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The Arcturians, The Shadow is One with the Light 20 May 2012 - 9:48pm | raydawn

The Arcturians, The Shadow is One with the Light 20 May 2012 - 9:48pm | raydawn

Ray Dawn
Greetings to All of you, we are the Arcturians, and are here to be with you in resonance with All creation. As All is in creation, All is in you!

We come to be in resonance with you to discuss ourselves as beings of unencumberedness. This unencumberedness is you as well. This ‘ness’ is life and you are always one with life, as you are a living being!

Enjoy your moments-- you are this specific living essence. Yes, you have a body and in this body you can be a part of everything upon this Earth, for you already are everything upon this Earth and beyond! You are the Earth, you are the birds, you are the flowers and grass, you are the very dirt that you stand upon and you are also the stars in the sky and the perceived darkness in between.

This darkness is the shadow and the shadow is an important part of all that is as well. Yes the shadow is one with the light, for it is also alive and full of potentiality!
This shadow is also within you and there, in the shadow, is also life, pulsating life that will become creation. Does not creation first start as the shadow, the darkness?
Does not the plant grow in darkness before the dawn, before it comes into the light and blossoms?
Yes, all is needed, all is in perfection, and all is in movement, the natural cycles of life. Become one with this shadow, and become one with all sides of the equation. In darkness is new life!

Yes, so here is the eclipse upon you and in this great shadow, there is new life being born upon this Earth, creation is here to manifest the new life you are living. Enjoy this newness. It can be scary, the shadow, the newness of all of this change, but in it is creation!

Can you trust creation is in perfection? Here we are at the turning of the tide, take a deep breathe and allow this birth. Awaken to the truth of life.

Here is a new cycle of creation. Within each of you it is birthing within your very body, in your body are the adjustments that are aligning you with a new way of living these lives, in these bodies as one.

Be not afraid of the shadow as it moves across this planet to awaken the codes within each of you. You know this deeply and yet, will you have them functioning properly? Yes, of course! As we go back to ‘all creation is in perfection’ can you allow that now?

Again and again, return to that thought, allow that feeling within you-- all creation is in perfection! Then what is left? Yes, what is left is to enjoy this creation within you, to enjoy your life, your body, your moment, now!

We greet you with a warm-hearted welcome Home!

Enjoy this life and awaken to the knowledge that you are All, for how else could you be?

Enjoy this life now, here upon this beloved Earth and rise to the occasion as the shadow passes over, bringing forth this new occurrence of the beauty within you.

With love,
The Arcturians

Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved


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Thank you Arcturians, In Lakech Ala Kin = Mayan for i am you and you are me...I cried when reading this. Absolutely thruth in my eyes. We are ALL, light and laughter to the universe

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