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Have you all ever gathered for joint meditations or intentions, blessing, etc. via internet?

We have this here chat function, but I hardly see it used and I think we have a ventrillo. I guess the first question is, are there already things happening and I have missed it? I'm thinking like once a week, if you want we could gather meditate together, and like read for eachother, or just like chat with each other as a group. It would be awesome to get to put voices to some of these pics and get to know you guys a little better..

Just a thought.

I know I would be down for something like that, just wanted to see the interest level. 

Love to you all ways 


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Personally I use skype for all my activities, anyone at SoE is free to add me
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We still have ventrilo, thanks to Chelley. She has kept it going all this time. We used it often when SoE first began. I had much fun on Ventrilo and I like the direct comunication. I made many friends there as well. I thinks its a good idea to use it again. Im up for it.
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yay i love ventrilo!! :o)
I would get back on ventrilo
Coool so it sounds like we have the tools, and there is a little interest. Would we want to organize a regular meeting time? Only cus Im in hawaii you know, so we are apart time wise
Anything that works sounds good. Why Ning suppose that limiting this network to paying social 'groups' will re-coup the $120 million of 'investment' recently injected, when everybody knows that a free public network with some advertising works, is anybodys guess.
yes a regular meeting time. I suggest everyone intrested give some input on what times are avalible for them, and then we come up with a time or times that we agree with.
Im on there now, making sure i can login. Its working fine. I will stay on for a while.
anytime anytime.. Im a stay at home mom i can pretty much be there when ever. :o) cept..not the middle of the night for me.. Mountain Standard time!! ;o)
I'm good usually anytime after 2pm Hawaii time during the week
I think thats about 7pm my time. I can work around that.

brandy rox said:
I'm good usually anytime after 2pm Hawaii time during the week
Count me in :)

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