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Terra papers : Hidden History of Planet Earth - Now Online!

Back in 1947, a group of Native Americans witnessed a UFO crash and went to the site. They arrived before the military arrived. There was an injured extraterrestrial, and the tribe rescued the alien and helped bring him back to health. The alien eventually began to trust the Native Americans and imparted a special story to these folks. The story is the Hidden History of Planet Earth.

The Story is the Terra Papers, and the author is Robert Morning Sky.

Not even had chance to read it myself yet...... but thought it would be usefull and interesting.

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Maitaki said:
Have you heard about The Urantia Book??

Here is the link to study online.


These Terra papers - don't do anything for me - lost interest after the death star......

About half way through Urantia Book actually - still don't know what to think of it. Sometimes I read it thinking - wow - what a wonderful system to be a part of...other times I think - ye Gods - what a horrible system to be part of. It essentially tells us that the afterlife is one MASSIVE bureaucracy!

some parts I think are awesome, and then some parts grate me heaps. So don't know what to think of it. I have to say I am leaning towards the crapola direction for it at the moment.
Looks interesting, gonna read it now! Thanks Torz!! <3<3<3
ok im hooked... how do i read past page 6?
The Urantia Book

I have combined ALL of the PDF's for this book into one PDF, I've even put in Bookmarks for the 190+ chapters.

I'll put it up on my ISP for a few days if anyone wants to grab it and have a read.

I've zipped the file and the size is 22mb.


Brad Johnson said:
I just emailed Ravi my view and I'll share it here.

In my truth, not judgment, just my truth here:

This story is not fully accurate. It simply lost me after stating about evolution through the Darwin theory. Human beings did not naturally evolve. We were created as a universal body type through 22 different races. We were created first, and then have different versions through further genetic engineering: Neanderthals, etc. until we were developed to the final version of the human body type which we are now.

In my view, if you guys want accuracy, watch the Legend of Atlantis, that is by far one of the most accurate videos based on what has occured since our creation which I personally resonate with the most.

Brad, you coined it. "Legend of Atlantis: Its Time To Wake Up."

This vid was the door way to my path now. I was so amased with this video and it felt so true.
Wow! Thanks Torz for posting this! I always suspected that Ea from Babylonian god history was actually Merduk, a member of the Pleiadian family credited for making us in his lab, (mixing in some DNA from people from sirius among other things - the pleiadians were also called Annunaki, and their family name was Anu). This is the first thing I saw that correlates Ea with the Plieadians, I'm happy to find it! The planets Tiamat and Maldek being the same story too. I really appreciate it! (For anyone who is interested, Merduk was also Hades in Greek mythology - Hades was not a place, he was a person, the place people equate with hell where he lived was called the Underworld....yes, a guy making a slave race, as you would expect, was not the nicest guy on the block).....Off to read it all now!

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