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Hi everyone,

I spent much of this weekend thinking about the direction I want to head and how all of this goes with it. I am going to take a step back from all the alien and channeling stuff and try to be more rational. Let me start with aliens. I believe that aliens do exist. Whether they have made it here is very hard to prove. No real physical evidence, only stories. From all the stories that are being told, if aliens were indeed here, they are impotent. They have NO power. They most certainly are not here to help us. If so, I believe they would have already shown themselves to us and not keep up it a mystery. Excuses can be made about mass panics, etc, but if these species are so far advanced than us, I believe they are capable to handling any of these situations that would arise. If they are here and remaining secretive, then one must wonder what the real motivation is.

Now on to the channelers. Thus far, all the channelers refuse to ask harder questions to the entities they are in contact in. I cannot understand why channelers accept the vague answers they are receiving too. These channelers should have a responsibility to all of us. To ask the right questions, to get the details needed. Not to accept what is being given. This is like any of the news stations just broadcasting propaganda. I have started ti believe the channelers are actually not in contact with alien entities, but rather entities here on Earth. Even with telepathy, the resonance required would require too much time to travel the distances assumed. Communication would not be real time as the channelers are experiencing if the alien entities are not right here in Earth. If you do not understand some of these concepts, read Stephen Hawking. No matter what technology or what dimension you may believe the aliens are using, they are still subject to the laws of the universe.

The burden of proof is on the aliens. We should not sit here trying to rationalize such things when there are more important things to be done in this world. Many of the concepts about ascension and being a lightworker are taken from Buddhism. Let us reflect on this. Let us become better people. We do not need aliens, we do not need channelers. We need nobody, but ourselves and each other.

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Good luck with your endeavors, Patrick. I believe that you will accomplish so much more now that the distractions about aliens and misguiding information from channelers are removed.

Patrick said:
EXACTLY my sentiments of late HR! We have an invaluable resource right in front of us...ourselves and each other. And, yes, we are a potent multi-dimensional phenomenon capable of unguessable brilliance, creations and love. So lets get down to WORK. Im making music, art, writing, putting on exhibitions and planning on joining a community looking to alleviate some of the suffering in this world...MORE will I do...

cheers and peace,

Hi Mariell,

While your story is nice, I think it's being used as another excuse of why the so called "good aliens" are not helping us. They can continue to say we are not ready, no matter what. We can continue being led like sheep hoping that one day we will be ready. What encouragement are they providing? Even if you want to trust the channelers and their entities, the words are vague and contain nothing we cannot already say ourselves.

Are you trying to say they are communicating via cross-dimensional telepathy? I still have a hard time believing that as the power required to do such a thing would be immense.

I think we just need to stop caring about the aliens. They cannot do one thing for us. They are not the loving parents as in your example.

Mariell said:
Alliens (the well intended ones)
There was this child, trying so much to walk by himself for the first time... His parents were watching him, staying by his side and encouraging him. He was trying, and trying, sometimes looking at them in wonder why they won't help more?
But they were simply loving him: wanted him to walk on his own feet alone and free...

"Even with telepathy, the resonance required would require too much time to travel the distances assumed"
First, I thought energy field is everywhere and dimensions manifesting in parallel. There could be a question on the "distance"?

The most important thing now is to wake up! It means first to become better people and afterwards our need of ourselves and each other is fullfilled in the regards of love.
Buddhism as many other believes contains some truth lol


Latest Blossom channeling with GFoL:

12. NOV 23rd.

Good Morning! Feel like a different person today! Phew! So let’s HIT IT …. Eh 1 Eh 2 Eh 1 2 3 4 …

During the times that we make these communications with you we have noted circumstances that are not always popular regarding how one is perceived.

Do you mean how you are perceived or how I am perceived?

We mean more how we are so. We have considered halting proceedings with you for a time … we have considered further investigation into how exactly would be the most beneficial way in communicating with you … we have looked at many ways in which we feel would have the best possible outcome.

What is this all about? Where has this suddenly sprung from?

