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I've had an idea that I would like to share with all other lightworkers. Most of you have the problem of sharing information to people who are asleep but when we do this we face complacency and ridicule from others who you are trying to help.
So to solve this problem I have created an anonymous email account to send valuable information to people so they can receive it and hopefully start to open their eyes and minds to see what exactly is going on in the world.
As lightworkers we have a HUGE responsibiltity to teach what we know NOW!! We need to start providing and teaching awakening information and I think this is a perfect way of sharing without facing ridicule from people, friends and family :)


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I know the frustration of `trying to help others` just like you, but just like you I realise that no amount of information will do any good if someone is not on the same wavelength......when we focus on raising our own vibration we will silently attract others to shift theirs which will be demonstrated by the fact that they will be naturally open to `new influences`. How do we `up` our own frequencies? well its happening anyway. As catapillars we are weaving our own cocoon.....soon to be butterflies
in a higher realm
yes maybe not on the same wavelength at the moment but one bit of information out of a hundred could be the trigger to help start the awakening process my trigger was my mum and sister showing me videos on you tube so it can be done :D I know because it has just been over a year since i woke from my sleep ;o) we just need to put out as much info out there as possible it can and will be done.
yes, just throwing it out there but how many of you guys would be down for an organized telemarketing (or should I say, telelightworketing lol) campaign where we call people and inform them about waking up humanity? It would add a whole new meaning to the phrase "wake-up calls" amirite?
I have to agree with omkari, I notice when I get really serious with my spirituality and I buckle down a little harder on my research that I attract more attention than normal with my friends. The problem lies with answering them with out feeling like a freak for past ridicule because b4 hand you were babbling and full of it and now you have to feed it to them without bringing your " I told you so ego " into things. I find it actually more of a challenge to answer a question when they really want an answer.

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