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TGH - The Mayan Calendar 2012 Controversy Explained

The Mayan Calendar has been on the minds of many, especially recently for its supposed theory that it predicts the end of the world on December 21st 2012. Of course we all know the end of the world is something that simply is not going to happen, but many still believe the correct date is December 21st 2012 and that it is a date of great importance. However, many simply don't take the time to research it themselves therefore an error in someones research could be spread to be truth, when in reality it is not. This is what has happened with the Mayan Calendar's 2012 theory. Anyone who has researched and knows about the Mayan Calendar would know that it tells us when certain energetic waves interact with us on a planetary and galactic level. The question is why are these energetic waves important? And what do they do? They speed up the evolution of humanity to a certain point and then stop, and wait until the next cycle occurs. See, our planet exists within the confines of a predetermined creational evolutionary matrix. That basically means that humanity's current existence is something that was designed to happen by the Universe (I dislike the term God). As it is stated in Carl Calleman's book "The Mayan Calendar", "Thus, there is a possible alternative candidate for the beginning of the Great Cycle in the Gregorian date June 17, 3115 BC, which would place the completion of this cycle, and the completion of all of creation, on the day 13 Ahau, October 28, AD 2011." See, the Mayan Calendar predicts with accuracy dates where the evolution of humanity is sped up within the pre-set confines of the creational evolutionary matrix. But what is it evolving within humanity? The answer to that is consciousness. Since Carl Calleman has found direct proof that the factual end date of the Mayan Calendar is October 28, 2011, what does that mean? What is the significance of that date? What does Carl Calleman mean by "the completion of all of creation"? The answers to this we may never know until this date comes to happen, but as I speculate through my own opinion, I believe that this is the end date of the predetermined creational evolutionary matrix, which will bring us to the "Universal Consciousness" step of the Mayan Calendar and leave us to our own fate and decisions from that point forward. That's quite hard to swallow isn't it? But with further research and understanding, it shows us a clearer path for humanity and what it might possibly bring very soon. Is everything that has happened in the world since BC 3115 all been designed and planned to benefit humanity's soul educationally speaking? I will leave that question to you to uncover.

For anyone interested in Carl Calleman, he is a man who lives in Sweden that has spent the last 15 years studying the Maya and their calendar systems and composed all of his reserarch and revelations into a beauty of a book entitled "Solving The Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar." I would suggest everyone to read this who is interested in the importance of the Mayan Calendar and when it actually ends. Carl Calleman's scientific research is also used as a base for Ian Lungold's lectures where he explains what the Mayan Calendar is telling us. Here's a little taste for those who wish to learn more:

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Hi Adam-TGH,

Amazing video!!!!!

Do you know where I can find the continuation of this video? I googled it but I couldn't find the exact one.

Thanks for this!
Part 2:

Part 3:

This is excellent! Thanks a lot Adam-TGH!
The answer to that is consciousness. Since Carl Calleman has found direct proof that the factual end date of the Mayan Calendar is October 28, 2011, what does that mean? What is the significance of that date? What does Carl Calleman mean by "the completion of all of creation"?

Yes yes yes............
I too have come recently to some information that concurs with what Ian Calleman is saying....

Right watch these two videos recently put up on youtube by a guy called Dane... He has something very interesting to tell us and it resonates with me on a highest vibration...

His youtube channel is Freedomofthesoul..

Watch this first, this explains how he got the information....

Then watch this one... twice in order to really understand it!!!

Then watch the latest info which will either blow your head off or if you haven't "GOT IT" yet will have you running around like a headless chicken!!! ;))

Oh and you might want to check the dates he gives.......
thanks i will check those videos out
YEs Tony this is the one but you must watch the other one first 2012 Evolutionary Paradigm SHift, as it explains that it is not only WE that are learning new info at this time of Universal Upgrade...

Thanks Tony for posting this, I cannot figure out how to embed the video in the post and really can't be bothered to either!!! hehehe

I really really resonate with what this man is saying... especially after I watched his 4 video's on Unity Consciousness... For referesnce and if you haven't yet watched it, I posted them in Vids the other day... Mind Blowing stuff but just soooo..... right... I was in tears and it has changed my LIFE big time!!!
I had a major shift when I saw his info... MAJOR!!!

Love to you Tony, been too long since I talked with you my friend.... I missed you xxx

Tony said:
i said in the line above loved his videos Torz ;-) so i wached the links you made.
am now waching the remaining one of his, thanks for this find.

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