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I'm beginning to feel more different now than i ever have, almost like the entire room that i'm in is swaying, moving or changing, but standing still at the same time. I get very dizzy while walking now, my legs are shaking everytime i walk, and it feels so's just so unbelievable. Some of this i was expeirencing this in a mild sense for the last month, but now this week it's gotten extreme, and on a constant basis.

I also feel extremely powerful magnetic pull and push from my hands and feet. My creative powers has sky rocketed and time is just flipping by like i feel like i can't breathe at times.

The really cool thing so far is i can sense so much more peace, and quiet even around alot of noise, that's never happen before, since i normally try to shut the noise out, but now i can hear the silence within the noise.

My hearing has increased, my sight is increasing, my awareness is increasing, and sense of feel and touch are very much increasing more than the rest.

My Dreams have really gotten extremely awkward than ever before, Sometimes the Dreams themselves seem more Real than this Reality.

On top of all the positive things happening, i still feel like i'm losing my mind, and my personality has shifted majorly in the last week or so.

When i get into those moments of enormous peace i don't want to leave that moment, and it's so incredible i wish you can all feel it.

Everything in my reality doesn't bother me as much anymore, like it used to. I still get stressed with finances, but anything small that happens, i just shrug it off. That might be a good thing since if someone does something to me, or i get cut off in traffic, it completely doesn't phase me anymore.

I suppose the realization of this artificial system that we all have to deal with, is just feeling like a gigantic board game, and i'm tired of playing the same game of paying taxes, paying bills, paying for everything we do is so rediculous, it's unbelievable how we are all so serious about following this system to the T.

All these rules, restrictions and laws that are past, is really so stupid. When you all begin to feel what i feel, you all will start seeing everything as some big joke being played on us, but to some people it's extremely important to keep this system of consumerism going.

By the end of this Year, i might be able to fly even though at times i feel like i'm leaving my feet off the ground right now.

Anyone else feeling any of these things?

Another one is i'm getting more self realization little by little.

Lots of love everyone

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Yes, much of what you said. I find it easier to stay in a positive mood. Awareness has increased. I havent noticed the magnetic pull yet, but I know every thing has a magnetic field so I will pay attention to that.
Our consciousness has expanded more. It feels like we had another large shift.
Slowly we have pulled bricks out of the wall and are now getting a glimpse of the matrix for the illusion that it is. I now laugh at things that would have kept me awake at night worrying or pissed me off to the point of wanting to explode a few years ago. I find it much easier to stay in the now and my mind seems to stay clear and balanced with much less effort. Much like yourself, I view this reality as a stage in a giant play and realize that we are just playing our parts. When someone does something that would normally anger me, I can see past the “role” that they are playing and see them for the spark of divinity that they are, even if they can‘t see it in themselves yet. I feel like it is our goal to awaken to the con that we have been conditioned to accept as reality and re-write the script. Our minds have been imprisoned for far too long. It is time for us to destroy the matrix, take our power back and create a new reality that exists in harmony with love, the Earth and beyond.

Peace be with you in your journey!!!
I to have felt that the rules imposed as laws are plain out in the open as pure stupid laws that was all about limiting your liberty to make your own choices I know truth and awareness will direct me to where I want to be .And thinking for myself rather than folowing what Im told to think .And most of all my laws of conduct are built in I know how I treat others is the way I want to be treated as simple as it sounds to do needs to be practiced implementing

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