From the hearts of those upon earth who find that we perhaps are unwilling to give forth information that they are requiring. May we be blunt? We cannot expose certain agenda until its correct moment to do so. If we were to do this we would be breaking agreements that have been made in meetings with many councils that make up the Federation. As in your world, upon your tiny planet there are agreements that must be adhered to. It would not be advisable for the mass population to KNOW everything before hand, because much of it would be misinterpreted, misunderstood. You have only to look at our message of OCT 14th. However much we chose to speak only of Love, it was seen by many to be transferred into an appearance that was quite the contrary. What took place on that day shall be untold in its fullness for a time, but it shall be known of the happenings as they took place at the appropriate time. In your world these days there is talk as to whether or not we are to make the appearance that was spoken of in the coming days … if we were to say ‘Yes’ to this, what would your reaction be?

Me personally? Eh … with all respect … that would be lovely … but Truthfully? In my heart … I would just wait and see. And to be honest … I think that’s ‘fair dinkum’ as they say here in Oz.! There is talk and there is talk and there is talk. All over the net, different chanellers say different things that are channelled from different planets, different species perhaps? Who is to say which one is correct? We can’t all be right and we can’t all be wrong. If you want my take on it … I have been doing a lot of thinking throughout all this … and as great as it is to have contact and to KNOW there are other worlds and that one day we will all be united in ONE LOVING community, well … just to KNOW THAT is all I need to KNOW. We can get so wrapped up in all that is ‘out there’ that it takes our focus away from HERE AND NOW. I think … we should all be concentrating on doing what we came here for … to transform this planet back into the LIGHT and LOVE that it is. We should be spending our days being an example of that Light and Love and changing our world that way. And if it be that a great big flying ship with you inside appears in our skies then … BRING IT ON! I for one will welcome you with Loving open arms. My heart yearns for that day, Truly it does … but until it arrives I have a life to lead. We can’t keep saying … ‘oh they are coming soon’… because there are many that have simply given up hope because that ‘soon’ never comes. Whoa!! My bra size has just gone down to a B now I’ve got all that off my chest!!

Our dear friend … we celebrate your strength in your own knowledge. We feel your little outburst has been of great value to us and to many. WE understand more now from your perspective, and yet …

Yes, I know… I can ‘hear’ you and you are not going to let it go away are you? … until I write it … here goes …

We are coming. We will come. We will show ourselves to you. We will be more than you have desired. We will prove to you that all the work that so many of you have steeped your beings in has been for a very great purpose. We will not fail in the ultimate mission. We do not consider failure. Many of you say that we already have done so. We do not feel the same way. We can see things from a much broader perspective. And even though plans were delayed it does not mean that they were aborted forever. It was a slight deterrence. That is how we look at it.

Dear friends of earth. In our beings we are of such great LOVE for each one. In days to come you will know of this Love and you will accept so much more than you are able to accept at this point. We have spoken many times of you on earth not being able to see things from our point of view because you are not here with us. And that if you could … your mindset about many many things would change in an instant. Change for the better for so much would be suddenly understood. All the ‘but why’s’ would disappear. It is our great desire to bring you this understanding in the near future so that so much of what is confusing and debilitating can be dispersed and released into the nothingness from whence it came. In its place we bring into your beings the Truth of what you already know. All we are doing is waking up that Truth as we assist the vibration in which you reside to lift. We are aware that many say ‘ But we do not need saving’. This is correct. Please take note of the words ‘we come to assist’. That is all. It is gracious to accept assistance when it is offered for the betterment of the self and the all. It is perceived from our eyes that we are here to join forces with you. To unite with you, our brothers and sisters of LIGHT. To blend our energies with yours in the universal language that we all understand … LOVE … LOVE … ONLY LOVE… for as we continue to express … that is all there is.

Bring it on my friends … bring it on! In Love and thanks. And from the TRUTH in MY heart …. Even if it’s not THE TRUTH for there is NO REAL TRUTH … this is MY REAL TRUTH … saying … May this world in which we reside transform BACK into the beauty in which it was created , and may we as individual souls accept the words that you bring through to us in order for this to all come about. Golden Rays to you my friends. Golden Rays!

OK, so now there is no one truth and now questioning them makes them think about stopping contact? Pretty stunning.
One does not negate the other :) L&L!

Mariell said:
Love to you, friend, I respect your oppinion!
Only this: as you said in the very beggining, you will try to be more rational... what if trying to be more heart-ional? lol lol
"Whoa!! My bra size has just gone down to a B now I’ve got all that off my chest!!"

now that's original, i love that woman! LOL

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