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Tara & Rama 14 May 2013

Tara and Rama: Greetings everybody!

Tara: Golly, we just broke the barrier, the sound barrier, and the mute button on the news this week, and we didn't wait till hump day, we started right off on Sunday, bright morning. Go ahead Rama!

Rama: These astrology aspects that are going on right now along with the “X” class solar flares, and let's just say Alcyone and Mother have turned up all four burners on that proverbial stove, and it is hot in the kitchen. Everything's unraveling. And I would just say, that as Bernie Sanders says it, “Our friends on the right have nowhere to go except to turn over what they understand as crimes against humanity at the highest levels!” And everybody and their dog has been talking in the last couple weeks, but I've been kind of following the trend since they had a vote on trying to take a vote on gun control, and a full assault weapons ban.


We have watched false flag after false flag events occur, and now things are unraveling with the C blank A, and the Treasury Department and the Justice Department. And Eric Holder is just a shill for Wall Street, always has been. And this goes back to 9/11, and the “put options” that the Wall Street gangster banksters played with the corporations and the telecom industry.

The wire tapping that we just heard about; members of Congress were wire tapped along with reporters, and Randi Rhodes today had Ray McGovern on, and he said it's that “witch” from the State Department, and bless her even more, because she's had to wear the darkest of hats in this huge story.


And Benghazi has been brought up, and yesterday Randi Rhodes had on Julian Assange with his lawyer. And Julian Assange said, “This whole Benghazi story; it's about the eight hundred metric tons of gold that St. Germain has disappeared, yet only a couple of people starting to talk about it, or hint at it. Everyone else is putting the blame on Hillary, and the so-called other story that went on with Ambassador Stevens.

And so called “al CIA” al Qaeda, duh? Yet the whole Benghazi story, Mr. Colonel Gaddafi is not dead; they killed the clone. The eight hundred metric tons of gold is sitting in St.Germain's capable hands. This was supposed to be a deal that Hillary would steal the gold and pay her debt to China, 'cause China ultimately holds the bag on the United States. China is getting very itchy to move forward.


Tara: Yes, we owe the largest debt, the United States, and I'm just 'gonna make a reservation on this, because China participated in the reason why we owe it, and it wasn't legitimate in the first place. It goes back to 1933, and China, just pitched in with about a trillion dollars at the time, or what was it? I can't remember, it was a lot of money, and now we owe them, oh they say we owe them thirty five trillion.

Rama: Right!


Tara: And the thing is that they paid for getting started this corporatocracy. And in 1933 FDR declared bankruptcy, and it had already been done at the Third Geneva Convention, which was in 1930. He did it publicly and in the United States, as soon as he got into office, and so we lost everything. 'Ya know, that's about the third time, because we lost our rights during the Columbia Organic Act of 1871. Then we lost it again on the 23rd of December 1913, when we lost our Treasury. And then we lost it again when he declared bankruptcy, and then the corporation started, called the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.


And anyway, so you know, the owings is not 'gonna happen that way. Yet Hillary was trying to steal the eight hundred metric tons of gold from Gaddafi's coffers at the Bank of Tripoli simultaneously with the murders of the Ambassador and the three other gentlemen from our country, and there were ten others. The false flag about this; it has to do with something else called the “full faith and credit act,” where what has been going on is that the bondholders in our banking situation have been getting paid first, then the rest of us; only problem is that the rest of us never got anything.

Rama: That's right!


Tara: Because it all went to them. So these tons of gold; Hillary wanted to keep the whole thing going, and keep the power structure in place, and thought she could do that. And ta-da, in comes St.Germain. And she managed to get it up on the plane, the C-5A international transport jet, and mid flight across the Atlantic, St.Germain sent a couple of his Amethyst Fleets, they beamed the whole thing up onto the ships, and then he took care of it, and it's in a fine place, and it's for us, and it's 'gonna be for the NESARA announcement. That being said, the next time after that happened, Hillary went to give a few talks in China; she didn't do so well.

Rama: Uh huh!


Tara: Not well at all; as a matter of fact Barack Obama had to go there in order to make some negotiations with China, 'cause they would not listen to her. And I don't know if you remember that time when she followed him around like a little lost puppy, and she went over there to Indonesia and followed him around there. They made a couple other stops. I'm just 'gonna say that all things going on behind the scenes have been required, and we need not worry at all about any of this.


OK, so the next project, take a little bit in order here. Let's see, this was on Wednesday last week Randi Rhodes had Julian Assange on, is that right was it Wednesday? Had Julian Assange on her show with his lawyer. Oh that was just yesterday, I'm sorry. Things go so fast, I'm sorry, and anyway, Rama was able to talk to Julian, and certainly Julian started off though, he said that he noted the Benghazi story and the way the Republicans are spinning it, is to align themselves with, you know those fourteen members that made their oath to never let Obama get anything done whatsoever, not one single thing. So they set this up. They did it themselves, their black ops, and the ones that were the Republicans that set that up were in collusion with Hillary, and it was Mr. McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, General Petraeus, Netanyahu, and I'm sorry to say, but Leon Panetta was in the middle of it too, 'cause he went over there with Mitt Romney, so he knew what was going on, and he didn't stop it. Absence in the presence of doing things about something doesn't make you innocent.


