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Ever since I have been listening to the Solfeggio frequencies I started to see these holograms/shapes move past my eyes and I cant seem to get them to go away. Any help?

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Maybe your eyes are adjusting to see on different frequencies no? Ive also been experiencing physical symptoms like that. Im seeing my energy field sometimes when in a meditative state, but not in colour yet :P In addition another thing I noticed is that I hear high pitched pulsating frequencies alternating in both ears. My dreams have also become more intense lately. dunno if that helps you. but its good to know that we are all evolving towards the greatest aspects of ourselves. namaste ;)
NICE! just let them be.. allow
I see lights moving all the time in meditative states. At first, I thought it was nothing, until the visions evolved and I realized that I could see my aura (and I realized it was an indigo one) and the energies of love pouring through my body. Sometimes I'm also capable of seeing silhouettes, which I think that belong to beings that are assisting my ascension process.

So my advice is "don't resist it, enjoy it!"


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