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SPIRALS ~ The Federation of Light ~ … they are brought forth to assist the changes in your earthly vibration.

SPIRALS ~ The Federation of Light ~ … they are brought forth to assist the changes in your earthly vibration.


Are we ready to Rock and Roll?


Let us begin our discourse with you this day by stating some facts which may be of interest to those of you interested in certain matters at this time.


By all means.


First of all we wish to dispel all rumours of what may or may not be configurations in your skyline … which at this time are causing quite a stir.


You are speaking of the spirals?


Indeed. And yet we would be so bold as to share with you that what you are seeing now is but a mere dot compared to that which is to come.'


Can you explain to us what they are ( I have purposely not read up anyone else’s explanation so as not to be influenced … apart from the news stating they are missiles /rockets etc … which doesn’t ring True for me!) How would you explain them to us?


We would call them energy ‘bubbles’. That which you are able to see is minimal compared to what is actually there. The vibration of these ‘bubbles’ is of a frequency that is condensed so as to be able to ‘work’ in your atmosphere. What you see are the end trails of an energy that is literally ‘Lighting up your world’. That which you cannot see is doing what it must do on a scale whose accuracy is something that you are as yet unable to comprehend.


Accuracy of what … what is it is doing that it must do?


It is recalibrating the new energy that has entered your world and merging the old energy within it in order for it to blend and ‘mature’.


Sounds like an old cheese!!!


And yet we would make similar comparison. For you see, it is when one is left to ripen with age that the most succulent flavour is received by the taste buds. Although you are letting go of that which no longer serves you must understand too that much of you … the Truth of who you are … will always be with you. It will BE with you for it is you. Therefore although you are letting go of the old and allowing the new to enter in, you are also blending the ‘age of your TRUTH’ with the new energy which in its Truth is a certain fraction of that which you were to begin with.

These spirals are not only for you to wonder at … that is not their purpose, although it is pleasurable … they are brought forth to assist the changes in your earthly vibration. What you appear to see is nothing compared to that which it is actually accomplishing.
They are changing the energy within and around you on a level that is not measurable, yet think of these swirling energy bubbles for a moment and would you not say they make you take a deeper breath ? Would you not say you can FEEL the energy contained if you take a moment to connect?

These spiral Lights shall begin to appear throughout your world … in places that may seem most unlikely. They are placed at certain points on the grid and within these energy points, are able to magnify that which they are .


Who ‘sends’ them?


We do.



It is not of great difficulty. This is not our way. The intense energy contained therein is what we would say … pressurised. It is nurtured and concentrated upon. We also use the word ‘concentrated’ in both its terms. We concentrate upon it to build up the energy and we then concentrate the energy in order for it to be released when it merges within your atmosphere.


Excuse my ignorance … but do you eject it from your vessel? Do you chuck it out the window? What? How?


We send it through thought form. We transport it from the chamber in which we have energised it, by thought … and then release it into the exact spot that is intended for it/them.

You know … not only do they contain the coordinates for their position and their journey (for as we have said, much of it … as it travels … is unseen) but it also contains OUR LOVE. A degree of LOVE that is now Higher than before. When we began communication with you , we let you know of the Love that was penetrating into your atmosphere …as it has been doing for eons of time. And yet NOW… as we draw closer to the New World we are able to filter through to you at a purer strength … LOVE that is US … LOVE that is YOU … yet you have not been able to FEEL this level of yourselves for such a long time.



Yes, I can. I can FEEL how I have moved on/up within myself. It is not easy to explain, and yet my FEELING knows the difference.

Could I move on to a different subject which so many are concerned about at this time, and this is regarding the oil spill? The devastating effect it is having on our wildlife and our oceans … could you talk to us about that ... If it is appropriate for you please?


First we would say to you regarding the feathered friends and all other life form that regard your oceans as part of their home … for those who have seemingly been smothered and all breath been taken from them … it is for you to know that their energy is now transformed into Light and they are free.

There is a change to come within these circumstances that will be of shock value, for no-one could have for seen the outcome. And yet we say to you , that your prayers , your offerings of LOVE to this matter are far more valuable than any discussions that are taking place. Discussions can be discussed and often taken no further. They are not always utilised, for no agreement can be mastered. BUT PRAYER, BLESSINGS, LOVE … in the knowledge of the TRUTH of what YOU ARE and what LOVE IS can go straight to the heart of the matter. INSTANTLY. Remember too, that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE. There are no mistakes. No accidents. Life is unfolding down its pathway.


I FEEL some may find that this particular event cannot be termed as ‘meant to be’?


And yet … we would dispute that fact. For as we have said many times before … You are unable to see what is taking place upon your planet from the position WE are in. If you were able to, your opinions on MOST matters that you find alarming would instantly transform.

