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I do not condone anything being said or done at SOSOE, but why should what they say or think matter? After everything that has been said here about ego and loving one another, SOSOE should not bother anyone. Don't they have the right to post and talk about what they believe in as well? If they think we are full crap then let them think that. I really would like to see the turmoil stop and continue on to find the truth about life. Brad don't let them get to you, keep on doing what you are doing.

-love to you all

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Dear ian
It must be said even of the heart ...
If you really concerned with the SaviorsofEarth, why you place an article right here and why you don't answer to the post Brad has made ...
What generally goes on at SOSOE is ok i guess, in the sense that its ok that they are expressing them selves in their own place which is fine. what inst ok, or at least it dosnt sit well with me is that they are always looking over, looking for areas of 'discussion' which unfortunately seems quite often to be some form of ridicule.

SOSOE has become like a 'bigbrother' and i feel unnerved having them looking over shoulder so to speak.
I mean well yea :DEveryone just stop puting energy to SOSOE and by that u wont be attached to that bad energy soo u can live peacefully :) More u attach worse it will be :) Just think how will that serve u?
right on man. Just try to enjoy life how it is as best you can. Don't let the griefers get to ya man. Thinks will get better soon. You have done wonderful things and have woken so many up. Keep it up man.

Brad Johnson said:
My letter to SoSoE:

Sean, I must compliment you man...The days of 2001...Our wrestling days in the backyard...Wow...What memories.

Remember when Eric threw you out of the ring and you didn't know how to take a bump properly and you bruised your chest running off almost crying like a baby?...Or how the guys at FWF accused you of hurtful insults...

Or how about the time where the day I just left Cara and you were so relieved that I left her. You admitted she was a control freak, wouldn't give me space...You and Cayla would always talk about how controlling she was and how it must relieving it must of felt for me to be away from her. You remember that?...Now look at you...Right on Cara's side even though you were optimistic about me moving on from her as she was no longer the attention grabber, the control freak...

But all that aside...It seems that so many people here are envious of my old days. To where I was writing science fiction, making video games...All that good stuff...And that's what you guys want me to turn back into? And what if I don't? What if I choose to stay who I am now?...You'll continue to insult me? You'll continue to stalk me? You'll continue to belittle me until I concede and say, okay everyone, I'll go back to 2001 Brad. I'll go back to the time that was most painful in my life. The time where so much of everything within me was missing. That I'll completely ignore the new discoveries within myself, and go back to being as selfish, conceited and hateful as every single one of you on this website.

Is your anger all based upon how I ended things with my wife? Do you truly believe that I left my wife just so I could pursue this? Is that what you think? Gee, Greg sure thought that...I guess that shows how reliable you all are with your information.

Or because I seduce women with my fake powers right? That I abandon my children and are completely heartless right?

Can I ask all of you a question?...What is your fascination with my personal life if you don't mind me asking? Is it because I'm popular from a new age community with beliefs the completely contradict all of yours and that makes me public enemy #1? That I have awoken to this new discovery of spirituality and move past my old belief systems, you all make it your job to try to bring me back to who I once was? Wow...Sounds like the role of a team of Gods to me.

So ask me this...Why are you all not working on perfecting your own lives? Why is Saviors of Saviors of Brad all so concerned with how I live mine? Am I a Brad Pitt to you? Do you want to know which way my toilet paper roll is hung in my bathroom next? Do you want to film me taking a crap next? Because it's about as stupid as what you're all posting here.

Are you telling me that all your lives are so dismal, that you have to spend every waking moment on this site to see what I am up to? That none of you even contribute anything to helping out other people, whereas your favorite past time to exploit others, mock them, laugh at them, insult them, pray upon them, embarrass them, humiliate them..That is your past time?

And you think I want to become something like you? That I should come back to be some one whom you respect relative to the actions you all bring out? What exactly are you saving here? Why have you assigned the role to yourselves to save anybody? The last I checked...Ridicule, blame, hate, stalking, insulting people isn't saving them...So why are you called the saviors of saviors of earth? You haven't saved anybody. You can't even save yourselves. Your insecurities are through the roof. You have been successful at one thing though. You have created a tremendously successful cult site. Where everyone here is full of vengeance, anger, jealousy, hate...Where you stalk others...

Do you know what? If what I'm doing is wrong and what you guys are doing is right...I don't ever want to be right again. This site has literally made me physically nauseous. All of you have literally made me sick to my stomach...Especially the people I have known for years...Sean, Greg...The both of you truly make me sick...I think it is absolutely disgusting how you have behaved. Thinking that acting the way you have is going to save me and bring me back to the old me. That is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard...."Let's bring Brad back by trashing him...Let's make fun of him...Then he'll have no choice but to come back the way he was, have us force him to go back into his marriage, an already failed relationship...Pretend that he's happy, then we can all go back and make fun of some one else...Boy what a kick!"

By looking at this site, I have truly seen the lower side of humanity. You all have the capability to be so much more, yet you hide behind this website to be the armchair quarterback instantly judging everything that you do not understand because you don't bother to experience it yourself...Who here has ever attempted channeling? Who here has ever attempted loving other people, doing charity work, helping consoling others with painful situations...Have spread on their own personal good faith in helping others as well as themselves dissolve their bitterness and hate...A show of hands?....Yeah I thought so.

This community that is solely defined as a "Hate Cult" has got a lot of growing up to do. When I make events in my life that don't pan out for me, it is my business to fix them and put them back together. It is not up to any of you. How I repair my relationships, how I pursue my personal life, what I decided to do in this life, is my own free choice just like all of you have the freedom to do what you wish to do. I know what baggage I need to clear up, and I am working to clear up that baggage whether you all believe me or not. Now I suggest you all worry about clearing up your own baggage. Living your own lives. Contributing rather than destroying. Helping rather than critisizing. Saving yourself rather than attempt a contradiction of saving other saviors...Look in the mirror and see what you are, and live through your own life, not some one else's.

Brad Johnson.
I took a look at soSoE and it didn't make me happier . So many very low vibrations. I saw that Deuxes put the word directed to me, why I wanna be good friends with Brad . Now mister Deuxes I will tell you. Yes indeed, I doubt very first to the capabilities of Brad. I thought how can that well, so many skills in such a short time. I meditated and meditated I felt nothing. . But now I know that I was rather jealous and frustrated because it did not want to succeed.

A few weeks later after my mail contact with Deuxes, the unexpected happened, I had a out of body experience and I was completely woophi, glad I was so happy. That moment was for me a move. I have a couple times a out of body experience and I received the light (probably my activation of the pinal gland). It must be very clear, Brad thank you for all the good advice and examples. Even though you do not want hear this, but I put u on a pedestal. So close your mouth mister Deuxes and get yourself to work and try a good meditation. Brad has many to offer in this.

Namaste SoE

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