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Hello everyone. I had a wonderful opportunity to be in Stonehenge in Summer solstice in UK. It was an amazing experience. When I reached there I saluted mother Earth and gave my unconditional love to the sacred place.

Just after 10 mins of doing that I felt a surge of energy rushing upwards from my spine and I couldn't walk for about 5 minutes.

Danced all night and celebrated sun rise with the blessings of 2 Mayan Shamans who were invited for the event.

Since then I have noticed changes in my body and my psychic abilities have improved drastically.

I hav been feeling enegies around me and getting messages in my head. It's awesome.

I do feel the ascension has definitely started. Just wanted to share this good news with my fellow light workers.

Let's rejoice and celebrate these wonderful times.

Light, love and laughter to you all.

In lak'ech ala kin 

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:D thats great! i remeber when i visited stone henge a few years back, it was amazing, and yes, it totally has a profound effect on your spiritual side!

Thank you Bishop. I am observing everything at moment, the feelings, the messages and whatever i see in meditation.

I am seeing friends and when i told them they said oh we were thinking of you same time...its crazy :-)

Bishop said:

:D thats great! i remeber when i visited stone henge a few years back, it was amazing, and yes, it totally has a profound effect on your spiritual side!

Hello everyone again. Hope all of you are in Love, Light and lots of laughter.

Follow up to the Stonehenge experience, things have been happening rapidly on my side. I now know the energy rushed into me in Stonehenge is Kundalini energy.

I been getting symptoms and after researching and checking and talking to people i now have identified as the Kundalini energy. Fantastic really. My body has changed, i now see auras of myself and other people. I have been getting messages from my higher self and also experiencing out of body or astral travelling.

It has been phenomenal. I just wanna share this and to tell everyone that ASCENSION has started. I am in owe right now. Its been hard and sometimes disbeliefs of what i been going through.

I had 5 warts in my hand and guess what guys, one day i woke up one of the wart completely disappeared. YES gone and the others are healing themselves. My body is getting into a perfect shape and i am eating much better and feeling so so great. What can I say. I am rejoicing right and i want to share this joy with you guys in here and thank you so very much for all your support and knowledge you have been sharing. So THANK YOU SO SO MUCH

I am so thankful to the Source, The Universe, to Mother Earth-Gaia, to Air, to Fire, To Water and all beings and objects in this wonderful Universe for everything. We are ONE, We are UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, We are LIGHT, We are JOY, I am YOU and YOU are ME and Everything.

With much Love, Light and Laughter, i say welcome to higher dimensions of ourselves.

One Love

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