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Spiritual Contracts/Agreements

According to many channels and research from past life and inter-life regressions, we make all kinds of contracts with other souls before we incarnate. These contracts can be "significant" contracts such as agreeing to learn a main lesson, marrying a spouse, parenting a child to "lesser" contracts such as to simply give someone else an idea.

We should note that the importance of the contract is not measurable in human terms for we do not know the implications. In our example, the little idea you gave to someone whom you barely know could lead to something important.

The contracts we made in spirit are not like legally binding contracts made by humans. They are simply agreements with other souls, made out of love.

Chief Joseph (channled by John Cali):

Your "pre-incarnation contracts" bear little resemblance to your earthly contracts. In fact, we would not even call them contracts. They are simply non-binding agreements you made, not because you didn’t trust one another, but because you loved one another and thought you might have some fun together on Planet Earth.

A good analogy would be two young children agreeing to play a game of hide-and-seek. They agree to do it because it will be fun. But if one or both later decide, after they’ve played a bit, it’s no longer fun, they quit playing.

There are also confusions over how our free will interfere with our contracts and how our spiritual guides will assist us in the contracts, to which Chief Joseph explains:

Your spirit guides are not there to ensure your "contracts" will not be broken. They are not enforcers, the "spiritual police" who ensure you obey the karmic laws. Your spirit guides have a far different and higher purpose than that.

As our letter writer said, you all have free will. You are free, whether in physical or non-physical form, to do as you please. You are totally free. No one, spirit or human, can force you to do anything you choose not to do. No one!

So, friends, instead of taking a rather rigid, legalistic view of your pre-incarnation agreements, simply see them as choices you made to play together once reincarnated again.

For that’s what you, your higher selves, intended before you incarnated -- simply to have fun playing amidst all the diversity and contrast your Mother Earth affords you.

Source: Chief Joseph Newsletter (12 August 2008)
Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll) has also suggested that contracts can be changed if we wish:

If you do nothing, it (contract) will fulfill itself to the degree you pursue it. You have free choice to move around it in any way you wish, but many don't understand that you have always had free choice to also cancel it!

Another perspective suggests that you may want to honour your contract or you may regret when you transit from your human life to spirit later. However, this regret is personal and not deemed as something wrong by higher guides or peers since they do not judge you. An example is that a soul could have incarnated to learn to take back his power. However, he did not learn his lesson and continue to be oppressed by others in the lifetime. Hence, he may choose to incarnate again to learn that lesson.

Canceling Contracts

People often find themselves doing things in their lives that they know aren't appropriate for them to do, but they do them anyway because they somehow feel obligated to a particular person or organization or institution; that is, they feel like they owe them something. Since we have found that most of our impacted behavioral patterns come from past lives, we have noticed that most patterns having to do with obligation come from contracts that were entered into in past lives (and are somehow still in force or at least still being adhered to) or were simply downloaded from other dimensions.

We feel that these contracts, ones that bind people to service that limits their free-will, are not conducive to a sovereign spiritual path and should be cancelled forthwith immediately.

Repeat three times daily for three weeks

"I revoke, rescind and cancel all contracts, agreements, pacts, blood oaths, fealty oaths, or any other bonds made by association on a religious, friendship, family, military, work, society (secret or otherwise) or any other level, to anyone or anything in the past, present or future, that bind me to perform according to the will of anyone or anything but myself, according to my own highest source and intuition. I do this on all levels, all dimensions, all time space continuums and all realities in existence and non-existence.

I will now invoke a contract to live life in the flow and to have joy and abundance that is unlimited and ever-present. So be it."

If you feel or hear anything that you can add for yourself to the above statement, please feel free to do so.

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