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STARGATE SECRETS! - Reverse Engineered Alien Technology - Dan Burisch Interviews

Interview with EX-MJ12 member (Area 51) Dan burisch on Alien technology and our possible Time lines and Manmade reverse-engineered Stargates from alien technologies...

MJ12 stands for Majestic12.

Peoplus 45 and Peplous 52 he talks about are our future evolved selves from 45,000 and 52,000 years in the future and these two future species are time travelers coming back in time...

He talks about another higher dimensional species talking to the MJ12 through Peplous 52's...


Vid 01:

Vid 02:

Vid 03 :

Vid 04 :

Vid 05 :

Vid 06 :

Love & Light,

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Excellent series Ravi. Considering the message is about how these devices have been used to corrupt our own histories and timelines, it really has a positive message for me. It brings me closer in my understanding of these concepts and in the functioning of them. In the connection to the Oneness of my Being, and the power of my ability to create and create accountably. Not only that, but also understanding of the multi dimensional aspect of my other aspects of Being in relation to other dimensional timeline experiences. Ultimately all aspects come together through collaberative awareness of creation. I think I just popped a blood vessel lol.

namaste :)
Yeah I saw diffrent a vid on this guy about a year ago. Oh I was glued to the screen. In the video I saw a year ago, Dan talked about working at area 51 He said that he was working with a grey they or he named Jrod that was deep under area 51. He talked about how Jrod used telepathy to communicate with him. He covered alot of ground, didnt get into as much detail on things as he did with this video. I like the concept of stargates.

This is continuation of the above series..


Part 2, Vid 01:

Part 2, Vid 02:

Part 2, Vid 03:

Part 2, Vid 04:

Part 2, Vid 05:

Part 2, Vid 06:

Part 2, Vid 07:

Thanks Ravi, the videos are very interesting.


Video 4,
08:58 very interesting.......
yes yes yes, video 6 answers the question ive been bleating on about for months, the reason we went to war with iraq, to decomission a stargate...
thanks ravi, just watched all 13 parts, most interesting video ive watched to date, answered a lot of questions

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