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I work at a hotel, and i checked in a couple ladies from england doing a chiropractic conference...long story short, they told me they were also here to ascend, and they gave me three stones: aventurine, flourite, and rainbow (something). if anybody knows the significance of these stones, please help me out. i have no clue about this stuff, and if it can help me on my path of ascension, all comments will be appreciated.

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honestly i dont know which one is which, so ill take a picture and upload it so you can see... one of them is white w/ black lines, the other is like a clear sea green, and the other is turquoise, i believe. ill show you the pics soon
here are the pics
thank you for the insight on aventurine... as for the so called rainbow rock, its white with black lines in the middle of it. i wish i had a better camera to show, but it gets fuzzy up close. and its not just called rainbow, it was called rainbow _____ but i cant remember the second word, so i hope that helps some. the lady, whos name was azrael, made me pick from a handful of rocks in her hand, and these were the ones i chose. another thing that intrigued me was her name, which i thought was very unique, and when i looked it up, it means archangel of death. weird.
Nina said:
I will get back to you Mechanick....Can I ask, is the aventurine green? What colour is the fluorite? What does the rainbow one look like?

These stones will have great significance for you as they came to you as a gift...:-)
well, when i got the stones i had no idea what ascension was, so i guess it drew me here to find answers, and yes, im still searching... i even gave up meat a month ago to see if i could become more spiritually connected when i meditate, but for some reason, i still cant meditate. i dont know whats blocking me.

Tshoeva said:
Mechanick said:
here are the pics

Very interesting Mechanick...
I agree with Nina, middle is green aventurine... right is fluorite...
Left one i cant discern it could be many different types... although i have seen some Rainbow Turquoise that look like that .. the rainbow part isnt actually a description of the colours... its a description of its energy.
That said i may be talking about a whole different crystal, i had one once, and it did look like the left one.

Azrael - thats interesting ... iv heard of people using specific spirits as archetypes to ascension.
I say archetypes instead of her just being Azrael, because that can be very confusing at times, iv met around 4 people who have thought they were Azrael ... unless its one spirit with multiple perspectives of existance... i take it as an archetype .. and it has to have a purpose ... - the fact you said she was THERE for ascension tells me something :)

I want to start a thread about Ascension - where everyones at (or thinks they are at) - individual requirements for ascension and how it all co-relates back to your individual perspective of reality.

Mechanick, what has been your experience with the 3 stones you were given?

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