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Hi my name is Steven im 22 and i live Scotland.

Ive been smoking marijuana for 7 years, but on sunday night i had a bad rush of thoughts in my head that freeked me out big time.
Ive never had that before.

The trouble is, is that my head still feels weird 4 days on, like theres an agrovation in it.

Ive posted in a few forums and they advised me to buy some black tourmaline and some sage to smoke over my self.
I done that today and have been wearing the tourmaline on my right side as advised.
I felt really positive about it after, and thought i was on the mend.
Then i went up to my mates house tonight, where they were all smoking weed (i was'nt), havent all week, and i started to get the same feeling in my head like i just wanted to get out.

I dont know whats wrong with me.
Im thinking it might be a negative entity feeding off me because i had trouble in the past with astral larvae in my sleep which is now stopped.

Anyone had any similar experiences?


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YES!!! :)
You are not alone buddy! I too have smoke weed for a long time...
I stopped that at the beginning of october. It wasn't hard, i just didn't want anymore, i found a new path.
I found meaning... for a long time i was angry and isolated.
The truth shall set you free! :) And it did.
Don't beat yourself up because of your past. It led you here didn't it ? :)
And what you feel now i really dont know about. Could be the poisons of it all that resides within you and now getting out of your system. And the body becomes confused?
Maybe your in conflict ?
Anyway, we are all here to help. :)

-Love, Light and Strenght be with YOU allways!!!


The solfeggios might help. Sometimes the feelings from the solfeggios are even more intense after a good smoke :)
Bro, i advise you not to even be in the room where your friends smoke ... I had a similar problem ... I had a similar experience .... And even the exhaled smoke gives a kick ... I am drug free for a few months now .. And I really feel now that life is better without them ... Even Joe, from this community, advised me not to smoke, a few days ago ... I finally realised that I only corrupted my mind while smoking weed ... Though, I don't know why, but the thing is, i feel that everyone should at least try it once ..
I learnt a lot about life because of weed .. It made me more aware .. But all of my work kept piling up because of it .... I just could say 'Ill do this and ill do that' but I couldn't really do any of it ... !! Then, I had a negative experience .... After much thought, I realised that everyone around me loves me and cares for me .... No one disappoints me .... I love, them, care for them but I disappoint them most of the time .. I don't know about you, but that was me during my drug era ...
Listen to solfeggios ... Do meditation ... And love all .. Then, you too will realise that life is good without them .. Hope that it helps and don't take it any wrong way ... :) .. peace, love and light ...
.. Abhimanyu ..
It may not be a negative entity, I believe your raising your vibrations and the lower ones can not be tolerated just as Kerrie said. I don't smoke, i drink red wine occasionally but since October i can't drink alcohol, as it now makes me sick; physically and i feel like a strange, heavy energy is around me, even if i have half a glass and i believe it is for the same reasons mentioned.

with love
I had something similar (not story wise but marijuana related) the other day too man, so reading this kind of solidifies it

alright so yeah I too am an avid smoker, and I was smoking with some friends the other day (note, friends, so I shouldn't feel discomfort)

anyway I've been getting high for years lol, pretty much a pro and it doesn't quite phase me if it's not large amounts

but this time (and recently), I felt completely out of my element and deep inside I knew what I was doing was NOT helping me to ascend at all. I've been listening to the Solfeggio's and everything else for weeks so I too think it's the fact that everything around me and us (which is you, we're all one lol) is now a higher vibration and the lower just drags you down back in the system of the old things, considering weed is sometimes an escape out of a shitty reality......but when you realize that in these times a brand new reality is just around the horizon....what's the point? enjoy and celebrate and work towards this

also I got extremely sick the other day from drinking liquor, which is not a norm for me, and it was almost like a "stupid, what are you doing?" nudge. I know how to drink and the consequences from it, and this wasn't just the "sick-im-not-gonna-drink-anymore! talk everyone goes through lol.....this was actually like a WTF man, you're bodies detoxing and becoming brand new and changing it's DNA and your raping it! type thing lol
try the solfeggio's for sure, they always make me feel better... my head has been feeling a little more lighter then usual lately, through alot of meditation, and honestly it helps over all... i too smoke weed ...just thought i had to put it in there :p

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