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Hello everyone.

I am asking everyone here to vote for my video on the link below. Please give me a 5 star :)

If my video becomes red hot, i could reach the finals, and be in with a chance of winning the prize.
I think you can vote every 24hours so please vote as much as you can, and every click WILL help. tell your friends too! :D

So this is what i do, i play with fire lol. It feels nice to finally share my art with you all here.
Hope you enjoy :)


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I voted :) Really amazing stuff, Bishop :)
voted 5 stars, that was cool
You got one vote more
5 *
AMAZING! I would have voted 20 stars if that were possible!!! Shine on golden ray!!!
thank you all so very much :D
Do please keep going back, even the number of views will help massively!
I think this competition has literally just begun so even 100 views at this stage puts me in a great position.

Love you all


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