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Please go to this site and send a small blurb to your senator and congressman.  The site will find yours based on your zip code and take you right to the form to send a message.  It is real easy.  If you disagree with SOPA and PIPA then please take the time to send a quick message to them.  You don't even have to look them up.  Just put in your zip code and you are done.

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I wanted to sign the Petition not learn about Elvis.



Stop internet censorship!

CREDO is joining hundreds of organizations in a one-day strike against internet censorship. We're doing this because the Senate is poised to vote on a bill that would end the internet as we know it.

If it passes, the "Protect IP Act" (and its companion bill in the House, "SOPA") could put people in jail for uploading a video to YouTube and would severely limit our right to free speech.

This bill has been rushed through Congress because big corporate interests like Comcast, Pfizer, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have spent millions of dollars lobbying for this censoring legislation.1

Tell your senators to protect our free and open internet and oppose the Protect IP Act.

This legislation gives corporations and the government the ability to determine what information you can consume on the internet -- a dangerous practice which, when committed by the Chinese and Iranian governments, is denounced by the American people and almost all of our elected representatives.

Internet companies including Google, Mozilla, Facebook, and Twitter, say that "the bills as drafted would expose law-abiding U.S. internet and technology companies to new uncertain liabilities, private rights of action, and technology mandates that would require monitoring of web sites."2

Tell your senators to protect our free and open internet and oppose the Protect IP Act.

Right now, only a small number of Democratic senators are standing up to corporate interests and voicing opposition to the bill. And the only way we can stop this outright attack on the free internet is to have more senators commit to vote against the legislation. No matter whether your senators are Republicans or Democrats, it is important that you urge them to take a stand for internet freedom.

We need your senators to come out in opposition to this bill and vote against internet censorship.

Tell your senators to protect our free and open internet and oppose the Protect IP Act.

1."Five things to know about SOPA," The Washington Post, 11-16-2011. 2. "Mozilla Fights for the Internet's Future," Mozilla Blog, 11-15-2011.

Sign the petition

The petition reads:

"I urge you to protect our free and open internet and oppose the Protect IP Act. This bill would allow corporations and the government to control Americans' ability to access information online and is a clear violation of individual rights."

Complete the following to sign the petition. You'll receive periodic updates on offers and activism opportunities.

I did sign.Even though I hate to say it way more than a pettition to stop these organized criminals who are posing as representitives of the people they were elected with the banking cartels backing.they belong in jail.

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