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Hello everybody, I would really like to know, what you think about the mysterious darkblue shapes on google earth which appear since Oct. 2008 and change form and size constantly. Most of the time they are located next to the north pole. Maybe NASA has something to hide or the galactic friends are meeting the inner earth people, who knows. Lol, Petra

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thats the theory I came up with too. But really whos going to give us some concrete info on it when Google earth wont even give us an answer.
Hi Matt, well, I would prefer to ask a higherdimensional fellow like Kryon or Ashtar or Salusa or somebodey like that. Everything else is just not really reliable, isn't it? LoL, Petra
i remember these, they were cool, but in my opinion, a glitch :( i would like to be wrong :)

Kerrie said:
The federation of Light have confirmed to Blossom it was them.

Dare I ask, just feel I need to know for sure … …is that you that is being hidden on Google earth? Some are saying that is the table clue. If it is … that’s big!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did we not say a craft of HUGE size?
So is it you? I feel you are saying ‘yes’, but to be honest here… I’m questioning it, in case I’m wrong. I’ve been sitting here a few minutes thinking about this and now I am laughing. I feel you want me to put

Hi Kerrie, I just found this link of the channeling, thank you very much. Well, what do you think about? I am surprised but why not? The suspicious thing about this story is that you hardly find anything about that. It's like a tabu, no one talks about this, no discussion anywhere. Incredible because each and everyone with a computer could see it. On youtube I found a goggle shape video with redicolous comments underneath. I've got to go to sleep now, over here in good old europe it is after midnight and the alarm clock in the morning doesn't know any mercy. Take care. It is enriching, talking to you. See u soon. Petra

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