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There was a bright light in the sky this saturday (yesterday) and some say it was bluish with a fire tail (?). Media talks about a meteorite. Did any of you guys see something?

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WOOWWWWWWW thats awesome. tell us what the authorities say k?
def. not a weather balloon.
I suspect a weather balloon. No not really. And the authorities says "We got no fucking clue what it was or could be!!!! But we are going to say that it was a weather balloon that caught fire and then blew up flying .. blab bla blah, Like we know what the frack that was!!!" Anything, use your imaginations if you cant come up with anything better than a weather balloon!!!
But if people say they saw a bright light... i will most likely suspect a light in the sky. They say they got no clue what it was and i dont know what it was or could be. I'll stick to that. Ooor it could be a meteorite... who knows!!!? :)

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