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following my blog post:

Several members have approached me and offered help, Trudy for example took the time to sift through the vast amount of video's uploaded and highlighted those which have been removed by the the uploader. She is by no means done and probably only a fraction of the way into checking all videos.

Rather than remove the links myself I have given Trudy rights to do so,

Firstly to save me having to do so, secondly as a reward for her efforts to make make this place easier to navigate and to help shape/organize the content.

As stated in my post there is an outline by which the content of this site is organised along with an a-z index which needs filling, a blog area for specific content etc etc.

If you wish to participate in organising the site then please sign up to the group

Put your ideas and suggestions forward, if accepted by the group then NING offers me various ways to delegate certain area's of responsibility. After all a site is shaped by its active members who have a heart for the matter.

in oneness,


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