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Spiritual Ego, Inner Sensitivity, and Critical Thinking

This may sound like a bit of a rant but it needs to be said. We know the energies are intense and people are in process, some lashing out yet what is being said makes us very sad considering the awareness of the masses. This includes those who pride themselves on their spiritual connection. Did you know everything you judge to be unspiritual is God too. Yes it all came from one source yet the spiritual ego smug as it may be exalts its self over others losing the ability to know what is really going on. It takes sides losing critical thinking getting caught up in the flow of mindless programs never stepping back and asking what is wrong with this picture. Some wave flags proud to be a democrat or republican never realizing both parties are puppets for the same puppet masters. Many claim to be of one faith or another playing the separation game yet God is omnipresent, there are no divisions in God. Some profess to be Godly yet act in ungodly ways.

Every four years promises are made, people even call politicians messiahs here to deliver us yet they deliver us right into the hands of the banksters or the war, pharmaceutical, or oil industries. People fall for demonizing other countries through false flags; send the war machine, the offense department to plunder other countries natural resources after false flags designed to emotionally sway the masses. They line up for flu shots filled with deadly carcinogens, live virus, bacteria, and mercury then wonder why they get sick soon after. Again they are swayed by fear not doing the research as to the effectiveness of these shots or the consequences.  Brainwashed by big pharma and the AMA out of fear they continue on a path that has proven to do more harm than good in most cases. Many are too afraid to look into any alternative healing modalities even ones that run circles around standard methods.
Some can not look up and see the chemtrails, research what is in them because that would be negative thinking. Many smugly dismiss conspiracy theories; which are not really conspiracies because they are based on facts and require critical thinking. They dismiss UFOs because the guberment has not disclosed them to be real and want an organization; which has redundantly lied to them to tell them the truth. Why would you expect anything other than lies or a twisted truth considering the past? Some dismiss UFOs as not spiritual not having a clue about the higher dimensions, who resides on them and their spiritual, light and energy technologies. Their guru said follow me don't distract your self with knowledge I don't possess.

We demand other countries become democratic yet don't even know we are a Republic. Democracy means turning your country over to international banksters who will back and appoint a puppet that will turn over the country's natural resources.  If you don't you're bombed into the stone ages for God and country of course. The killing of men, women, children in the millions is okay as long as the economy is strong. No karma there. When a president promises to stop torture, close down detention centers, end wars, bring the troops home, stand up for the poor and middle class, pledges to defend and protect the Constitution then does the exact opposite how can anyone in their right mind wave a flag with a donkey on it? How can one wave the American Flag with pride considering the fact that America was hijacked a long time ago. The Republic was taken over by the US corporation  yet few know the difference. To top it off those who claim our prez is the messiah judge and condemn anyone who questions the obvious contradictions as bigoted and unspiritual. Correct me if I am wrong but torture, murder, lies and deceptions are not the path of a messiah. Bailing out the money changers and leaving the poor many of which have already lost their, jobs, homes, some even their families does not seem to be the actions of a messiah. There are times all we have left to deal with this monumental ignorance and brain washing is humor yet even this is seen as bigoted and unspiritual. Common sense is God sense. You were given a mind to discern truth and a heart to feel truth. We all have a built in BS meter yet forgot how to use it. Some fear looking at their own fears and even fear looking at negativity. This is completely unbalanced. As we have said again and again enlightenment is to be in knowledge of the whole enchilada. The good, bad and in-between.  It does not make one more spiritual to live in denial and fear which includes the fear of looking at negativity.
There are universal principles and understandings necessary for a healthy society and environment. Our institutions have failed miserably to adhere to these universal principles. Our governments, business and religious institutions have not honored or brought about Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. In fact they have brought about just the opposite. Has the War Industry brought about peace? Has the Pharmaceutical Industry brought about health? Has the Oil Industry brought about clean earth friendly technology? Have the Religions brought about universal peace and unity?  How long can this charade continue? As long as the masses remain ignorant, follow blindly and refuse to use their hearts and minds wisely this can go on indefinitely or until the collective karma comes home to roost or the environment totally collapses.

Living a life of impeccable integrity is a lost art. Using critical thinking and discernment rather than blindly following is also a lost art. Ignoring the fact that people are saying one thing and doing something completely opposite is pure ignorance. Judging and condemning people pointing it out to you is beyond ignorance. There needs to be another word even beyond ignorance for those who attack those who are trying to get things back on track in alignment with Universal Principles and Understandings necessary for a healthy society and environment. You cant go much lower than that unless of course you lie, deceive, torture, murder, steal, enslave then become exalted to the highest positions in leadership where people worship you, wave flags and make excuses for your behavior. We wonder why the Masters, Saints, Sages, Spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders are not tapping us on the shoulder. Some of us don't wonder at all and some of us are being tapped on the shoulder. Time to wake up and end the delusion. The old matrix is falling apart, the illusions are crumbling and it is time to take a long hard look with brutal honesty who we align with and if we and they are truly aligned with Universal Law.  Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all is the new grid.  It is not going to be handed to us we are going to have to create it, align with it, become it. We have to wake up to the fact there are those who would like to take us in a different direction and stop being a willing participant. The Beautiful Many are assisting us in that creation seen and unseen.
Be well
James Gilliland

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