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I don't even know how to explain this please bear with me

I literally just woke up minutes ago feeling extremely strange, I've never felt like this before. I "feel" like I'm feeling something other than me.

I tried to put it in perspective by thinking basic thoughts and making sure it was "me" who was doing the thinking, but something else kept pushing at me

I started to think of ego based things to test out what was going on, and every time I did I kept getting the feeling of something else and it was as if it was telling me that what I was thinking wasn't important

I tried to relax and ask myself if this was my higher self/spirit/whatever have you telling me something, and I got no direct answer but that feeling was still pushing at me

I got up and looked into the mirror and washed my face, as if to see if it was still "me" there

I ran to go listen to some solfeggio frequencies thinking that it would calm me down and put things in perspective, I can't really explain, for every thought I was having another feeling would arise but it wasn't like positive or negative, it was just something other than my own head for lack of a better term

The last thing I looked at last night before I went to bed was that crop circle Brad posted, and immediately I thought something was up so I ran to check the cropcircleconnector site to see if there was a new one, which they're wasn't (maybe later today?)

I also had some intense dreams last night but I can't recall them right now

Something was activating in me and I dunno what it was but it was joyful and confusing at the same time

Can someone explain if possible or maybe something similar happened to others this morning? I was going crazy earlier, I think it's settled down now

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I haven't been sleeping very well the last few days and have been waking up feeling a bit strange. Nothing like that though. I also have been having some strange intense dreams. Lots of love to ya
Dear R.L

Do you have a struggle with words also, what I mean is, you know what you want to say but it's coming wrong out of your mouth. Just like you lost the correct way of speaking.
Because I had that feeling of confusion a few weeks ago when I woke up, some words I could not remember and when I tried it sounded so blurrie, it took 3 days for sure and it was really uncomfortable ...
This happens to me sometimes after a long dream where I am not myself. What I do is find something in my room that has allot of meaning behind it. For instance, I have had this one pillow case that I sleep on since I was an infant. Another is a medal that i had bought, which i never thought I would find, that has helped me with allot of problems. Another thing I recommend is if you have cologne or some clothes that smells of someone you really care about, to keep it near your bed when you wake up. If anything the smell of it will possibly remind you of who you are.
Ok I know what's going on I'm a medium and this stuff happens to me all the time; in all likely hood a spirit (or something else of the nature) is trying to start communications with you. judging by what you wrote the spirit seems harmless, (most spirits who mean harm don't want you knowing they exist so any spirit getting your attention in a non violent way is a good sign, at least form my experience). I would encourage you to try and talk to it, try automatic writing, that seems popular with the SOE crowd, or there are other means of communicating with it if you so choose.

I can give you instructions that may help if you choose to try and contact it, it's probably still near you, any way think it though and your not going crazy and your not in any danger so you can relax.
thanks everyone, and thanks Alex, I had a feeling it was something like that

could you give me some instructions on how to pursue it further? it was so fleeting I can barely recall it, and I wasn't dreaming or lucid dreaming, I was wide awake
R.L said:
thanks everyone, and thanks Alex, I had a feeling it was something like that
could you give me some instructions on how to pursue it further? it was so fleeting I can barely recall it, and I wasn't dreaming or lucid dreaming, I was wide awake

sure I will send you an email some time or make a post about how to do it
What I have noticed is a definate change physically. My sleeping, eating, feeling....just about everything that I have always been is changing recently. There is definately something in the air. I am starting to think that we are starting to physically become who and what we are to be. As I live next to Edwards Airforce Base I am not expecting to be allowed to see much so I keep an internal eye on. I have also subtly asked others how they are feeling and it seems that many others are experiencing the same strangeness physically, and apprehension (excitement). I also find myself purging more emotionally, but the last few times "they" spoke to me. Don't worry, you are far from crazy :)
This is completely normal for anyone who is moving with these Ascension frequencies - but it really can feel like you are going crazy when it first happens. You were feeling your higher self for the first time - it feels like there are two people inside you - and at first the two people feel so different, strange - it's difficult to know which one is really 'you' (of course they both are you but one is physical, the other is the multi dimensional aspect of you & is not subject to linear time) So is this your guide? Your Angel? An extra terrestrial? A Spirit trying to connect with you? Yes - all of those things......if it keeps you more centred to just think of it being one of these things then do so - but it is all. Brad's advice is excellent (except that I would add that this is inward AND outward :) .....again - one and the same thing) Working on centering yourself here is very important 7 & remain grounded and in 'the real world' as much as you can (do normal things - watch a film, go for a walk, make a cup of tea etc - easier said than done when this happens I know - but it is easy to "freak yourself out" - it's also normal to do so & is part of the learning process - you will learn quickly, you have done this before)

When you feel ready to contact the Angel/Guide/Spirit/ET/your higher self - then these two videos will help - they are an excellent base to start communication. As I said it will happen quickly, that is the nature of these current energies in 2009 - when it does come on quickly - just tell your higher self to take it slower - to take it at a pace you are ready for. It's a new relationship - between you & your higher self & it takes practise but believe me - your higher self is the best friend you could ever have and will look out for you like no one you have ever known in waking life - your higher self has a vested interest in your progression, for you are your higher self "in the past"

videos attached - any questions message me
Peace & happy awakening
Magenta Pixie :)

wow thanks a lot, I had the feeling that that's exactly what it was, I don't recall invoking on it though

but actually maybe a day or two before, I did try to ask a divine, positive, only of light higher being/spirit/guide to assist me or to just appear so that I can know it's real, so maybe a got a little answer

I'll try your advice though and I'll give feedback
When you figure it out would you please share? I have had something similar myself.
:):):) I think it's happening to so many people and will spread more and more .
--Tonight I have experienced greatest love energies like never before,such a feeling that I just loved everything I saw around me,got in the terrace and hugged and kissed my flowers,they were never so sweet and lovely for me to kiss them with tears in my eyes. I always love flowers but never like this time. ...such an awesome feeling,everything seemed so beautiful,so close to me. ...ahh stars they seemed too lovely.
--By the way,many times lately I'm waking up at night ,and I'm seeing patterns of light on the ceiling and sometimes cloud-like ball moves away from me ,and everything vanishes away as soon as I get my thoughts on to it,leaving me seeing a blue light for awhile and than it goes away too. I'm not afraid at all,but I know something is preparing my body for something for sure. ..Recently I read a post here at SOE was from Higher beings stating just the same,that our bodies are also being prepared by higher beings when we are asleep.
@ LadyDreamWolf, wish I could help but to this day I don't really understand what happened and it hasn't happened again since

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