OK, so 700,000 more wikileaks he said is my solution to this smear campaign, and it's 'gonna be downloading, and the subject is 'gonna be the Bush-Clinton Crime Family, and 9/11, and every single other false flag operation that's ever happened since 9/11, and all of the Republican shenanigans that went with every single one of those black ops false flag operations.


Now I thought that was an excellent solution. Then Rama asked Julian, he said, “OK, well what about the eight hundred metric tons of gold?” and Julian said quote, “You know where the 800 metric tons of gold went. Your friend has it. And I hope everybody knows who Rama's friend is. It begins with Saint, and the first letter begins with a G. And then Randi asked Julian, she said, “Hey, is this a private joke between you and Lord Rama?” And Julian answered, “I'm 'gonna take the fifth amendment on that one.“ And that was the end of the conversation on that note. I thought that was spectacular. Randi Rhodes knows exactly who St. Germain is. She was just pushing the river to see how far Julian would go.


OK, then Tom the Ring-tailed Cat talked to Rama right after that show, and he said we've been having two major big time “X” Class Solar Flares, and they started last Sunday, and they have been affecting everything, and they're not done with us yet. And so he said be prepared, he said this on Monday afternoon, for the next at least seventy-two hours, as these flares may cause temporary glitches in the grid.


And what he said is that it will be focused, these energies will be focused by the Ashtar Command to specific areas where, while the grid is down, when this occurs the White Knights, in collaboration with the Command, will remove the Republicans', the billionaires', the trillionaires' moneys from their accounts, and he started rattling off names: Mitt Romney, Warren Buffet, Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Sheldon Adelson, Darryl Issa, Mr. McCain's and his wife, and all her Anheuser Busch Bud and Michelob wealth, and on and on it goes. I don't need to rattle them out; everybody knows.


So expect the unexpected in these next little moments. This wasn't funny when Annie our astrologer, and Richard, he seconded that motion, and Cynthia was saying something to this effect too. All the astrologers were pin-pointing this week. It started with the first eclipse...

Rama: Yep!

Tara: On Buddha's Birthday, then we had, and that was the lunar one, and then we had the solar eclipse; and the lunar one was a full moon, and then the solar one was our new moon, last Thursday, and it was Ascension Thursday; it was also Europe Day. And just to tie something in about Europe right now. Europe is having trouble with their people, and I mean big trouble! The only country that the people are still somewhat OK in Eurozone is Germany.


Tara: And Germany hasn't been telling the whole truth about the situation with their economy at all. Although they were very clever on how they dealt with their people to have it look OK. They cut their hours in half, like they gave them twenty hours, and then what they did, is they paid them the same, and half of it came from the business, and the government supplied the other half, so these people could keep going. Which is absolutely nothing that we ever did, or anybody's other country ever did, so, and there was a reason for that, because you understand that World War II never ended. So the Fourth Reich stems from the Third Reich, which is Germany.


So Germany is still in charge, as the Nazis that it still represents, and we are an appendage of that called the Fourth Reich over here. So the Third and Fourth Reich operating directly from a city in Germany built right over Dachau. That's Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, Bush Sr., Hillary Clinton, all these people; they're all part of the Nazi Fourth Reich, and the corporatocracy, and that means all the corporations. And you know if we'd only listened to Karl Marx, I mean he told us ages ago, a capitalistic system at the outside, it can last two hundred years, so we've been on overtime since 1976 folks. And what did they do in 1976? 

Rama: They gave Jimmy Carter a bad name!

Tara: Not only a bad name; Bush Sr was the head of the CIA when he came into office. He hung in there for just long enough to kill Jimmy Carter and clone him, and then he stepped down, and then he let a little time go by, and then they ran the ticket with Reagan and Bush for the Vice President. Oh, that's a lovely day in the neighborhood! And what did Bush do again? Remember he's connected with [unknown] the whole time.

Rama: Oh yeah!


Tara: They did that false flag, which was hold onto the hostages until the first minute after his oath is taken, then you can let the hostages go, 'cause we want to make sure that we get Ronnie Regan and me in office, and we've 'gotta get rid of this Jimmie Carter, you know, because he put solar panels on the White House, and he gave people discounts, and he helped people to learn how to get off the grid, yada, yada, yada! OK, so where are we going with this?


Let's take a little jump from this story. I'll tell you that in a minute. We just got a few more things to say, because too much has happened. All right, let's go on here. The next story today. No, first I was 'gonna say that yesterday evening David Rae Johnston, Kay Johnston came on Chris Hayes last night, and he explained something about this IRS thing that occurred yesterday. He said, “The IRS is required by law to tag groups, i.e. the tea company.”

