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Humanity's latent telepathic abilities are beginning to active again. Not that they'd ever really been turned off, but they've atrophied greatly from lack of use. Often the younger a person is, the stronger the ability, as many mothers with young children can tell you. As one grows up, one is taught to rely less and less upon their Higher Senses, and to instead search for answers in places like books, schools and churches. What if every Human Being on this Planet had a Direct Connect to the God They Are? Well, they do. What if people found that Truth within Themselves and shared this Freely with others, and not necessarily through words, but simply by Being Themselves? This is the true meaning of telepathy.

Now, people have some beliefs about telepathy that get in the way of them hearing all the telepathic communication that's being broadcast directly to them in this very Moment. Telepathy is not some parlor trick, it's far more than talking to someone through the mind. In fact, if you're only using the mind to do it, it's not going to work. Telepathic communication is done through feelings, not words. You can sometimes translate the feelings into words, but the words are always going to be a limited interpretation of the feelings. It's through the Heart that we feel, and it's no coincidence that's also our connection to Everything. Everything has it's own unique vibrations, it's own unique feeling, so getting in touch with one's Heart and the more subtle feelings contained within, are key to developing telepathic communication.

Now, telepathy isn't just between human beings or Higher Dimensional Beings. Animals are telepathic, plants are telepathic. Everything Is made of Pure Consciousness, so even rocks are telepathic. Yes, you can communicate with rocks. If you'd like to try, I recommend that first you let go of everything you imagine the conversation might look like. The rock doesn't speak English, the rock doesn't care about what's on TV tonight, and the rock likely has a very different perspective on Life than most humans. Some might say it's more Conscious than most people on this Planet. In the entire history of Everything, a rock has never killed another rock out of fear or anger. The rock is a Master, at being a rock. It's so good at this, most people even think it's just a rock and not Consciousness Itself. I recommend a healthy respect for rocks, and Everything else for that matter.

So, how do you speak to rocks? Well, have to tried saying “Hello”? Turn your attention to the rock (or anything else). Don't just look at it, feel it. The rock is telling you everything it knows about being Itself. Don't try to put it into words, just feel it's rock-ness. For those who are already in touch with their deeper feelings, this should be rather simple, though they may not have looked at this process as telepathic communication with a rock. For those who are just beginning to Awaken, it may take a while to get to the subtle feelings of the rock. It's a matter of calming the surface waters we call the mind so one can peer into the depths of True Consciousness.

Okay, once you've done it with a rock, try it with Everything in your Present Experience. Feel it All on it's more subtle levels. This may sound like a tall order at first, but it's not as complicated as one might think. If you're trying to do it, you're making it way too difficult on yourself. Yoda's advice may be very helpful at this point: “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?” and “Do or do not... there is no try.” Or more accurately, “To Be or not to be”. You don't “do” telepathy because you're already Being It. If you're trying to do it, you're feeding into the belief that you aren't already Being It. This is why so many times you've been told to just “let go”. You're already telepathic, it's not a process of learning, but remembering.

Now, as to telepathic communication with other humans in the physical, I recommend not expecting too much at first. It's going on continuously, but on an unconscious level for most people. Where this could be something very Beautiful (the closest material understanding currently being the Internet) ignorance has turned it into something less that beautiful. People aren't even conscious of what they're sending out. It's like the static you get between radio stations, but it's a million fear-based thoughts all drowning each other out. This alone causes most people to completely ignore their telepathic abilities or to regret ever having gotten in touch with them. That being said, ignoring the collective unconsciousness, the lower grid, is the worst thing you could do. All that achieves is feeding more ignorance into it, and makes you a part of the problem instead of the solution. You've got to move through the collective unconsciousness to get to the Higher Grid, the Planetary Grid. This is the process of transforming the collective unconsciousness into the Collective Consciousness. Moving from the lower grid, built from illusions, to the Higher Grid of Consciousness and Love. Once you connect into the Higher Grid, you become priceless in the process of Awakening Humanity.

There is an aspect of telepathy everyone has experienced, though few realize it's a form of telepathic communication. Most people call it empathy or compassion, the ability to feel what others are feeling. It's only the tip of the iceberg, but it still communicates a hundred times the information that most conversations do. If you want to expand your telepathic ability, work on your empathy. Pay attention to what you feel from others and watch how people exchange their energy. When someone is trying to control someone else, they're projecting their fear onto another. There's a telepathic exchange going on here that would be in your best interest to be aware of. If you can see it on the energetic levels, you can send a person's negative thoughts right back at them without saying or doing a thing. You're in charge of your own Energy Field. Nobody can put something in there that you don't allow, so long as you stay conscious of what's going on with your own Energy.

Channeling is another form of telepathic communication and it's taken far more seriously than it should be. First and foremost, it's a Co-Creation between the channeler and the channeled, they're writing the message together. The communication takes place on a telepathic level, which happens through feelings, not words. It's the channelers job to put the feelings into words, and more often than not something is lost in translation, or altered entirely. Channelers have filters, if they didn't, they'd have direct access, or rather be, their Higher Selves. Then every word, thought, and action would come from their True Self and it would be rather silly to call you truly Being Yourself, channeling. Of course, that's all channeling is, being connected to your Higher Self. It's just a word people use for when they put their ego and limited mind up on a shelf for a while. Compare that to Awakening, when the ego and mind are tossed out the window.

You're a Multi-Dimensional Being, did you know that? Telepathy is just getting in touch with your Multi-Dimensionality. It's a 5th dimensional form of communication, and it will make the current Transfiguration Process run much more smoothly if you get will acquainted with it. There's a whole Universe eager to speak with you, if you but learn to listen.


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Nice words of wisdom Will.
..Thanx bro.
i will try to be more appreciative of rocks from now on.
good stuff bro.
Thank you for making me more aware of telepathy. I will try to "feel" my plants today with my heart to see what they are telling me. I hope its something good! lol. In love and light, Namaste.
I sut want to say beautiful, Will your posts are the best... everytime I read them at the end there's always this peaceful feeling. I love to meet a soul like your self face to face.
i think im slowly beginning to know how telepathy feels like
nowadays im staring at my dog, and somehow his feelings get reflected in my heart.
theyre usually ' :D ' , ' :-o ' , ' :-| ' or ' yeck' (thats when he licks something weird)
most imptly, his love gets reflected in my heart. animals, cats, dogs, birds are so full of love.

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