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I believe there is a takeover of the planet occurring at this very moment. I have had multiple sightings of beings called ALF (Alien Life Form). My cat channeled to me (an entity called Mork from the planet Ork) that they were from the planet Melmac and their leader, whose name is barely pronounceable, but sounds like Gordon, was last seen at the Macy's department store. They are masters of disguise and you may have difficulty spotting them, but my cat remote viewed Gordon (did I get that right??) and did some automatic writing. Below is a sketch that she scratched out. Don't be fooled by ALF's bearing gifts... she said it's catnip. And now... *sobs* I can't find her anywhere. Please be aware of the potential danger to your cats. ALF's apparently consider them a delicacy and see our planet as a great resource to feed their planet. Be on the lookout!!!


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im glad my pet is a dog... lol
Hahaha....better go hide my two kitties! ;- )
heheh .. :)
lol, thanks for the humor, Dana. I needed that.


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