Rama: Tea Party!

Tara: “i.e. Glenn Beck's c-PAC [501 (c)4], and i.e. all super packs, that do not need to disclose their donors.”  Why, because super packs are a 501 (c)4, and they're under the jurisdiction where they must be a social welfare operation, and it has to be one hundred percent. And if they're anything, they're not a social welfare. And what's going on is it's coupled with the biggest problem we have in 2010 we got Citizens United [Supreme Court ruling], which says money is free speech, and that the money is linked up here through these 501 C-4 PACs, is tied in with corporations who are giving the money.

The corporations are declared as people, therefore you cannot mess with them, because they've got Amendment Number One free speech rights, and they can't go in there, and they can do this non-disclosure thing, and it really has screwed the whole, you know, it's gummed up the works to say the least.

Rama: Yes!

Tara: In other words all of the branches of government have no more teeth, and the people are left toothless. And so this is the problem that's being delved into right now. I just needed to make that clear. So, OK, the IRS is obligated yet, they are not allowed to hand pick just one group of small ones. They never went after Karl Rove and his 501 (c-4) PAC. They never went after all of these (c-4) PACs that Mitt Romney's had, I mean, none of that's going on, nothing. And, so this was rigged as usual, just so you understand what's going on. OK, let's see there's another page here, just a second.

OK, this is the Stefanie Miller Show. Obama, as Stefanie said this morning on the show, she said Obama got off his hind legs, and the AP story that the Justice Department wire tapping members of Congress, reporters, their editors from newspaper and TV outlets of the AP wiring, and all of their phone lines, and he called that outrageous. And he said, this is about a supposed plot of a bomb coming from Yemen to hit the united States. All of this was rigged by the Republicans, just so you got that one right.

Rama: And it's all called al-CIA, duh?

Tara: Yeah! It's all called al-CIA, duh! And he called this an unprecedented intrusion. So Larry and Curley talked to Rama after that show these stories now breaking, as well as the economic crash that we are now in the middle of, it's about the astrology. He referred back to the astrology. It's shaking up all the secrets. All the secrets are shaking loose, and we're not leaving one stone unturned.

Then Mike Papantonio and Ed brought up 9/11, and all the false flag events ever since. So here we've got alignment between Julian Assange, Mike Papantonio and Ed [Schultz]. Good thing, and so as you really pay attention, you really listen where these leaks are coming out, you can actually follow the Truth. And so then there's let's see, just one more thing.

Randi Rhodes today, she had Ray McGovern on, and this is about the Benghazi story again, and he did the biggest break ever. We're just on Tuesday of this week, and he said, “The Benghazi story has absolutely nothing to do with Ambassador Stevens, or any of that kind of ilk. It has everything to do with what we owe China.” Here we go. Boom! 'Ya know Rama heard that from his people, and now it's out there on the air already on the next day. There are stories.

Oh, and, David K. Johnston, I've got to give him credit, yeah, he did that on Monday night. There are stories that all-CIA-duh was involved, no such thing. And, he said that it had everything to do with that not so little witch, that used to be head of our State Department, and those 800 metric tons of gold that went missing from the Tripoli Bank in Libya. And then on to the fiasco with the Treasury Department, and the Justice Department and Eric Holder.


Eric Holder is going to be arrested. He is lying through his teeth, he said. He's been recusing himself of everything. Very interesting what happened is that Jay Carney gave his press corp conference and simulcast with that was Eric Holder giving his disclaimer, and saying that he was recusing himself. Ray McGovern said “He's lying through his teeth. He's a liar from one end to the other.” And the reason Ray said that is that you know, “Wall Street has access to the telecommunication corporations, i.e. AP. Ray said since 9/11 till now the telecom departments and Justice Department have been in collusion with each other, and have figured out how to spy on everyone, and that's why we're seeing whistle-blowers going down like flies.


This government, meaning Hillary, meaning the secret government that still holds the reins until we arrest them, has been arresting and whistle-blowing on whistle-blowers, and the amount of charging of espionage is greater than any administration from the Bush administration all the way back in history. And it's not on Obama's watch, and these guys have rigged this to make it look like it's Obama.


So, I want you to just see what's going on and stand your ground. We're still in Taurus. They figured out a way to scan people's brains, you know, the secret government, and they can program people's brains to commit a crime, and then they turn around, and they think they're working for you, you know, and you for them, and then they nail the person that they programmed their brain to commit the crime to do, for the crime. And even worse, they can program their own black ops to commit these crimes, and then re-program them so they can actually believe the story that they're telling instead. This has got to go now.


All these people that are working for the agency, all these agencies are going down. I pass the talking stick! Remember to stay grounded. Stay in Love. When we get to Gemini we're 'gonna take off like a Galactic Star Fleet Nation that we are. Pass the talking stick! 

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh


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