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I am getting a little concerned with what is happening in Mexico. They say that there is a swine flu pandemic, the WHO has now raised the threat of a pandemic to level 5. My concern is WHY are all the reported deaths due to swine flu only in Mexico? YES I hear very sadly that a very young child has died in the US, but this child had just came back from Mexico City! There are a lot of reports of people returning from Mexico to their original countries of origin, but they only have mild cases of the flu and are only passing on mild cases, nobody elses health in ANY country has been reported as life threatening? It doesn't add up, something fishy is going on, are the Mexican people also being exposed to something else that ISN'T being reported? Your thoughts please....

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I read on another site today that the strain released in Mexico was more deadly as punishment for a tiff between the CIA and Mexico's drug cartel. Sounds plausible.

Read David Wilcock's latest posts regarding this over exposed hyped swine flu hoax.

It's a smokescreen.

Look in the back pages for the real news, the articles that are being drowned out by the mexican flu hype.

Such as the one admitting that the US economy is doing worse than predicted (contraction of 6.3 percent as opposed to the predicted 5) in the first quarter, and the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates at a mind boggling 0 to 0.25 percent in a desperate last ditch effort to keep the dollar afloat.
It could be something like a flu that the people in Mexico do not have defenses for. Kinda like the Aztecs and chicken pox.. Also the boy that died in TX was from Mexican heritage. Or maybe they just aren't going to the doctor on time as in an article I read (on MSN) that this virus can be cured if treated the first two days. What I dont understand is why I haven't heard of cases of Mexicans that have been cured. I also will look in to more of this and send prayers to all.

good point Simone

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