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This is a channel done by my daughter, from ArchAngel Gabriel:

These Angels of the Earth are most disturbed about the polution. You know an Angel of the Earth, by "Grandpa Michael" (what she calls ArchAngel Michael).

Michael is the only known ArchAngel of the "Angels of the Earth".

Angels of the Earth help flowers to grow, rivers to flow, and trees to have leaves. Other things too.

Some of The Angels of the Earth are Guinevere (Your mom), Adrianne (you), Arthur (Jeremiah), and Michael. You are one of US. Please help the Earth.

"Uncle Gabriel"

[This channel was done while she was in the other room, getting ready for bed. She brought it out to us to read. Gabriel has asked me very nicely to post this, this evening. I am doing as guided. I do not yet know any more of what the deeper meaning behind some of this is. Hopefully We will have more for every one soon.]

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It is nice that everyone is entitled to the archangel Gabriel ...
Btw how old is your daughter ?

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