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Understanding the process
The following will make you understand the reasons and implications of Ascension

Your physical DNA determines many of your physical and physiological characteristics. As you progress through the shift your DNA is being activated from the 3 strands that currently define humanity to the 12 strands that are available to you as your energetic vibration is increased. But you also have emotional DNA that is connected to your physical DNA and the two affect each other. In order to speed up the manifestation of the DNA activation your emotional DNA issues require healing. This is where the Solfeggio Frequencies come to aid to break up crystallized emotional patterns.

Your emotional DNA is the storehouse of your emotional memories from all of your lifetimes. It also contains the karma and lessons that you have with your soul group. It is what directs many of your thoughts, beliefs and much of your behavior. Your emotional DNA plays an important part in how you create your reality. When you are faced with people, situations or experiences that recall past memories your emotional DNA is activated as are your karma and karmic patterns and all behavior associated with them.

The activation of your physical DNA will trigger issues associated with the emotional DNA. This triggering process occurs because the activation of additional strands of DNA and the increased vibrations you experience remove support for the emotional DNA and its patterns. The situations and issues that arise are indicators to you that activation is occurring and there is healing to be done. It may seem that the closer you come to activation the more difficulties you experience, as in a healing crisis. This is because you can now be aware of the emotional DNA patterns and are being shown what needs to be healed, released and transformed.

Your emotional DNA is what binds you to your soul group and when it is healed you are able to reconcile with them for the emotional energy that exists between you has been transformed. And with this energetic clearing you are free to choose the range of emotions you will experience. If your emotional DNA contained anger, sadness, fear or sorrow, you can choose new emotions for your reality as you are no longer under the direction of your emotional DNA's memories. As you progress through your activation be aware of the emotions that you are presented with. They are there for healing and release as part of the DNA activation process that will bring you to enlightenment, evolution, peace and unconditional love.

Recoding Our DNA: Dimensional Shifts

Our entire solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy, has now entered a highly charged portion of space. We are immersed within the Photon Belt (Menasic Radiation), a period of intense light we first entered in the late 1990s and in which we will remain for a 2,000 year period. During this remarkable time the energies from the Photon Belt are triggering a complete reordering of life as we know it. This occurs because photon light energy has the capacity to lift all of life into a higher frequency dimension as it carries the seeds for the enlightenment of all.

The atomic structures within the cells of our bodies are slowly re-tuning themselves to match these rising frequencies. We are shifting from a third dimensional carbon based body (from one that matches the atomic frequency and spin of carbon) to a fifth or higher dimensional crystalline body or light body (to one that matches the atomic frequency and spin of crystal) So too the bodies of animals, plant life and all upon and within the earth are making this transition as is our entire galaxy.

As the process of rebuilding our light bodies continues we will slowly begin to notice the effects of becoming fully conscious or multi dimensional. This state will come about when our 12 strands of DNA have finally been re-fused, reconnected and activated. We will then experience life within the consciousness of multi- dimensionality. In this level of consciousness we could live in the third dimension while retaining our connection and relationships with beings in the higher realms.

We will no longer be cut off from other dimensions as we presently are and we will operate from a state of heart centred compassion, (Christ consciousness) This will happen regardless of which dimension we find ourselves inhabiting. Eventually we will learn how to live successfully in a galactic society and ultimately in a universal society At the present time most humans have two active strands of DNA, represented by an intertwined double helix.

Some persons have developed and integrated three or more strands and a large number of new babies presently being born have many strands of active DNA. A simple blood test can verify this fact. Each of the 12 DNA strands represents one of the twelve aspects of multi-dimensional consciousness. Three DNA strands represent and govern the physical body, another three are concerned with the emotional body, another three with the mental body and the remaining three with the spiritual body. All these aspects are represented in our bodies as new neural pathways to the brain~

They are connected and nourished through the endocrine system of ductless glands. These glands work in tandem with the energy vortexes within our bodies known as the chakra system. When all neural pathways are working freely with our chakra system they will provide the conduit to the higher realms, resulting in our experience of multi-dimensional consciousness.

