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Suicide: Front pages in newspapers today (here in the UK) about an assisted suicide to be shown on TV. What is your view on suicide (assisted or not)?

When I read about that young rugby player that decided to have an assisted suicide, I was quick to judge (should never judge!!!) and think of him as "weak".

Today, with the news of this 52 year old man having an assisted suicide (shown on TV; but not relevant to me) and reading about his condition (Motor Neurone Disease), I thought that if I was in the same situation I would probably do that same. (Not having shown on TV tough..) But I must say I have a feeling that it is not the right thing to do, spiritually speaking.

What is your view on suicide?

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it is a lesson missed
but then again, its the free will of the human being to make that choice
I read in the paper that he wanted to end his life because he does not want to be trapped in his body not being able to move, speak or do anything. It also mentions that he will be fed via tubes which are painful.

I feel sorry for him, this must have been a hard decision to come to and very scary as well. I think that it is his choice to do it and under the circumstances it is understandable.

Perhaps they are showing it on TV to try and make people aware that there are options for those who are suffering greatly with no way out. I don’t agree showing it on TV though.

Many people will be watching this for the wrong reasons – “Oooh did you watch that guy on tv that killed himself”. It is sad that there will be people like this. This will also be up on you tube and other sites by the end of tomorrow.

It can’t be positive to show this, or watch it for that matter
Mariell said:
Brrrrr, the vibration of this is sooo low! I'm having shivers!

No matter how difficult could be life, there is a lesson in it!!!!!!!
Suicide is nothing that a great help for the circle to go round and round for quite long!
Learning the lesson might take one just outside the circle!

Mariell, I don't agree it has a low vibration. It is only a subject like any other, not higher nor lower.

Reb, I completely agree it is a lesson missed!
Here are some words of wisdom taken from a Life between Lives hypnosis by Dr.Newton with one of his subjects:

Dr. N: Please tell me as much as you can
about Keith's reaction to the body he was offered.

S: (solemnly) He was shown the worst—his body before and after the
illness struck. How his independence would be taken away to make
him dependent upon us. They kept nothing from him. Keith saw in
the beginning of the disease there would be much self-pity and
remorse, then terrible anger, but if he fought he would learn.

Dr. N: (switching back and forth from current time to the spirit world
with Sandy) And did he learn?

S: Oh, yes. Near the end Keith grew calm, accepting and appreciative of
what we did for him.

Dr. N: Do you have anything you would like to explain about how Keith
prepared for this life with you?

S: (after a long pause my client's face takes on a look of acquiescence) I
will tell you. It will be good to talk about this... I have told no one
before, (begins to cry and I work on keeping her in focus)

Dr. N: We don't have to do this if it is too painful.

S: No, I want to. (takes a deep breath) As we prepared to come forward
into this life, I was to be the oldest child in our family so I came first.
We had a long discussion just before my time. Keith said he was
prepared to suffer but when he reached the point where he was totally
incapacitated—when he couldn't take any more—I was to shut off his
life support system and free him.

Dr. N: You were going to do this in a hospital?

S: We planned for that in the spirit world but then, thank God, he was
sent home during his last seven weeks and that made our plan easier.

Dr. N: Is this about pain? Certainly Keith must have had pain

S: Morphine can only do so much. The last seven weeks were terrible
even with the respirator and pain killers. His lungs were so affected he
could not move or talk near the end.

Dr. N: I understand. Tell me about the plan you and Keith devised in
the spirit world before your lives began.

S: (sighs) We began our drill by creating a bed and the life support
system Keith saw in the screening room. He had every detail in his
mind. Then we practiced because I thought I would be dodging
doctors and nurses. I worked with the machine and studied the
advance warning signs of his illness. In the drill, we went over the
signals Keith would give me which would show he was ready to be
released from his suffering. Finally, he asked for my promise to stay
strong and let nothing deter me in the final moments. I gave him
this promise willingly.

After Sandy regained full consciousness we discussed her role in the
death of her brother. She said when there was a particular smell, or
"death odor," from Keith's throat area, she knew it was time to get
ready. I should add that this body sign did not necessarily mean Keith
was going to die right away. Almost without thinking, Sandy spoke in
her brother's ear, "Keith, are you ready to go?" Then came the
prearranged signal. At this moment Keith squeezed his eyes open and
shut three times for the "yes" response. Calmly, she detached Keith's
life support system. The doctor came to the house later, found the life
support system reattached, and pronounced Keith dead.
For the rest of the day, she felt no guilt. That night, lying in bed, a
doubt crept into Sandy's mind about her automatic reactions, and she
questioned herself. After tossing and turning she finally fell into a fitful
sleep. Soon Keith came to her in a dream. Smiling with gratitude, he
conveyed to Sandy that she had done everything perfectly and that he
loved her. A few weeks later Sandy was meditating and had a vision of
her brother sitting on a bench talking with "two monks dressed in
robes." Keith turned, laughed at her, and said, "Hang in there, Sis!"

To a devout religionist, this man's life did not belong to himself, but to
God. While it is true that we are given our bodies by an act of divine
creation, everyone's life belongs ultimately to them. The right to die is a
hotly debated topic in legal circles today, especially as it pertains to doctor-
assisted suicide with the terminally ill. It has been said that if death
is the final act of life's drama, and we want that last act to reflect our
MIKE said:
I am of the belief that suicide (assisted or not) is a learning experience like any other. When someone commits suicide it is not a simple thing, It requires the individual to look within themself and decide wether they, as free willed entities wish to continue living here or wish to go back to where we came from (so to speak).They weigh up their life now and compare it to what they believe will occur after they die. Once they do this they must consider the effects on family, friends what not, then they must work out a way to complete there goal of leaving this earth. The process of committing suicide or assisted suicide is a journey in itself. With many lessons and many experiences being learnt along the way. I do not believe “that it is not the right thing to do, spiritually speaking” as there is no right or wrong path to take spiritually and therefore it is not up to us to judge the value of another’s experiences and that includes the experience of suicide. We are all on our own roads towards what we perceive as enlightenment or spiritual clarity, Though many of us take similar routes those who choose to leave the main highway and enter a different set of streets are no more right or wrong in their spiritual journey because of the simple fact that it is their journey and though others are a part of it, it is theirs alone.

Peace and happiness


Your view make a lot of sense to me!

I've always thought of suicide as "an easy way out" (even admitting I would probably resort to it if I was in this kind of dreadful situation) , but it is not. As you said, it is a learning experience like any other.

My concerns were always that someone that commits suicide "would be walking backwards" in their spiritual journey, as punishment for such act, but it might just be the case of "continuing their path in a different road".

Love & light to all

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