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Hey guys...just want to ask if anyone out there has had any strange markings on their bodies lately.  The other day Tetra noticed a strange circular mark on my skin.  It is on the left side just between my breast and underarm.  I did not feel anything. There are no lumps in my breast and my under arm glands seem normal.  The closest thing on the internet is ringworm, but I have seen that before and this is not it.  It looks like a suction cup was placed there...the size of a Canadian Loonie or a silver dollar. It is a pinkish circular outline only not a full pink circle.  It is not a "scoop".   Has anyone else experienced this mark before.  
The thing is that I am a contactee through dream world and I do communicate via telepathic, but I have never ever felt that I was abducted.  I have been waking up with a sore neck lately and just waking up a lot with strange dreams that I cannot remember. 
Anyone else care to share?????  :o)

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im sure your waking up with a sore neck due to ..someone.. kicking ..or wiggling in the bed.hehe.JK. Anyways wow...thats interesting... ill keep a look out for that..and let you know if i hear of anything..
Good luck :)
Hmm, checking for ticks was he? hehehe :)

I have been having pain in my neck for 3 weeks now. I woke up with a crick in my neck one morning 3 weeks ago and still have it, but not as bad. This is unusual, normaly they go away in a few days. As far as markings go, I cant tell. I do construction, you know. Cuts, bumps and bruises are common for me. There is something in the lower back part of my neck, just above the hump. I can move around sometimes, shift it to the other side. I dont like doing that though, it pops over there and freaks me out. I get a pinching feeling when turn my head upwards and I look up. I dont know if its cartliage, a disks, a chip or what, I never got it x-rayed. I have had it for several years now. I would like to find out, but that cost $ that I dont have. Its been there for years, I will be fine.
maybe your being abducted lol
I can't say I've seen anything like your description PT, but I loved Simone's (love bites) suggestion, hehehe!

So heres 3 photos the 1st is the circular mark, enhanced a bit so you guys could see it better and the other 2 are the old marks that paTricia assumed were spider bites, I just circled the area they are in. If you guys can't see them well enough i can try and add some more enhancements later. I swear its not a hicky! ;)
I agree. :)

Simone said:
i don't know Patricia, I would maybe go to a dermatologist to at least rule out anything natural... then maybe find someone to do a hypnosis if you feel you are ready for that. Keep us posted.

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