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More and more I'm starting to see the subway dogs and pets in subway stations harassing people to make sure they paid their transport fees.

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Lord, I wish I had your courage. I'm so horrified and dumbstruck by people's day-to-day idiocy that I usually end up holding my tongue. I can't come up with good comebacks on the spot like that, aaagh, what a waste. Like these two Mormon girls I saw this morning. Just because they were girls and I wanted to be polite, I held back my utter contempt for their lameass dogmatic Constantinian Christianity, instead opting to explain my own views and understanding of the Christ teachings, separate from religion, the core of which is, of course, the Golden Rule and the Self-Defense Principle. Hopefully that much was enough to make them start to see just how far their evangelist mind-control sewage has strayed from the original message. Keep in mind these girls were forced to wear knee-length skirts in 100 degree weather, while riding bikes in which the skirts could easily get tangled in. It's a sad day when some rotting priest's messed-up idea of modesty is considered more valuable than their foot-soldiers' continued well-being.

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