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Hey guys,

Just thought I would share my experiences since October.
I started this little journey when I decided one night to look up more info on the "Nu Me" pendant I was given a few years back. On the website it said the Blossom Goodchild wore one... I thought - who the hell is she?

I found her youtube message about Oct 14 and looked at the date. It was October 14.

Anyways... that is what started me on meditation etc. I found Brad's blog site and began visiting, downloaded the ISO tones... and solfeggio freqs. Pretty amazing. really have only just realised since starting listening to the Solfeggios that I no longer have regular negative thought patterns. I now longer feel the need to criticize. And it has even extended to not wanting to listen to certain types of music anymore [with negative messages etc].

Meditation has become a nice 2 to 3 times a week escape for me. Last night, I thought I would send a bit of love to the earth [as you do] and every time I did, I got this incredible surge of energy through my body. Pretty cool.

So, I don't know what led me down this path, but life is great, I have never felt so good about myself.

Nice to meet you all!



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Hi Jen,

Try the new file as it has an additional frequency (963Hz) at the end .. it'll definitely buzz you up again !!


Jen said:
Ravi - I have been using the tones for almost two months now. Lately I haven't felt the rush of energy or love that it used to give me. I am much calmer and have been much happier. Does this mean I do not need them anymore?
Hi Jen,

M A is right.. if the new file does nothing exceptional for you.. then you need to move on.. probably to ISO Tones where you have the options of activating chakras, kundalini, telepathy, telekinesis,...

I remember posting the following on one of the threads... Consider Solfeggio as a ladder which helps you to ascend to a higher vibration.. once you reach the level it can take you to, you need to leave the ladder behind and search for other options to take you to higher vibrational levels.

Except that when you encounter another emotional 3-D problem which is hurting you.. you can cue the solfeggio and youre back on track again :)


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