as times of upheaval. Help me to remember that there is a Greater Power working within me as I expand to allow the new frequencies of Light to be present within my human form.

As I continue to stay in Alignment with my Source energy, help me to stay grounded and gracefully release old patterns that may be surfacing. I offer all that I am, all that I do and all that I say to Divinity working in and through my being, now and always. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
Video - "Angel Meditation! Instantly Relax & Recharge With The Love & Light of Angels" By Melanie Beckler  -
Archangel Gabriel's Message .....
If you only knew how much you are loved and cared for, you would see your life in a different light. There are Angels who have been with you since your birth, and some from before your birth who have been with you for eons of time. These Angels are here to bless you, to protect you, to care for you, and to love you as you walk your earthly journey.
You have only to turn within and you will find us. You have only to look around you, and you will find Angels manifested in different forms everywhere, giving love to you.
Open your mind and heart to receive this love and you will find miracles manifesting in your life. It is this willingness to receive that allows miracles to occur for you.
In your darkest hours we have been there. It is not that the Angels are here to take away your pain or your lessons learned through experience. The Angels are here for you to turn to in those hours of need.
We are here to assist you so you will have the courage to go on, and find peace within your heart. You are on this planet to learn and to choose between the darkness and the light. Even if you choose darkness, there are Angels who will neither forsake you nor leave you. However, if you choose darkness you will feel very alone, and life will be a continuous struggle.
If you choose Divine Light, the Angelic voices are raised in magnificent rejoicing and all manner of assistance, seen and unseen, will be there to illuminate your path. Choosing to live in the light can simply mean to turn over your burdens and struggles to a Higher Power, and to ask the Angels to assist you in finding your way to peace, happiness and prosperity. These are the qualities of God in which you are meant to live.
Choosing Light means praying for the Divine Presence to fill you to overflowing with love and peace. It means taking the time to visualize your self filled and surrounded by light, and even drinking in the Divine Light in order to nourish your heart and soul. Not only will this affect your mental and emotional state, but your physical body will also benefit.
The Angels are God's messengers. We live in the Light. All the forces of good in the Universe are here to assist you. so you too can live in the Light and find peace and happiness within yourself. It is up to you to ask to know this as truth in your life. Open your mind and heart to receive all the love that is here for you right now. Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel for today:

There has never been a time when you were alone, no matter how you felt.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
September 1, 2019
Video - "Archangel Gabriel Meditation - Activating Your Spiritual Power"

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