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Hello dear Light workers. Many seem to have trouble finding the messages in the US News Collector's Edition "Secrets of the Bible". Sorry about the quality. There is a 10 MB limit on picture size here. I uploaded a new photo with many words traced. The photo is called Jesus_traced. If everyone still has trouble seeing the messages after this I can do crops of a 600 dpi scan with near lossless compression. Feel free to make up on your own minds on this subject. I know I am not see these things because I want to see them. The words were definitely intentionally put there. Why they are there I don't have a clue. I don't have a need or want to come to such conclusions. This edition of US News is on US news stands right now if you need to see the original front cover with your own eyes.

Start with ASS right under Jesus's right eye. Compare it against the first picture of the cover I uploaded. See if you can see what I traced out. The 'A' is 100% obviously put there intentionally.


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PrincessHeart said:
"Why they are there I don't have a clue. I don't have a need or want to come to such conclusions."

Then why is it important to show people this?

Only doing this because SoE member, Tony, asked me too. Otherwise I see no point. I really see no reason to go further with this. If one wants to look into this matter for themselves they will. If they don't that is fine too. It doesn't matter to me.
Dom | The Silentwalker said:
I am afraid dear, that I'm standing by what I wrote last time (which you deleted) and that can still be found here.

As much as I can understand your technical limitations, one doesn't even need any particular printing knowledge to realize there is simply absolutely nothing there.

Now what I am interested about is: How did you notice those so-called messages in the first place? Did you find them yourself or were you told about them?
If you answered "YES" to the first question, then I am even more interested!!!
Since there is absolutely nothing remarkable to the naked eye, you must have spent a great deal of time with your magnifying glass on that picture... Were you specifically looking for "SEX" and "ASS" in the first place?

Despite there is nothing in that mag cover, I still find it extremely interesting that you are able to see those words there. That seems quite revealing about your concerns.

Have you ever heard of the Rorsach inkblot tests?

Hmmm…… Things that make you go 'Hmmm"…… ;)

There are several youtube videos which teached about these messages that is where I learned. Those videos have been archived here by user Simone. As for how I found these things on this particular cover. The eyes just scaned for obvious letters and not any one in particular. I am not looking for sex intentional. I am impartial to the content itself. This is my perception of reality.

As far as projection opinions on others that is your choice. I personally see that only brings suffering in to the world. It is your choice to do so if that is what you want. I will neither agree/ nor disagree with projections of opinion. It is a waste of time and energy to react to such things.
Your are welcome Tony. Had a hard time in seeing them too at first. The best thing I found to do was go to book store and start looking at many magazines. Just relax and persue it further if you feel you need too. It is ok if you don't. I am not here to 'win'.


Tony said:
I still can't make anything out.
Thank you for going into all this effort LE. I was interested in what you could see and really wondered if I could see it too. But alas and ever vigilant,
LOL! That is a good one Tony! I hope you grow to express more Love too. Been in Samadhi for much of the day. The Love and Oneness coming through is Wonderful!


Tony said:
Thank you LE. As it stands I have my hands full with "how to express more love" and "how to help others more".
Besides I live in the netherlands, no need to use subliminal messages here. Even the TV guide usually has a women who for 96% is naked. Most magazines ooze sex on their front pages over here, no need to hide that message ;-)

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