The DNA Strands and Endocrine Glands

Each of the following twelve DNA strands represents one of the twelve aspects of multi-dimensional consciousness.

Strand 1:
Courage to move ahead and integrate our fears

Strand 2:
Ability to focus on something and follow it to completion

Strand 3:
Maintaining gender balance between male /female power

Strand 4:
Balance between our energy field and the physical body

Strand 5:
Living peacefully in a state of acceptance

Strand 6:
Strength to stand in one's truth regardless of the outcome

Strand 7:
Ability to accept both our dark and light sides

Strand 8:
Ability to hold personal boundaries regardless of outcomes

Strand 9:
Ability to accept and live within a diverse community

Strand 10:
Ability to tune into and listen to one's soul or higher self

Strand 11:
Power to envision, create and manifest these visions in 3D

Strand 12:
Ability to be accepting, kind and appreciate the value in all things

And so in the recoding process each strand must be individually reconnected to each gland and then activated. This provides the DNA upgrade needed to sustain full consciousness and communication with the higher realms. These aspects are represented in physicality as new neural pathways to the brain and when the connection is completed our multi-dimensional consciousness will be fully felt and accessed.

The light from the Photon Belt entering through our pituitary and pineal glands is primarily driving this recoding process. Also we are being reconnected very slowly otherwise our physical bodies and our nervous systems could 'burn out' and we would not survive intact. We can actively co-operate in this process by trying to reach some understanding about what is happening to us.

Our ability to interact with and absorb the new frequencies of light into our physical bodies, will determine how we progress in this next step of our physical and spiritual evolution. And by carefully observing our belief systems and our actions, while using emotion and will as the fuel to advance spiritually, we will change and clear many undesirable old thought forms and patterns that no longer serve us. There are many higher beings, angelic guides, masters and Starseeds~ who are actively involved with us at this time. They are assisting each of us in this recoding process to 'stay over our feet' and not try to rush ahead. Nor is this procedure hastened by anything that we can read in a book or buy in a bottle.

It is occurring in exactly the right time frame regardless of how we might try to interfere. It is happening in response to the Divine Plan initiated by the Creator of All that Is. So relax and go with the flow, allowing all of it to manifest in its own good time. The final results will be awesome and will usher all of us into a multi-dimensional experience of living with compassion in Heaven on Earth.


*** Its not the presence of someone that gives life a beautiful meaning, its the way that someone touches your heart that gives life a beautiful meaning ***

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Wonderful information Ravi. Thank you for posting this :) love & joy to you... Dana
Hi realitycheck,

I strongly believe we receive what we are meant to receive, at the exact moment when we should have it .. simple law of the prime creator .. where the universe conspires to manifest your need to understand better what we are experiencing, when we resonate with his wishes.

Im just a messenger for what was meant to be here to help everyone .. and im glad that the post resonated with you. I had posted this article on 2012 Evolution sometime ago and I had this strong intuition that it had to be posted here right away and thats how it came about..


realitycheck said:
Oh, Dear Ravi, how fascinating that you posted this after my experiences with your frequencies today! I've noticed that with each frequency, when I am relaxed and in a space of 'thoughtlessness' (no thoughts), there is no interferenced and the frequencies massage my brain and resonate down my spine and into the organs. Each frequency, with a different vibrational rate, affects me differently. When I do manage to 'be in the moment' and not 'think', the true resonance of the frequency kicks in and travels down my spine. There are moments when I have flashes of what the frequency is 'bringing up' or shaking free from my being. Things that have been stuck in me. At one point, I simply asked to let go of all things that were irrelevant adn no longer needed, and it was like a curved lock unlocked and all this energy came out. Then I asked for me to be open to all relevant information to come, and it looked like glitter floating down to fill the space that had been vacated. Very nice. But the nicest thing is the brain massage I get from each frequency. Only when I do not resist or have thoughts do they really kick in.
The interesting thing is that those 12 things you listed - in some of the frequencies I got images of precisely what seemed to be happening, which correlated to what was listed - which is why I mentioned how coincidental your post was. Never doubt that you have done good with presenting your frequencies. I am sure the heavens are very pleased with you. blessings and love Debra

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