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Starseeds are Now Receiving Nocturnal Training For Jobs Upon New Earth, Agartha, and the GFL plus Ashtar Command Ships Above 

telepathed by J-Tari'ah EnRaEL -- --
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While you believe you lucid dreaming and astral projecting, you are -- in fact -- being trained for your your job(s) upon New Earth, or Agartha, or the Ships coming here to co-create our 5D-12D Life timelines. For some of you, jobs are being created for your specific skill-set. For others, your ascended super-conscious multidimensional self has requested a specific job for you.

You are now attending ship-side schools -- during your ''sleep hours'' aligned to your skill-set, talents -- plus your higher self’s requests, as well as your Starseed races’ specialties.

In dream recall, you remember sitting in an amphitheater or in a classroom or perhaps taking tests. These memories are from your current ship-side training. Once you leave the Matrix – and are fully trained and synthesized into your One Multidimensional Self – you will be engaged in a job / mission on or within New Earth, or in a GFL Earth station area, or in Agartha, or upon a ship with the Ashtar Command or the GFL.

Although general job areas titles were stated in Lightworker 202 ( and 303 (, here are more of the many specific space professions you are possibly being trained for currently:

Artist for New Earth (Co-Creator): planner and creative conduit for New Earth, including archetect, artist, painter, musician, and more!

Astrogator: controller of ships through mind projection induced by bio-elements or trance methods who works in tandem with a pilot;

Astronomical Artist: co-creator of 5D-12D sculptures, paintings, and inspired compositions;

Xenobotanist: plant-life expert in growing non-sentient life rooted expressions through H2O and musical supplements.

Chronicler: detached historian with diplomatic immunity to authentically record all happenings seen and perceived.

Cleric: pan-spiritual ritual leader for multi-world-sourced and/or multicultural ceremonies;

Crystal Programmer: data and emotional crystal psychic retriever and recorder;

Earth Cultural Emissary: envoy for planetary customs in social or diplomatic endeavors;

Empath: psychic specialist in the areas of medicine, diplomacy, counseling, and time-line predictions/projections;

Engineer: mechanical and holo-tech specialist with long multi-year education prerequisites in math and physics.

Exo-Geologist: expert in the terrain and resources upon the surfaces of planets.

Healer: Lightworker Starseed conduit for the healing of beings, places, collectives, plant-life, and bodies of water, with intentions and crystal grids.

Interplanetary Medium: telepathic sender / receivers between space vessels -- or locations upon New Earth and Agartha -- who work in pairs;

Knight of GFL: (trainee for 10 plus walk-in or braid-in years before final training): impartial diplomatic quasi-martial kinetic-psychic agents – who work in teams often in perilous assignments – answering only to their own organization;

Journalist: professional writer for virtual holographic news publications who usually reside on New Earth or perpetually-traveling news ships.

Pilot: trained ship captain who physically controls a ship with controls and works in tandem with an astrogator.

Performance Artist: singer, musician, poet, circus performer, or other entertainer;

Space Gypsy (Wanderer): free agent taking various jobs including trading information / objects / food on multiple ships;

Subspace Sound System Sculptor: designer of atmospheric mood-enhancing sound waves;

Transcriber: expert in writing and translating between the galactic languages in written work that require subtlety, including plays, poetry, and non-fiction work(s).

Translator: diplomatic speaking communicator in counsels and meetings to clarify subtle differences and or errors in holo-ear-translator devices.

Xenologist: sociologist specialist in specific planetary cultures and multicultural locations in Agartha, upon Earth, and upon ships;

Xenobiologist: planetary bio-system specialist in specialties within either flora or fauna.

Well, those are your BIG HINTS for this stage of the "Ascension Race." (You know what to ask for!) Whether you're near-future-now is life upon New Earth, within Agarth -- or upon a lightship, an enormous space-station craft, or within a star craft heading planet-bound -- you are already assigned to your nocuturnal school, and you are already taking classes while you are ''sleeping.''

Besides the GFL ''Stations'' which are and will be all over New Earth, and in Agartha, there are many possible future homes above. There are a vast number of ships which may be your future home, and here are names of just some of them:

Alpha Starship
Starseed Athena
Starship Athabantian
Starship Capricorn
Starship Narcissus
Starship Rainbow
The SS Dove
The SS Eagle
The New Jerusalem
The New Zion
The Phoenix Fleet (144 vessels!)

Start sending up those "smoke signals!" (Lightworker 707! Your future career depends upon it!

You’re on the brink of living in Higher Dimensional Realities, to co-create your soul's fantasy lifel! Stay attuned into the NOW with all of your psychic faculties for further instructions. Focus, focus, focus! And hold on tight for the re-unification of your soul, plus reunion with your Twin Flame and soul family! 5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1… BLAST OFF!
This telepathed by J-Tari'ah EnRaEL article is NOT copywritten, and you are free to reproduce it at will, without copywrite infringement. Enjoy your new freedom!

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