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Now, before anybody else does, I'm going to accuse myself of hypocrisy. I've been writing messages like this one to clarify various spiritual concepts and you could label me as a spiritual teacher if you felt like it. Where's the hypocrisy? Well, in this piece I'm going to explain why you don't need spiritual teachers at all.

The Truth that Is Everything Is Within You. It's already Here and no amount of beliefs or teachings are going to reveal this Truth. It Is Who You Are, and beliefs only get in the way. Why would you need to believe you are something when you already Are? You want a Guru? Gee (G), You (U) Are (R) You (U). When you listen to a spiritual teacher you feed into a subtle illusion. You put Truth on the outside like it's something to be discovered. Your own Awakening then depends on outside things and it becomes something to be achieved. You don't achieve Awakening, You Are Awake. Or you are not, your choice.

There's no magical phrase I could say to enlighten a person. You Are Love. Did it work? Are You Love? If you felt anything it's only because it resonated with the Truth Already Alive Within You. A true teacher only assists one in finding what's Already Here. A true Master doesn't create followers, but fellow Masters. Many have come to this Planet and told you we're All Equal. Did Humanity hear them? Did you? Are You Equal?

Humanity has been told they're unworthy, that they're less than what they should be and there's something they have to do to become Who They Really Are. In the West it's called salvation, in the East it's called enlightenment. The process for achieving either is slightly different, but the illusion they reinforce is the same. Both put the Truth outside of you and tell you what you have to do to Be Who You Already Are. It's a good scam they've got going, and there's a million spiritual teachers willing to perpetuate this lie. Pay taxes, give to Caesar what is Caesar's. Give to Love what is Love and then you're Free.

Spiritual teachers can be quite dangerous, as are many supposed “healers”. Any industry so dependent upon people being sick is ripe with corruption. If you do too good a job, you're out of business. I'll draw a parallel with the medical industry. If they truly prevented disease, they wouldn't have much business. It's far more profitable to treat diseases than to prevent them, so they focus upon medicating the effect instead of eliminating the cause. This is the exact same way most “spiritual” teachers work. They say some stuff to make people feel better about their lives, but they don't address what made people feel bad in the first place. This keeps them coming back every week or forking over another $300 for the next spiritual retreat. Would you like your therapist now? In related news, it's recently been discovered that while acetaminophen takes away the pain, it destroys your liver in the process.

A real spiritual teacher assists you in finding Yourself. They help you find, not their truth, but your own Truth Within. Teacher is a mediocre word for someone who does this, spiritual sponsor would be a more accurate description. Or reciprociter. Personally, I'd call them Friends and Family, that's Who We Are. In Equality, who has greater Equality? The one who knows more than somebody else, or the one who shares what they understand?

So why do I write this stuff if I'm not trying to teach people anything? Well, why tell someone “Hello”? Why say to another “I Love You”? Why not share the Truth you find with Everybody? It's through sharing Freely, not trying to teach or convince others, that our own sense of Truth flowers. It's when we give of ourselves that we truly give.

Unconditional Love from Will, Mother & Father God, and Your Family Of Light

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Some interesting ideas Will. Of course, there is only one truth, right? But I've got a couple things to say. First of all love binds creation. To be in a state of oneness, one must be in love. Only love can break the ego, the duality. Do you want to love some guru? If a guru is in a constant state of oneness with the supreme god, one who is completely aware and knowledgable of the workings of space, time, and other state of counciousness/other realms, then I think that person would be worthy of every moment of your time... but wait, that would instigate duality wouldn't it, well, when you look at the situation: the guru is one with everything, he know's you, just as god knows you. the true guru is egoless, he has transcended space and time, he is not bound by any laws, desires, or any kind of independent thinking, he is the supreme. he is not male or female, he is not the body. why is he in a body at all? god himself chose to be in creation. he is still god, just working a body like a puppet. he can awaken souls to the truths within. he is supreme. in classical indian terms he bestows the gift of NAAM (the unmanifest made manifest). connection to NAAM (caracterized by a current of light and sound, more beutiful than anything of this world, it has to be to take you home to god you have to be enraptured and fully absorbed) is a saving life-line. it is god in action - going out into creation - god dancing (the dancer and the dance are one) and flowing back to the unmanifest-god. it is said that beyond the entire egg of brahm (the great mother ever pregnant with universes and creations) there are realms of silence, great silence, sasch kand (our true home) , states of unmanifested god called the inexpressibe, incomprehensible, and unknowable.

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