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I have nothing profound or wise to even mention here, but instead it is more of a question. Once again I am having difficult sleeping and find that I am feeling something is happening or will be happening on a global level. Because I very rarely watch the news, I may have missed something. I did see the high jacking airplane thing (which by the way was just a stepping stone for tighter security...strong feeling on that). For the last couple of days I have also been moody for no reason. Not even female reasons. lol. Usually when I get this way, something so called natural disasters.
One of the feeling that I have is that while the Copenhagen thing was going on, there was a big movement happening. Something being transfered??? I think in the next few days we could be seeing something beginning to unravel. I am feeling surprisingly neutral about this. Just keep an eye out for small details. It is important..

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Join to the club...LoL
Same here, I almost feel fearful, not for me, but for my loved ones. Its like walking the edge of fear, but I know in my heart, I will know what to do and will be ok as long as I remain calm and peaceful and stay connected.
I saw a video blog on youtube last night about something happening right now in the US. It was quite disturbing and abrupt . Im not really sure about how truthful it is. I would like to know what you guys think of this.
We are going to get through this just dont give in to fear from television propaganda. I cant prove it but I know we are on the winning side.I am afraid not for myself but for my son and others who I know will fall to pieces I am not a violent person but I will defend my family with force if need be i am going to keep visualizing what I want to happen ande I believe the law of attraction will give me the peace and freedom we all want .The video of that young guy freaking out just as I was when I was starting to see all the shit that these bastards are doing to us I realy flipped when I realized thats not steam coming off a jet engine those freaks are spraying shit on us I tried to show people and they say they have making white lines in the sky for ages you stupid stupid people I thought I was ready for war when I woke up and it wasnt till after the shock of all the madness going on that made me regroup and go to a friends and told him I could realy use you and your computor for I dont know how long he still says to this day that there was no way he was going to say no I tell you when I realized there werre thousands more like me seeing what I was seeing it was real good for me because I could of realy got angry with everybody the government allowing it and the people who thought I was nuts for thinking thjat but I kept the friend of mine up all night researchjing the next morning I told him I will pay your wages for the day but I want a computor today and he knew computors so 4000 .00 later, trying to learn a brand new language down loads uploads soft ware sit viruses but it was well worth the effort I GOT THIS REAL FANCY ASS COMPUTOR THAT TAKES FOR EVER with out this thing called dsl broad band so 9 years later the same shit still around me I was ready to kill over I dont know what I would have done without the internet I do see that fear in that kids face of oh shit hear it comes I was seeing me .
I'm with you JIM.. some here some time ago :)
Today i felt it again, this month its the second time i collapse, first one with a big pain in my 2 chakra, today in my chest chakra, like a hole.
Last month it was the first time that i really realized and felt a great and big transformation for a near future. The sensation that i have a very short time to prepare myself and the ones around me. Even if its just: being here just in case :)

Two weeks ago a cross a book of a Spanish economist with the title: the 2010 Crash
Its freak me out but still, i read a couple of pages and felt i was reading something already in the pass, if i can make myself understandable, something like i was reading in the future about past events, i could even see some image like TV.
I put it down and never think about it again.... but sensing this transformation daily and becoming worse every day.

We get to all down to our positive humor and feelings. Thats the best way to enjoy the ride :) We are here! All warriors will be ready when the time comes !!!

Bless u all in Light
I have been feeling strange lately too...been home not wanting to socialize or anything almost like been depressed but I know I am not! Its a feeling of security been home with the family and an urge of taking care of them in a very protective way. Reading a lot about other ways of living more natural and less attached to TV, shopping and anything that is got to do with materialistic things. I don't know if am making any sense but its definitely a feeling for safety or concerned about safety...
The only thing I can say is stay close with your family, have some back up plan, food and emergency supplies and most important stay positive and calm...everything is divine order...

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