Use this situation as an opportunity. A reason to experiment with this Higher degree of Love that you are becoming … that you are. For when you KNOW it, the energy of TRUTH within that knowing ... can perform miracles. Miracles are simply KNOWING your power and using it. When you KNOW THAT ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE … TRULY KNOW IT … then there would be no concern. Perhaps it is time for those upon your planet to begin to experiment on a deeper level of themselves. To come from a deeper place of KNOWING and TRUSTING in these Ascending days that are spoken about.

Many of you are waiting, waiting, waiting … maybe it is time for YOU to put a STOP to that waiting … and act now. BE WHO YOU ARE … NOW.

You speak of days ahead that are to be wondrous. We encourage you to know this as TRUTH. And yet, it is only YOU who can bring these days about. It is only YOU that can BE involved in the display of these days that you desire.

It is time NOW … It is time to BE. Time to stop believing and to KNOW without doubt, without question ... YOUR LIGHT. Then it is for you to USE that LIGHT. To send it out to those places that are in such great need. Places of utter darkness where no Light has been allowed to enter in for so long.


Send your energy to assist parts of your planet that need your Love on a grand scale. Make it an ongoing surge that constantly streams LIGHT and LOVE from your being into these places of sadness. A conscious stream of energy that flows continuously from your Being. A consciousness that … just is. Allow it to deliver the energy from you ... to the core of the issues that confront your world. For when it can reach the heart of the matter, it can then melt the outer shell that protects Love from entering in. Together as ONE you have the ability to break down the barriers and once through to the inner sanctuary, allow LOVE to do its work. Reach deep inside. … for healing the surface will not sustain its wellbeing.



Words yet again fail. Yet we ask you to FEEL that which we are wishing to express through them. FEEL what we are trying to tell you. FEEL it in your hearts’ core … for there, when it is felt … you will find you KNOW … you understand the depth of TRUTH that we are reminding you of. That is all we are /have been doing … reminding you of who you are and why you came. Your sleep has allowed forget/fullness. But as you arise from your deep slumber , your memories too are awakened, bringing with them the remembrance of THE LOVE that allows all knowledge … ALL Truth to once again be honoured and embraced.


It is not only time to take action… I know too, it is time to close for today. I know I speak for many when I say Thank you. And Thank you seems so inadequate.


Yet we are able to FEEL the meaning behind it. In the same way we desire you to do the same with that which we bring forth. It is OUR TRUTH.


And it FEELS very much like it is mine also. And yet I understand it may not be everyone’s. And that is the wonderful thing about TRUTH … it is our own.

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Indeed after the appearing of the spirals the air was so much cleaner, I smell it and the air was so easy on my eyes, so wonderful and so very comfortable ...
And I feel it in my body and the way my skull is pulling ... they are very very NEAR ...
Thank You dearest Kerrie and Blossom and THANK YOU Federation of Light ... I welcome you with open arms :)))
Let there be LIGHT LOVE and LAUGHTER for everybody to receive xxx

Wow Kerrie what is happening, I read your words out load and I felt my whole body as a volume of only LOVE , I closed my eyes and the next Breath was bringing me a feeling that was AWE ... amazing realy amazing , I Love You Sweet Girl Kerrie and Thank You for this beautiful moment of true Love :)))
Wow- that is brilliant!
Thank you for sharing!
Love+ Hugs
thanks Kerrie ,for these important infos ):):)
..sweet lady that You truly are. Namaste.
Kerrie, I was wondering what you thought about this... it may seem a silly question to some, but do you think the GFL, that Sheldan Nidle 'represents' are the same bunch talking to Blossom? Thanks Kerrie.
Thank you Kerrie for the considered answer, helpful.
thaks Blossom and Karrie for the post. Very interesting points shared by Blossom and the star brothers :)
"We would call them energy ‘bubbles’". This turns out to be very probably a lie, which means that either the GFL are telling fibs or that, more likely, Blossom Goodchild is a fraud. Sorry, but the evidence speaks for itself. Sad.
Here is some more info on the Falcon 9 rocket, the only reservation I have now about this man made phenomenon is why are we suddenly seeing spirals in 2010, and not in the past when rockets have been launched, perhaps they are using a new fuel mix.

Kerrie said:
Just click on the video heading simone it will take you to the video

Simone said:
I'm having trouble watching that video Patrick , heat is the gist of it or do you have a link to you tube? Sometimes the videos seem to play better for me there. Thanks
Thank you so much for sharing these conversations, they give me great hope and faith in the love and light of all together and my love and light as important to the whole.
Namaste, Jan Aebi

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