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Spiritual Hierachy and the Galactic Federation Sheldon Nidle Dec 31st/1st Jan

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

5 Muluc, 17 Mol, 4 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We come before you with much to say. Your world is moving steadily toward the great shift in consciousness decreed by Lord Surea. All of Heaven is now rejoicing in what is occurring. The dark cabal remains in a state of ever-mounting panic as it awaits the final steps preceding our arrival. The Federation personnel who normally handle the actual first contact procedures have been sent to liaise with our Earth allies. We are ready to proceed to the next step, which has announcements orchestrated from above by Heaven and by the divine plan. Selected members of our Earth allies will make these special revelations. Thereafter, the UFO cover-up, along with a number of withheld Earth-based technologies, can at last be revealed and the next needed steps can quickly become a fait accompli. Thus the dark's dominance on your world finally comes to an end. This means the way for you to return to your true selves can be fully disclosed, and as a result of this wisdom our landings can seem much less astonishing. Then the process of fulfilling your fondest dreams can begin in earnest.
First contact is, after all, merely a more direct means of reaching a divine goal: your return to full consciousness. Heaven has had this operation in the works for nearly 13 millennia. The Galactic Federation's part is to make quite sure that the dark does not in any substantive way interfere with these sacred plans. You are still in a fragile physical state; consequently, we need to nudge and cajole the dark ones in such a way that they understand the import of their present situation: namely, the imminent end of their dominion over you. Imparting this message has at times been challenging, but we are now in a position to enforce these divine intentions and have already done so when necessary. The dark also now realizes that no succor of any kind is to be forthcoming from any quarter. What remains to be done is to comply with the divine timetable, and in accordance with this, that schedule has been extended to each major government of your world. This avoids any misunderstanding about what now needs to happen. Our final internal security procedures are underway and we expect all of Earth's governments to abide by this timetable. Meanwhile, our Earth allies are preparing some surprises for you!

Our Earth allies have been thoroughly briefed about what we need them to do. Your planet is crippled and requires assistance. The new economic and fiscal package is ready to be rolled out. Further, a vast abundance for the people of Earth is about to manifest. Your realm needs a quiet revolution that affects global society in every way. The first part is a thorough purge of all the rats and corruption that kept this abundance from you. You are not intended to be impoverished, ignorant, and manipulated; you are meant to be responsible, sovereign, and abundant citizens of the world, and Mother Earth expects nothing less. You came here to sustain her and honor her place in the cosmos. Instead, you have defiled, pillaged, and raped her in every way conceivable. Despite this sacrilege she is ready to help you on your journey back to the Light! We ask that you use this last period before full consciousness to graciously restore your beloved home world. This can go a long way toward reinstating the original reasons for your journey here so long ago.

Our part is simply to do as Heaven and especially Lord Surea so decree. You have reached the magical tipping-point when our direct intervention is permitted. Nonetheless, we operate under a set of protocols that govern our actions: We come not to rescue you but to comply with the prescribed conditions set forth by Heaven and which are outlined in the decrees issued by Lord Surea. Hence, to renege on first contact is not an option for us. We are here to finish up what Heaven so lovingly set in motion. You are our family, and more specifically, a special aspect of this family. Each person incarnated here in the last two decades is part of a vast project to end limited consciousness and return your reality to its original state. Special neural and reality grids are in effect because of what these remarkable Beings have done. We are using these networks to carry out what remains to be done before we land. What you need to understand is that your world is more than prepared for what is to come.

First contact is an organic process; it builds on itself and grows upward toward the Light. Like a plant this consciousness needs to root itself firmly in the Earth and become an essential part of your inner and outer growth. First contact is thus part of your growth in consciousness. It is about your acceptance of who you really are. This includes the fact that you are not alone. The vastness of the cosmos precludes the silly notion that only one world bearing "intelligent" life could possibly exist. By deduction this brings you to accept that your society is of the stars and has divine relationships with others who, like you, traversed the immensity of space, absorbing the divine wisdom to be found there so abundantly. It is this wisdom that you are finally ready to accept once again and to apply to re-envisioning yourselves and those whom you are about to meet.

This time is like an incubation period prior to your rebirthing, which is what first contact brings. This "new you" is to be the galactic traveler and the special Being who renews Mother Earth and creates a new star nation out of this solar system. This star nation is to become a beacon of peace, unity, and universal Love. It is this thought that is creating the new reality and birthing the new you and a new Mother Earth. It is also allowing the prophecy of our galaxy to manifest. This is just the start of the great things you are to accomplish. We come, therefore, to be the mentors for all this. You are great Beings who barely know your potential. It is this potential that brought us here nearly two decades ago, and we now wait joyously to greet you formally and lead you toward your destiny.

The dark ones are only just beginning to fully grasp their fate. They are quite aware of all that we have painstakingly and clearly told them. The moment for interfering in the Light's work has come and gone, and the only role now open to them is to acquiesce. This is not easy for them; they are used to being the autocratic rulers whose every whim is law, and this is no longer the case. Now they bend to a new authority and are to be seen for the miscreants they are. This task we leave in the hands of our Earth allies as we do not intend to sit in judgment on anyone here. The heavy weight of your frustrations and the "beasts" within your customs are to be let out. This game must play out, and then be done. Attend to your new responsibilities in a swift and conclusive manner. Remember, Together, We are indeed One!

This oneness is paramount! We see how you now struggle with this concept, and during our mentoring-time we can show you the significance of this fact. We monitor your world and see how, as a collective, you have grown. Much still remains for you to do, but happily, your growth in awareness permits you to see some of the wisdom in our beliefs; the rest will come in time. You are being asked to make a tremendous leap forward, and we know that at first this will not be easy. But as a people you persist in growing toward the Light, and this can only reap positive results. The rest will be revealed in the final days of your metamorphosis. What you will become is at present inconceivable to you: You are to be joined with a mighty Being that is You, and become more than you can possibly now imagine!

Today, we continued our discussion about your wondrous future. Keep in mind that a great shift in your consciousness and in your reality is very close. As this moves forward it brings on line our first contact with you. We await this time with joyous anticipation! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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I really like this........... alot
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