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It seems that astronomers involved in the search for the unknown planet Nibiru often not getting so old.
All of these deaths could be indications that there is something for us to hide, something we must never know.
Someone who is absolutely convinced of the existence of the planet Nibiru was the former head of NASA astronomer, Dr. Robert Harrington. In an interview with Zecharia Sitchin on August 30, 1990, Harrington shows that Sitchin is probably right with his theory about Nibiru and discuss both the elliptical orbit of this unknown planet.

In 1991 Harrington left with a telescope to New Zealand to capture from there the approaching planet Nibiru. He stayed there a total of nearly two years taking of footage and everything he produced was sent to Washington. According to people who knew him stood Harrington in January 1993 about the world to see what he had discovered.

However, although Harrington until then had nothing flawed, he was diagnosed with a rare form of esophageal cancer was detected and strangely Harrington death within days. What are the chances that a healthy man in New Zealand quite heavy physical work performed within a few days dies of cancer? Harrington's wife, Betty, is convinced that her husband was murdered. Immediately after the death of Harrington was the telescope quickly removed or as a colleague put it: "almost before he was cold."

There was also in the same period a radio announcer in Houston, Chuck Shramek, who claimed that he had pictures of the unknown planet Nibiru and, strangely enough, he also died on the same type of cancer and in much the same way as Robert Harrington. Chuck was also a regular guest in the popular Art Bell show.

Someone who had frequent contact with Robert Harrington was the geologist and astronomer Eugene Shoemaker. Is named after him that he discovered the comet, the Schoemaker-Levy9. He too had gone to the southern hemisphere to do research and he died in 1997 under mysterious circumstances. In the case of Schoemaker was not cancer, but a car accident. The only information that was available was the fact that it is a Jeep accident went and there was no autopsy done. Reportedly burned Shoemaker's laboratory the day after the accident to the ground.

Dead astronomers can no longer tell stories, and in that context, there are more dead astronomers regrettable. All had directly or indirectly connected with an unknown planet. So there were twenty people were killed in 1999 when they were on a cable car to an observatory. The cable broke and everyone was killed. Among the dead were a number of astronomers who had ties with the Vatican and with their infrared dishes were on their way to study Nibiru.

In 2004, when a van crashed in a ravine at the Mount Wilson obervatorium in California, six people were killed. The same observatory just had some revealing pictures of planet Nibiru that were leaked to the press.
There are many other naming astronomers by "accident" or "rare diseases" in recent years to have died as Marc Aronson, Kevin Beurle, Dr. Richard Crowe, Walter Steiger, Brian Geoffrey Marsden and Allan Rex Sandage. The last two died shortly after each other, lived thousands of miles away from each other and both died at a very rare disease (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis).

This year there are already a number of suspicious deaths among astronomers. As in May this year in Chile, the Japanese professor Koh-Ichiro Morita. He was the victim of a robbery have become. He was found unconscious outside his apartment, was taken to hospital and died six hours later. The official statement was a blow to the head and that while bystanders stated that no injury was seen.

In January this year, dies unexpectedly British astrophysicist Steven Rawlings of the University of Oxford. His body was found in a bungalow in the village of Southmoor, near Oxford. There was someone arrested, but later released on bail.

Is it all happening by chance? It could, of course, although the probability that that it is not is so many times greater. And if it is no coincidence, then, everything reasonably convincing in the direction that we, the people living on Planet Earth, under no circumstances may know that an unknown planet is on the edge of, or even in our solar system is.

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Trudy thanks for posting ... I do believe there is something out there...

thank you
...yep,  that's out there 'something' for sure !
....sweet love to you Dearest Trudy :)

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